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  1. Put together an X-ring
  2. Sweet
  3. When will registration open ?
  4. Can't put a price tag on that Bullet feeder
  5. [emoji106]
  6. Mag changes is part of the game
  7. $350 for shooting both divisions $200 for one
  8. It's a fair question
  9. What flat trigger is in the one on the left ?
  10. Got to love their testicular fortitude
  11. Site not up yet . Says another 6 days
  12. If it's been going on the same direction as before my guess would be Toys R Us
  13. How can someone say an edge hit is not a hit? The steel was hit end of story. There is no gray area. The only gray area is was it an edge hit ? That's what issue is
  14. I'm lefty shooting a JP. No issues with the brass. If you use a powder that burns too slow say HS-6 it probably won't burn all of it and then you will get sprinkled with the unburnt stuff in your face. The load is key when the port is next to your face JMHO
  15. Normally I would agree but more than once and a bunch of times actually the RO/score keeper said miss and had 4 of the shooters say no it was a hit. Edge hit yes but still a hit. I'm not talking about my shots alone . In the world shoot in Alabama NSSF it was going on a lot at the long range shots where you could see the plate move and was called a miss as well as hear it .