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  1. +1 yep my sti tactical does this periodically. haven't taken the time to identify which mag(s) are the culprit.
  2. yep it's a PITA, especially if you blue loctite the screws, as they def come loose. i try to hold the 'nut' from turning using needle nose pliers but it's not easy. next time i disassemble i might try milling grooves in the 'nuts' for the needlenose pliers to hold onto.
  3. go check out a match or two and see what everyone is using and how it may (or may not) work for you before you load up on gear. but 2 gun is way less gear-intense than 3 gun. 3 pistol mag pouches and 2 AR mag pouches should get you thru most any match. you'll need a rifle sling also. you can just use a thick leather belt, but most folks use a dual belt system with an inner belt that is worn like a regular belt, and an outer belt that your holster and mag pouches reside on. double alpha or CR speed are two favorites. i've been using mostly blade tech mag pouches with tek-lok attachments and like them.
  4. to me the choice is do you want to use idpa as real life practice for what and how you carry, or use it as a game and do all you can do to win (or place higher). some matches i'll practice carry (iwb glock 32 357sig or 4" wilson .45) and others i'll game it a little with owb glock 17, sti eagle or tactical 9mm.
  5. that's a great way of saying it. i was never spry or limber but >50 now that def hasn't gotten better. that said, i still really enjoy the physical aspects of uspsa and 3 gun, and hate stages with little to no movement, but if there's a 100yd dash just for the sake of having a 100yd dash, i'm def at a disadvantage. but if we have to cover 100 yds, WHILE shooting along the way, i'm okay with that.
  6. any guess on shotshell round count if shottie is used as much as possible? thanks!
  7. now this will get PCC back to being the FUN division!! though sure would be nice to rock all 41 rounds in my TF-extended glock mags... but i guess given the max string round count it doesn't matter.
  8. i'd try to get an email list of folks that shot at that match venue and others relatively nearby (and i guess via facebook etc) and ask for feedback. what is keeping folks from attending this match. maybe even uspsa could give you a list of shooters within x miles and poll them. assuming you have a nice venue for uspsa, a shame you're not getting more activity. i sure wish i had more uspsa options near me.
  9. really like my race master magnetic. haven't tried anything else other than my prior safariland 013.
  10. as far as good prices, go to ammoseek.com, it sorts by price per round, but you definitely have to factor in shipping as some can be outrageous. that's the good thing about targetsportsusa.com. if you buy in case qty's, shipping is free.
  11. says packaging has to be for small amounts. guessing they mean 50/100 round boxes and not ammo cans?
  12. another option is an edge or eagle worked on by brazos, their "hp" treatment. basically stock STI's, they do a trigger job and reliability work, just good to know it's been looked over by a pro before you get it. that said, i've been very happy with my several stock STI handguns. as noted above, pretty much any handgun allowed in 3 gun, without ports, a comp or optic, is legal in uspsa limited.
  13. noted i never reported back after my first totally crappy session/break in. except for some clearly mag-related issues (not that those are good) my 38 super dvc open has been perfect in some 8-10 uspsa matches since. very happy with it. as far as racker, as i turned my c-more sideways, the stock racker won't fit on the left side.
  14. just trying to figure out if you reloaders are intentionally doing something different than Federal, Winchester, etc, or you don't have access to their powders, bullets, lube, etc, and/or something else. Sounds like it's at least partly the weaker, less than Major power factor, loads and unburnt or smoldering powders.
  15. ok dumass question from someone who has never reloaded - how come all or most all of the reloads smoke WAY more than factory ammo? i'm guessing it's due to different powders, but why?