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  1. HI Ya, since this thread i have a CZ-75B SA (now 8,000 rounds) and the XD9 Tactical i mentioned above when i started (21,000) thru that one. the lips on the mags for the XD have moved for some unexplainable reason as i had left off using it for competition a couple of years ago. So i began doing Steel again and the mags for it that i had modified had failed to feed. i need to readjust. meanwhile i got the CZ back in tune and it doesn't need any adjustments. so i have nothing to report on that one. Good luck, Max
  2. out here CCI rules the roost. but what do i know. i only responded to see what follows from you'z guys.
  3. all new springs: G21 got new striker spring, and a couple of new mag springs. XD9-Tac got all new mag springs: whew that was work as most of my mags are old and Wolff has new type; they sent a second batch free, for Beretta 92's and they work fine. only one of mine took the first batch sent. much obliged, Max
  4. got it! Venture Munitions in Vegas sold me the (chubchik) attachment to connect to my Magpul free float. and also a fine bipod. total $50. could not be better thanks to all.
  5. go to American shooters Range on Arville and ask.
  6. nssf has an apple app that shows ranges etc by zip code. download it. also Rio Salada range is good spot if you brought anything to shoot. Ben Avery north of Phoenix. both put on a variety of matches, guys at Dillon will know what's happening. happy Trails,
  7. on the .45 the prob was bullet not seated deep enough: on my way to try out those pesky 230's reseated. on the 9mm the springs were all worn: changed the recoil spring and ordered all new mag springs; due today.
  8. my first steel challenge: i forgot to sort the reloads between 'practice' and 'match' so i had so many f t feeds that i dont even know what was the problem. many of my mags haven't been cleaned in a year or more; i stopped shoot steel then. so now i sorted the reloads, cleaned the mags, off to the local range to see if i can reproduce problem. hope not. after range: the .45acp's are oversize; i used some moly coated bullets and they are fatter than my cases. i will have to break out the lubrizer on those. the 9mm's; its likely worn magazine springs. at least that's where i will start: Max
  9. Hi Ya, all above are good answers. But I went and bought an undersized die from EGW also. And that did miracles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. for heavier bullets than what i shoot. am loading 55gn for target shooting. RL15 is for heavier and no load data on 55gn. but thanks.
  11. what is an RL15? not in my book. much obliged, Max
  12. hiya, i have two pounds of H322 and it is spilling over when loading .223's. i read that above to change powder. before i give up on H322 any other intel? much obliged, max
  13. AKJD, that's it. I appreciate all the input.
  14. chubchick = gizmo. or maybe device to attach things to things. now I see that putting anything on the forend is not a good idea. something that hangs from the front sight would be best. what is it?
  15. I cant visualize it. whats a free float? much obliged, Max