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  1. I have an SVI open gun coming in 38sc next week. It is my 1st 38sc gun. I have several lbs of HS6 and 115 PD jhp left over from when I used to shoot a 9mm open gun. Was going to start about 8.4 grains at 1.200" OAL and start moving up from there. Anybody with more experience at 38sc have any good advice with this combo?
  2. That's very interesting. I have never broken it down quite like that before.
  3. I put super fast reloads in the same category as a super fast sub second draw and 1st shot. Both are great and if you can do both that's awesome but rarely will those be the reason you will win a stage. The .2-.5 you give up on a slower reload can be made up with efficient movement and quicker shooting.
  4. How often do you guys find yourselves changing divisions? Do you decide what division you will shoot and stick with it for an entire year or longer? The reason I ask is I have a nice production set up, limited set up, and now carry Optics set up that I enjoy shooting. I find myself at my monthly matches just kind of making the decision that morning which one I'm going to shoot. I know I will probably never get as good as I could be by jumping divisions every time out but I just am curious on your thoughts about it. Production and carry Optics are the same platform with a Glock but my limited setup is a 2011 if that matters.
  5. Another vote for Badlands. Bobby and Steve are amazing instructors and a wealth of long range shooting knowledge. I have taken their basic and advanced long range courses.
  6. I just received 3 of his magazines to use in my Sailors custom 9mm open pistol. I have not fired a round through the magazines as of yet but I did notice that one of the mags is rather tight and does not drop free in my pistol. The other two work perfectly. I am going to go ahead and email them and see if they will either replace or fix this mag.
  7. I second the Lyman green corn cob media. Put in a cap full of nufinish every couple of runs. I usually let mine go for 4 hours just because I like my brass to really shine. I change media at the 1st of every year. Along with the corncob, I also put in about 2 cup fulls of long grain rice. The rice does a suprisingly good job of cleaning the brass while the corn cob polishes. That is my secret recipe and it has worked for years so I don't see me changing.
  8. For IDPA There is no minimum trigger weight pull in IDPA. No Dropped and Offset holsters No Inner/Outer belt (CR Speed etc) No Competition style mag pouches (CR Speed etc) No stainless or tungsten guide rods (SSP) ok for ESP No Stippling of grips (Grip tape is ok) SSP- ok for ESP You could add a magwell for ESP too, but would not be allowed in USPSA Production. I stand corrected. Thanks paul
  9. I am not 100 percent on this but I believe there is a minimum poundage on your trigger pull weight in idpa
  10. Last year when I was shooting limited, I loaded up thousands and thousands of 40 caliber rounds to shoot. I never made it through all the rounds last year. I have a 5" STI 2011 bull barrel limited gun if it makes a difference. This year, I have decided to shoot single stack exclusively with a 40 caliber STI Trojan. So far this year, I have been shooting what I had left over from last year. I still have about 2000 rounds to go through before I need to start loading some more. Anyways, I went to the range today and decided to chrono my loads just to be on the safe side and make sure nothing had changed over the winter. I decided to take both my limited and single stack gun. I chrono'd my loads out of my limited gun and they averaged a 171 PF, just where they should be. Those same loads out of my single stack gun were only a 166 PF. Can anybody explain what the differences are since they are both 5" barrels? This obviously has me a little concerned since I load with Solo 1000 and it is reverse temperature sensitive. It was 72 degrees out today when I was PF 166 on my Trojan. I have no doubt that here in the hot Kansas summer sun when it is 95+ degrees, my loads will probably fall into minor. Anybody have any ideas why the difference?
  11. I have thrown my mag tubes in my tumbler and it seems to polish them quite nicely
  12. Sig website says 41.6oz with mag. I was mainly curious because of the rail and slide shape is slightly different than traditional 1911s
  13. My agency just bought me a Sig TacOps 1911 for duty carry. Thought I would take it out locally and shoot some single stack with it to break it in and get a feel for it. Anybody see why a 5" Sig 1911 with a rail would not be legal? Thanks.
  14. From what I have heard, it is basically a Walther P22 dressed up like a M&P
  15. +1, this "shop reference manual" is fantastic