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  1. I need to look at mine. This has been the most trouble free firearm I have ever owned. It just flat runs.
  2. so sad
  3. what bullets are you using? It costs me a lot for 300 ammo because the bullets are expensive.
  4. you could probably use a low pro gas block on the faxon barrel and be fine. They do a good job sizing their gas ports for more competition oriented shooters.
  5. Odin works seems to be the best bang for the buck. It is the only one i have used that has not locked up.
  6. Thank you for the explanation. I can see the need for this policy now that you have explained why it is on place.
  7. Guess I can scratch that one off the list as well
  8. I need to back out of the SMM3G match because of scheduling issues at work and just saw I only get 60% of my $325.00 match fee back... that seems excessively punitive for a sold out match with a wait list... Looks like transferring is out also... copy and paste from their website: As always, registration spots are not transferable and the refund policy will be strictly enforced. Refund requests received prior to: November 15th 80% December 1st 70% January 1st 60% February 1st 50% No refunds will be processed after Feb.1st 2017 In their defense, this was clearly stated at the time of registration but no one thinks they will cancel when they are registering. I really feel like this is bad policy for a sold out match...
  9. shoot some big matches and you will get free p-mags... I shoot quite a few matches and it is rare that I use a 40 but I have a couple with basepads. My go to is a 30 and I always carry a spare on my belt. Like everyone else, I have some 20's too and also coupled 30's ELS makes it so you can switch gear around and to me was worth the price of admission. I have a strike eagle on an SBR and I find the reticle too fat for my liking. I have had a bunch of scopes and I settled on a VX-6 and a Z6i both 1-6 I have seen an awful lot of JM Pro's go down at matches. I am in the minority in that I don't care for the Benelli. I do however LOVE my 1301C. I have run it for 2.5 years in over 30 major matches and I NEVER clean it. I won an M3K and I tricked it all out but I didn't care for it either.
  10. JP is the best you can get
  11. Faxon is under $200.00 You don't need an amazing barrel that holds .5 moa for 3 gun. My go to's are an 18" BHW and Stretch 16 but both are over the $200 mark
  12. youtube
  13. One note on H335 my groups tightened up when I used magnum primers.
  14. like this?
  15. sorry, I didn't catch that