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  1. SC (no discount showing on MBX) and Dawson are within a buck of each other, but Dawson has free shipping. SC does have color options though if that helps with different calibers.
  2. gunbroker, dawsons, brazos. other than first time out (break in), and a few times thereafter that were clearly mag issues, i've been very happy with my dvc open in 38 super. i got mine from able ammo back when they first came out at a pretty good price.
  3. well the problem is whether the dovetail was cut too large, or the sights are too small or were filed too much. hopefully the latter.
  4. www.practiscore.com lists a lot of uspsa matches, also idpa, 3 gun, steel, etc
  5. call or email STI Monday morning. that def shouldn't be loose. i assume you're talking the metal sight body and not the fiber optic insert.
  6. the 'problem' between uspsa and steel challenge is that, for Limited and Open divisions in USPSA, you get rewarded for shooting major power factor ammo, while in SC, there is no reward, and minor scores the same without the recoil disadvantage. so you can definitely use the same gun in both games, and generally just switch out recoil springs. for example, i shoot my .40 edge with major ammo in Limited USPSA and then use minor power factor ammo and a lighter recoil spring for SC (and falling steel etc). can do the same thing for Open though i suspect the comp might not come into play a little. some folks, including a GM I occasionally shoot with, use the exact same everything and always shoot major power factor. something to be said for just having one thing to get used to, not two.
  7. all the falling steel matches i have seen/done are not affiliated with any nat'l group. i have seen two formats - stay in one place and knock down steel (similar to steel challenge), and run around and knock down steel (similar in concept to uspsa). i definitely prefer the run around version but both are fun.
  8. first, go to ammoseek.com or gunbot.net. both of these search for cheap ammo for you, and with ammmoseek you can narrow by brand, bullet weight, case material, etc. generally, for factory loads, the heavier-for-caliber bullets will give less recoil allowing faster follow up shots. i just ordered a case of fed am eagle 147g 9mm from SG Ammo for $226 shipped. fed has a $40 rebate on this, so net is $186 shipped which is a pretty nice price for new factory ammo.
  9. the prob with 357 sig (which i love for sd/hd) is it is pretty expensive (for factory loads) compared to 9 or 40 or anything else. although i'm seeing some range ammo in the $300/1k range shipped now. i did see though a couple of sti dvc limiteds in 357 sig on gunbroker that tempted me.
  10. as you're pushing out to the target, finger can be prepping on trigger, but that is when the gun is horizontal and pointed towards a target. until that point, finger clearly and visibly outside the trigger guard. for me, that means finger straight out and indexed along the slide. the other biggie is the 180 degree rule, which indexes off of the downrange berm. basically just keep your muzzle pointed generally downrange and you will be fine. the easy way to get a dq is to (as a right hander) run from right to left and do a reload, so don't do that, as your gun will naturally point uprange. always work a stage from left to right if possible so that your reload will have your gun pointed generally downrange. don't forget your front sight, go slow and be accurate and safe your first time out, let them know at each stage you're new, and have fun. oh, and holstering is not a timed or speed event. make sure your holster is free of any clothing or pull tabs, and LOOK your gun into the holster slowly.
  11. see few if any open guns in .40, guessing mostly due to mag capacity and giving up a few rounds vs 38/9. seriously check out the trubor at brazos, good gun and great entry price. or just stick with carry optics and shooting low recoiling and cheap as you can get factory 9mm ammo. hey even better, get a PCC, with an entry point well below a decent Limited or Open gun, cheap glock mags and yes cheap 9mm ammo and almost zero recoil.
  12. at each stage let them know you're new and they'll let you go last. pay attention to what the shooters in front of you are doing, what they shoot from where, when they reload, etc. classifiers are generally pretty small and simple, so no massive stage planning or movement, just focus on getting good hits. download the mags on your belt by one if that makes it easier to do reloads for your glock. be safe and have fun.
  13. yes, spacers needed for 38/9mm STI tubes if shooting 9mm, and yes the complete STI 9mm mags come with the spacers. from what i've heard, the mbx 38/9 mags work with both rounds without any spacers needed, but i haven't tried them with my 9mm guns yet.
  14. is a delayed call supported anywhere in the rulebook or guidance? there's not much a shooter can do to contest a 180 or other DQ call, but still, making the call then and there at least gives both parties the best opportunity to demonstrate/recreate/identify exactly what went wrong. something akin to due process. and how long a delay is allowed or reasonable? after the shooter finishes that stage, after it is scored, after other shooters shoot?
  15. if it's not clear or blatant enough at the time of the supposed infraction that you don't call it then and there, it shouldn't be called later. the only exception i can think of would be where the action wasn't necessarily unsafe but the rules need to be consulted (eg, shooter lays down his gun to tie his shoe, and the RO forgets the exact rules on this).