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  1. I agree that you need more lube. I used a plastic container with a lid, spray and shake and spray and shake. You should also let the lube settle a little before you start. You almost can't have enough of the Dillon lube but you do need to let the brass sit so it can distribute itself.
  2. How does it work with factory ammunition? If it runs with factory ammo then it's your reloads that are the issue. What spec case guage are you using .223 or 5.56? Are you gauging the sized brass or loaded ammo, you should be checking loaded ammo. I'd just send it back for that kind of money if it did not run with factory ammo. If you have to use the forward assist, you should not shoot that round.
  3. Yes, yes, aa2460 or 2520....not TAC. Stay away from low ES and SD. The bigger the better I always say!
  4. What ever you don't load 24.2 of TAC in a LC Case with any bullet 50-82g. Stay away so there is more for me to find when I need it.
  5. Almost any time someone has talked about a walking pin its because they messed with the springs or installed them wrong. I have broken trigger pins in a 9mm AR. None of my soldiers ever had their pins walk out. I have antiwalk pins in guns only because those trigger designs mandate their use.
  6. I've got a Razor 1-6 JM, a MK6 and a Burris XTRII 1-8. I have not played with the XTR 1-8 very much. Its a lot of scope for the money and there is a lot of scope in that scope, the thing is heavier than the Vortex. I like the MK6 reticle the best, I like the FFP reticle, but don't like the .2mrad adjustments, I like the Vortex adjustments, warranty and ease of use the best. I would rather have 1-8 v.s 1-6n but in practical terms, there are few times that 8x is really needed or of a benefit over 6x and I'm not sure if the extra weight it worth it. Did I mention the XTRII is real heavy... The eyebox is less forgiving in the XTRII. I have used and continue to use the rifle with the Vortex razor on it the most.
  7. Google 2017 NRA highpower rules or CMP rules. There have been a lot of changes lately and you have some more flexibility. I do recall that no comps are allowed, its A1/A2 or no comp at all, they are too disruptive to the other shooters. This goes for match rifles too. I
  8. I bought a less expensive YHM direct connect 5.56mm before I knew what I was doing. Had I known I would have saved a little more. I would look real hard at spending a little more and getting what you want, after you add the 200.00 stamp and wait 9 months, its a lot of work and wait to save 300.00 or so. If I was doing it over I would have looked real hard at the YHM QD .30 titanium can for my 5.56 and 7.62 needs. If your'e not doing entry work then you can save a few bucks and not get a SOT approved can as you will not have to worry a bout a round coming out the side of your can and into your team. Lighter cans will cost more. direct connect is cheaper but its real nice to be able to move the can around.
  9. For what its worth; I was kind of in the same boat with the rifle that I was shooting for a while. It had an older profile 18" DD STW barrel, JP handguard, Larue mount, vortex scope, Magpul ACS stock and a JP cooley comp. I wanted to lighten a few things up as well and not break the bank in the process. I had no desire to go the titanium route. I also firmly believe that weight in a barrel is a good thing, years of shooting NRA LR, highpower and prarie dogs had taught me that some barrels don't shoot nearly as well hot as they do when cool. The 18" DD rifle barrel was still shooting so I decided to leave that alone. Replacing the ACS stock was easy and I switched it out with a Vltor IMOD without the rubber pad. I replaced the JP handguard with a MI, the scope mount with an Aero precision and put a patriot defense titanium comp on the end. I don't know how much weight I saved but it was more then a few OZ. The tough part is that the Vortex razor is big and heavy. I Think that the next place to save some real weight would be in a new barrel but that will wait a bit. I am still reluctant to go with an ultralight weight profile barrel. Id be interested to hear how well they shoot after a 20 rd rapid fire string.
  10. I loaded 165g extremes with 2.6g of tightgroup and federal small pistol primers. 1.155 OAL. In a 5" M&p I got 766 fps. 2.8 got me 811 fps. Both 10 shot mixed brass strings. I decided to load 2.7 and that should get me 788 or 130pf.
  11. your not bumping the shoulder, you just are not FL sizing your cases enough. Remember that your case gauge has noting to do with throat, and for the most part a wylde chamber is a .223 body with a slightly longer throat and that's about it.
  12. W844 = H335 load data, that's m193 powder.
  13. the .22 Nosler has more case capacity then a .223. It looks like its got more then a .223AI as well. More case capacity = more velocity. If I was back into the prarie dog shooting part of the US I might look into it. You do get better performance then a .223/5.56 in a semi auto AR-15 platform if you so choose and there is factory brass. I should think you can match .22 Br velocities.. 300 FPS with a 77g or 80g over a .223 is a significant improvement but I would not run it for 3 gun, I think you would ruin a barrel faster then you need to. I think there might be a place for it in NRA HP, but you still cant load much longer in a magazine like you can with a .22 BR. The most significant problem that the .22 Nosler does solve is that you can use a standard bolt. Plenty of guys that tried to run other ctgs in a ar15 had issues when they opened up the bolt faces; this includes 6.5 Grendel based ctgs and a few others that are run hot. If I was back into NRA HP, I might see what can be done with a 6mm nosler based on the same case, I should think you could push some 105g 6mm bullets quite well and with factory brass in a .223 boltface gun.
  14. h335 was designed for use in original 20" m16 barrels so id say you are find and inventing issues to be concerned about. You can make a rifle length gas work on barrels as short as 16" Also, MK12 SPRs all have rifle gas and 18" barrels.
  15. I think that's about where I am with 220g noslers. Trail boss has worked well and I never tried anything else. I don't do anything special for the brass.