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  1. funniest part of this is a moderator told it.
  2. Best barrel you will ever find. Period!
  3. larue-all the time!
  4. 8' with targets spaced 14" apart
  5. Not a tablet-just a cheap screen used for rear view cameras on RV's.
  6. this needs to be mentioned once again. 242 (blue)-little muscle 272 (red)-need copious amounts of heat 290 (green)-good luck 480 (black)-fuggedaboutit the move is magnified as the thread diameter get's larger-YMMV
  7. sorry it ain't hi def.
  8. being an avid wine collector, i drilled out a cork and shoved the camera into it...fits the center hole of a 650 perfectly, assuming the cork has shrunk enuf while aging
  9. may be a misdemeanor, but don't discount that the goods will be repo'd.
  10. dumb, just dumb. 3GN has watered down true 3 gun (IMHO) for tv sakes. i'll go out on a limb and say they won't be on any channel soon.
  11. Inline fab makes a strong mount that is only 4", so you can save some height with one of those.
  12. I think that's a BS call. In RO boot camp you are told to be sure of everything. If you are not sure, STFU.
  13. that's easy- favorite-1.1.5 least favorite-everything PCC
  14. hook up with raymond in maui (rishii). they have a range there.
  15. separate stations for me. i, too did the camera cause it's cool, and with rifle brass, it is really difficult to look down into a case.