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  1. Is there a match hotel ? Just was wondering
  2. Do a video
  3. We'll bring it on then
  4. My factory JP runs everything. If you want soft 147g is great. I didn't like how the bolt cycled . Wasn't fast enough so I went with a 124g. Little more punch but feels better
  5. Will there be a payout type ? The reason I ask is if there is a table and you add another day I guess the table would have to be Sunday instead of Saturday
  6. Is there a prize table ? If so what day would that take place ?
  7. Put together an X-ring
  8. Sweet
  9. When will registration open ?
  10. Can't put a price tag on that Bullet feeder
  11. [emoji106]
  12. Mag changes is part of the game
  13. $350 for shooting both divisions $200 for one