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  1. CZ Custom is offering trigger work now. I told them to hold on to mine and give it the working over. They said their queue was about 8 weeks. They didn't quote a price but just said they would send an updated invoice. I'm guessing $350 - $400? Stuart also said that there were at least 10 or so others before me that asked for this work on their S2s. I know that there is at least one more behind me (buddy of mine got the call about two days after me).
  2. Under no circumstances should you fly into NYC or NJ with guns. Definitely go to Philly.
  3. Got the call from SVI this weekend. Going to coating now. 2 to 3 more weeks until delivery. Order date 6/30/15 so right in at a 15 month lead time.
  4. My invoice date is 6/30/15. Still no word.... Getting close, though. Can't wait!
  5. Red Hill Tactical with the Springer Precision hanger they provide is a rock solid and awesome combo.
  6. +100 for Red Hill Tactical (Kingman). His holsters are fantastic.
  7. Red Hill Tactical just made one yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/redhilltactical/photos/a.1136398399721465.1073741829.1065593666801939/1219914101369894/?type=3&theater
  8. I had the same issue. Added green loctite - problem went away.
  9. The 55gr .223 issues have been fixed mostly with firmware. I think there is still some sensitivity with certain bullet shapes (Litz saw cheap 55gr bullets with dished bottoms having radar reflectivity issues). There are some good threads up on Snipers Hide, Accurate Shooter and Long Range Hunting forums. http://forum.accurateshooter.com/index.php?topic=3886634.0 http://forum.accurateshooter.com/index.php?topic=3888631.msg36664614#msg36664614 http://forum.accurateshooter.com/index.php?topic=3871199.15 (check out post #28 from Bryan Litz)
  10. I received mine last week. It's awesome. Very easy to setup and use. It was great not having to screw around with screens or worry about lighting conditions. One thing to consider: it eats AA batteries. Get a Li Ion USB battery pack and be merry. As a frame of reference, I preordered mine with Long Range Hunters in the middle of February '15. I got it around 12/15/15. I have a serial number in the low 2000s. They'll be pumping out more into 2016. Get on a list now. My guess is after SHOT the orders are going to explode.
  11. I see what you're seeing, but, no, that's just a piece of lint or something.
  12. Yeah, I'm a bit dumbfounded myself. I have no idea how something this blatant could have made it through their QC. I mic'ed the area - the cut area is .140" wide and the thickness of the "tang" is .015". It's hard to tell from the picture of the proper cut what height the cut should be. It's also disconcerting to me as to what the area will look like if I break off the tag as suggested. Obviously I'd come back and clean it up with a file and polish the area, but I really wish I had easy access to an end mill to do it right. I really would like to have STI do this, but I'm right in the heart of competition season with no limited gun back up. Guess I'll have to call them and see if I can push them for a quick turn...
  13. I traded emails with STI today. They did indeed tell me that this area was material that was meant to be removed but wasn't. They indicated that I could remove the tag that was left and smoothed out if I desired. They indicated that this was not a functional issue. I asked them if they could supply a picture as to what it was supposed to look like.They did and it is shown below.
  14. I noticed cleaning yesterday that my barrel where the cut is for the barrel link had two fine cracks at the corners of the cuts. I was going to call STI today. Anyone else ever see this?
  15. What kind of crimp are you using and how heavy is it? Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2