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  3. What you are doing to that bullet is likely causing your accuracy problems. I'd guess that your die isn't exactly over the case and is causing the bullet to tip. You might try loosening the die in the tool head and running it up and see if it centers itself better. Also see if the shape of the bullet you are using fits in the part of the die that contacts it. One other thing could be that the bullet itself is not round, Measure around a few of them in 4 or 5 spots and see if you get the same measurement.
  4. Is this the same Jesse James that used to build custom cars and bikes and was married to Sandra Bullock ???
  5. 87F today - 92F yesterday, a new record, old one set in 1932.
  6. I've got a Pro Chrono digital and a 35P and unless you are really into chronographing a whole lot I'd just get the Pro Chrono as it's less expensive, easier to set up and seems about as accurate as the 35P ( at least, mine seems to be). 35P has advantages but if you are just checking a PF once in awhile I wouldn't bother.
  7. 2nd on the Aero Precision, I've used them for quite awhile and never had a problem.
  8. I think it's fine if you are out hunting or shooting, not so fine if downtown.
  9. Agree, it seems to mostly inflame the opponents to even greater efforts to undermine the Constitution.
  10. Mine were done with Clays (Australian) so really don't have any experience with other powders.
  11. If it hasn't happened to someone already, rest assured it will if they continue in the game long enough.
  12. Next time try SRPs.
  13. Limited and Open are a little before that.
  14. Off a carpet covered 4X4 for a rest:[/IMG]
  15. Think they went to them when the NT primers came out. I'd think it would be easier for the ammo companies to just use one primer size. Of course, there are a lot of other calibers that use LPs so might not help much.