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  1. Close to 4756 - was an answer to the first post !
  2. The corners of the primers are still curved, not sharp so I don't think you have excess pressure. Does your slide seem to have a large firing pin hole ?? It could also be unlocking very slightly early.
  3. That was pretty quick, even the video !
  4. Greetings !!
  5. Chris Hodgdon says that 572 is pretty close.
  6. At least, "Shake, Rattle and Roll" isn't in Italian.
  7. Possibly no one signed up for that Division ??
  8. Will a .38 Special case fit in the chamber ???
  9. Use your barrel for the case gauge and spend the money on some of the other essentials.
  10. Be interested to see the results with the (Canadian) Clays as all I have and use is the Australian variety. Have read that it might take another .1 grain or .2 for same velocity. Be very interested in seeing your comparison results.
  11. They probably will wonder even more after reading your last post, and seeing where you edited the previous one !
  12. 225s would be a lot longer, probably need a really fast twist barrel !
  13. +1 on MOA. Did my M3000 and it works like a champ, also the work is very good looking.
  14. "Baker Street" by Jerry Rafferty