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  1. I like it to keep it simple. It's neutralized or it isn't.
  2. Bruce might be setting up another class in Kansas City this fall.
  3. A 1911 thumb safety physically blocks the sear from moving. It has to be fit perfectly to the sear in your gun. It must have material removed before it will fit in your gun. If it's not done properly, you will have an unsafe firearm that could unintentionally discharge. It's not difficult, but it's important that you know what you are doing.
  4. I'm thinking of using this on my next build. Any reliability issues in the past couple years?
  5. How did it turn out? Starting a 2011 soon myself.
  6. It's not letting me sign up either.
  7. can you send me a pic or post some

  8. Would you do $50 shipped for one of your invictus caddies?

    1. ronhonda


      I'll do $54 shipped?

  9. Any updates? I'm going to fly out from Kansas City.
  10. No spacer in these yet.
  11. I just watched that. I'll check those dimensions on the mags.
  12. It's definitely not the basepad, this is happening even with tubes with no guts.
  13. So I bought 6 new STI Magazines from Brownells for my 9mm Eagle. Two of them insert perfectly and lock into the mag catch with ease. Of the remaining 4, two of them just won't seat and the other two will seat, but require an amount of force that it completely unacceptable for competition use. I called STI and their voicemail inbox is full, so I sent an email with no reply yet. My thought is that the notch on the magazine needs to be opened up at the top, but before I go filing on nearly $300 of gear I'd like to hear some thoughts on the matter. I have tried these on my Edge too and got the same results.
  14. Not uncommon at all. But, even if you are shooting 2" at 100 you are not giving up much. Keep it and shoot the hell out of it.
  15. I've had the same problems with the Burris. I have a Razor now and it's pretty damn good.