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  1. I guess it's different for everyone. For me I was 15% faster first time shooting a dot. With the same pistol.
  2. I'm new at this game also. I'm learning quick that you need A's. Lots of them. Trying to move with the PCC is going to take some mental work. Accesing the stages also can be altered compared to pistol. Plus I'm a senior ;-)
  3. I'm new to IDPA... I shot my 1st match in 2003. Maybe I'll catch on. HaHa....I've seen a few rule changes. They might address this in the future. Or not....I'm good either way.
  4. I ran the IDPA match alone at times. Kept it going...even recruited new members. The current match director was one of my students. The thanks I got was underwhelming.... its a stupid rule. They lost a hard working guy.
  5. They enforce the 1 match rule where I live. Was told I wasn't welcome back unless I join IDPA.... The friendly folks hang out in USPSA.
  6. PSA Glock lower hiperfire 24c runs like a champ!
  7. I've always thought 10 rounds in any widebody pistol was dumb. Yes....dumb now throw in an optic with a full mag. I'd call it fun! if you wanna do reloads shoot single stack. You know...the one with the narrow magwell. Don't be skeer'd. HaHa....
  8. I run the Hyperfire Eclipse 24S for me it's a winner only got about 1k rounds on it so far. It's never skipped a beat. Nice pull.
  9. Hiperfire Eclipse.... love it!!!! highly recommend
  10. I just got a PSA .... Glock style. Put a Hyperfire 24C in....couldn't be happier. almost went with the CMC... glad I didn't.
  11. You'll have plenty of time. Loctite doesn't harden quickly.
  12. Thanks for the template.
  13. If I wasn't concerned about the rules I would've never asked about the stage. I had 3 brand new RO's that couldn't say 100% as to it legality. Along with several old ones. We run the range Cold and by the rule book. It seems you're taking this way beyond the original question. I'm now sorry I asked. Thanks to the ones that did help by posting the rules that applied.