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  1. The vid is good - and funny. Here is an earlier print version:
  2. Try Precision Bullets in Kemp, Texas.
  3. Go slow - be careful and enjoy yourself.
  4. It's a welcome class for those who don't really want to get in as far as Open, but don't have the eyesight to do well with open sights as they have grown older.
  5. Ok as long as it isn't John Wick !
  6. After you try and decide to buy it, try a few 9mms in it as a # of people shoot 9mm in a Super chamber, just load long so it will feed well.
  7. Excellent idea, then you can be sprinkled on Marlon !!!
  8. Great idea, you could have adjacent grave sites !
  9. What about the other 5,923 ???
  10. Look at the bottom of the label and see where it was manufactured. It's probably the "new" Canadian Clays which - by all the reports I've seen - isn't quite the same as the Australian Clays.
  11. Probably because they have always been good primers from the standpoint of going "bang" the most among popular primers.
  12. Only if you post asking the question !