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  1. I have not heard of anyone else running a DIY JP trigger (not the EZ) in their MPX with the MPX hammer but I have been with out any issues other than when I first installed it I used KNS anti-walk pins and the hollow trigger pin bowed in about 1K rounds. I replaced that with JP anti-walk pins which are not hollow and it has been running great for about 3K rounds so far... It seems like I end up with a JP trigger in everything. Jeff
  2. Burt, Hello, usually you can run a hotter load in a bolt gun of the same caliber than you can a gas gun. If your bolt gun load is pretty hot and you try it in a gas gun you may start blowing primers in the gas gun unless you have some way of delaying the bolt opening in the gas gun until the pressure drops some, (pigtail gas tube, reducing the gas with a variable block, etc.). I ran into this with some factory 6.5 CM ammo that worked fine in a bolt gun but same lot occasionally popped primers in a gas gun and had ejector swipes etc. Same with hand-loads you can usually run hotter in a bolt gun than a gas gun. Hope this helps. Jeff
  3. At this range are we allowed to drive our vehicle to the stages or do we have to park in a parking lot and carry gear to the stages? Thank You, Jeff
  4. Stealthy Thank You for the clarification. I had hoped that was the answer. Regards, Jeff
  5. Thanks Ming for the info. I don't see any mention of long range rifle in any of the stage descriptions so it is a little confusing to see it in the round count. Thank You, Jeff
  6. So what is this about Long Range rifle round count for MG Nat's? Are we allowed to bring a precision Long Range rifle? Is that expected? Are they just bonus targets? Thank You, Jeff
  7. John, were is your barrel hanging up in the re-assembly process? In the receiver? On the mag tube? Is the bottom of the barrel contacting the plastic tube and recoil spring? I just lock my bolt open and the barrel slips right in. More info might help someone steer you in the right direction. Jeff
  8. Brian, Some people like to use fine bronze wool. Find it at your local hardware store and wrap some around an old bore brush and dry brush the area in the bore with the leading. It cuts the lead quickly and does not harm the bore. Jeff
  9. On similar gas blocks I have purchased an extended length stainless steel set screw that was long enough to run a jamb nut on it to keep it in place. I know some guys run lock tight on this set screw as well. Hope this helps. Jeff
  10. ffgats, I have been running a 1301C for about 2 years now and had my first parts failure on Saturday, at least it was the weekend before the match... The right side hammer strut broke right where it goes into the hammer spring. The left and right side hammer struts are different from each other and I am wondering if the right side fails more often than the left. Brownells has the right side strut on backorder but the left side was available I have 2 of each and the hammer strut bushing on order. The few Beretta service centers I have contacted did not have this part in stock either. This shotgun probably has about 3K rounds through it. The good news is a good friend was nice enough to loan me his trigger group for the match. So I will have hammer struts in my parts kit along with all the springs and the piston O-ring. Hope this helps, Jeff
  11. Where you able to run the goose loads through it before you shot the rounds of skeet? It sounds like it is getting better for and I hope it continues that way. I do run mine pretty wet but at this point it has had about 2K of birdshot through it, 2 cases of full power slugs and the assorted low velocity slugs and a few prairie storms and it will run low velocity 7/8 oz loads too. Good Luck, Jeff
  12. Let us know if it works or not and if you continue to have issues we will try to help. Jeff
  13. Harleyfan, How many total rounds do you have through it? If only a few you might want to try some heavy loads and if they cycle fine, run a box or two of them through it to break it in. This can be a cheap and easy fix if it is just a little tight being new. If it will not cycle heavy loads then it would be time to look into it deeper. Also, when you added the nordic extension do you have approximately 12 + inches of mag spring past the end of the extended mag tube? Some times similar problems can occur if the rounds are not coming out the mag tube fast enough or with enough force. Hope this helps, Jeff
  14. +1 same boat as Willz. Registered since first part of the year and have not heard anything since.