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  1. dumb, just dumb. 3GN has watered down true 3 gun (IMHO) for tv sakes. i'll go out on a limb and say they won't be on any channel soon.
  2. Inline fab makes a strong mount that is only 4", so you can save some height with one of those.
  3. I think that's a BS call. In RO boot camp you are told to be sure of everything. If you are not sure, STFU.
  4. that's easy- favorite-1.1.5 least favorite-everything PCC
  5. hook up with raymond in maui (rishii). they have a range there.
  6. separate stations for me. i, too did the camera cause it's cool, and with rifle brass, it is really difficult to look down into a case.
  7. want another variable? try this recipe with 180 lead vs 180 jacketed.
  8. and with that stock you need a tax stamp, correct?
  9. saw the photo and figured it out
  10. since most shotgun stages at 3 gun matches are 95+% birdshot, i zero for those. then, know where yer slugs go out to 100.
  11. i have a great edge hit story. 1984 steel challenge, outer limits-bill wilson was shooting. on one of his strings (we shot at 20, 25 & 40 yds back then), his first shot hits the 25 yd 12" plate on the edge at 3 o'clock. guess where it went? yep, right down range and hit the 40 yd rectangle! there was a noticeable pause before his next shot.
  12. i recently bought a couple 650's, but i also recently bought a couple class III weapons.
  13. have +8 on mine for years...no danger of shot hitting the tube at all. other than dirt and fouling of the outside of the tube, who cares?
  14. prayers your way, my friend.