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  1. i like and have a few of those blade-tech "classic" holsters you referenced. i like the ASR belt loop attachment for their holsters over the teklok, but use tekloks for the blade-tech mag pouches. i also use and like the versa mag pouches but haven't tried them for single stack. i have a couple of the double alpha double belts and one of the shooters connection generic ones, they're all good. call shooters connection and see if they have a brianenos forum discount. they have lots of good stuff and ship super fast. dawson also has a lot of good stuff and i think free shipping.
  2. sandbagger (cough, cough) ahahaha
  3. on a local gun forum, those sam's cases are all the rave, but i haven't tried one yet.
  4. glock 32 for the most part, owb sometimes iwb. generally don't carry an extra mag given glock reliability and thinking/hoping that >15+1 rounds won't be needed.
  5. super easy mistake to make. have that "first" mag loaded to 11 for a loaded start stage and forget it's an unloaded start stage. in idpa you get a procedural. i was late to a match, rushing and all, jumped on a squad and stage with my 10+1. was an unloaded start and in the rush i wasn't paying attention. when i finished the first array and slide didn't lock back i mentally (slowly) was trying to figure out what happened. did i miss a target and thus only fired 8? then i had to reload (standing) halfway thru the next target and array. so totally bungled the stage and then had the procedural handed to me, insult to injury.
  6. holy smokes guys. how many thousands and thousands of serpa's are out there, and a few idiots don't or can't follow basic safety and common sense guidelines and shoot themselves, and everyone wants to ban serpa's. i've seen a guy put a bullet thru his leg and another guy put one beside his foot (neither using serpa's), so carelessness, apathy, bad practices and the like can strike with any holster. i wouldn't wear one in uspsa but i do occasionally use in idpa as it is the way i occasionally carry my SD guns, and my approach to idpa is it's my carry practice and if that (or an iwb holster, or shooting a glock 31 or 32 vs a puffy 9mm) puts me a few notches down the results, so be it.
  7. close to 180 isn't a dq. those calls are tough to make unless they're really obvious. occasionally i will look up at the downrange berm to get my bearings again during a shooter's run.
  8. geissele ssa-e 2 stage for me. up close, just pull thru both stages. out far it's nice to have a light 2nd stage.
  9. yep we have to look at each stage from an efficiency standpoint (how to shoot it the fastest) but also from a safety (avoid DQ) standpoint. especially with reloading, as the gun is usually pointed away from dead downrange so it's easier to break the 180. glad everyone went home safe and sounds like you handled it real well.
  10. i shoot a falling steel match (PSA Shootout) back to back with a 9mm limited gun and an open minor gun (with c-more) and generally the limited gun wins. part of it is more time to pick up the dot (not a lot but every bit counts) and the other part is i generally try to go faster in open knowing that going slower definitely won't win it. of course, fast with misses translates to slow also. i should practice more with the open gun, and going back and forth between two platforms doesn't help things, but it's all fun and that's why i do it.
  11. practiscore shows overall and then you can select by division and even classification.
  12. GTUL for a great mag brush
  13. he mentioned paper clip hole. if this has the dawson tool-less guide rod, then compress the guide rod forward and just depress the built-in lever just a hair so it rests against the guide rod plug. that de-tensions the guide rod which then can be pulled back out and over the barrel link.
  14. remove the upper/slide. depress the guide rod til it sticks out past the bushing (away from the chamber). get a small paper clip and make an "L" with it, with one end (the short end) the length of the guide rod diameter. obviously do this part first... stick the paper clip in the guide rod hole. spring tension is now locked/removed. pull the guide rod back over the barrel link. rest should be same as normal 1911.
  15. lots of people say this, but uspsa isn't very forgiving of sloppy shots. one miss wipes away a full target's worth of scores, and a miss with a no shoot wipes away two full targets. shooting slow but accurate in either game will put you towards the bottom.