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  1. It's not an unsafe modification. The safety is still fully engaged in the upright position. It just keeps your hand from being able to push it up slightly and engage it.
  2. Yes that's it. Look and see how far forward you can file it to when it's in the upright dentent.
  3. Very little material removal required
  4. I just ground the portion of the safety forward. So it will only rotate under the sear leg to block the sear when it's in the fully upright position. It works great. No issues anymore.
  5. Just bought a 5 pack. Thanks guys.
  6. Where can I get that spring?
  7. Thanks. I modified the safety engagement so it will only be in safe when it's fully up in safe position. Hopefully this will keep it from blocking the leg of the sear when it's just moved slightly up from the "off" position.
  8. Yes that is what happens. I'm used to riding the safety. I have only shot 1911 and 2011's in competition. It's just a problem for me on my TS orange. I think it's due to my hand size and how low the TS safety is positioned.
  9. You can't currently just buy an S2 safety. The factory one digs a hole in my thumb and the extended option from CZ custom does me no good either. Even ground for clearance it sits too low and my grip activates the safety under recoil. I'm amazed there are no real options here.
  10. Thanks I didn't know there was an app. I just downloaded it.
  11. According to the chart IDPA Master is equal to USPSA B class.
  12. Just got mine today from EERW. Wow this thing is sexy. Can't wait to get back to limited with it in a couple months
  13. Awesome, I'm currently selling my limited gun to Fund a tac sport orange. My Cajun tuned sp01 has turned me in to a CZ fan.
  14. Not according to the sight correction calculator on brownells web site
  15. 115 I believe 4" high at 18yds. I just got a Dawson .240 from sight to try.