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  1. Your problem is that your setting up your trimmer so that it's not trimming all cases. You want to set up your trimmer for the short side 1.750 or the trim to length, not the long side. If you did find that your shortest cases are 1.752, then you could set up your die for that as well. You will get some variation in OAL because you are using range pick up brass. It happens. You should also have set up your sizing die so that it's sizing all the cases not just some.
  2. How does one know if we got into the match or not?
  3. when I was shooting NRA LR more I loaded all my 1k ammo on a 550. I still load a little here and there with it. I use a powder die from a 450 in the powder station and pause on the down stroke to dump in powder and then onto bullet seating.
  4. How about striking a prop within xx ft? Would that make a difference?
  5. No, a better barrel is not going to make wolf shoot much better. I've tried wolf and privi out of several Krueger barreled service rifles and it still sucks. Years ago ago when you had to shoot mil-ball 7.62 NATO in Palma competition guys did work to find what they could do to get bad bullets to shoot better. They did find tight bores and odd grove barrels and slow twist rates would shoot bad bullets better. You can buy 55 FMJ ball for like 300.00 per k and that's going to far outshoot the cheap Russian stuff. Proper copper jackets will also make a barrel last longer than shooting bimetal steel bullets.
  6. There is a huge difference among "bulk ammo". The Russian stuff is mostly junk, I have tried a few boxes out of a few guns and it just plain does not shoot well. Most of the other 55g FMJ stuff shoots ok to pretty good depending on the mfg and the lot. Most of your accuracy is dependent on bullet selection. There is no standard for match anything. Your never going to get a junk bullet to shoot well. I've had no luck getting the privi "match" ammo to shoot for example and the hornady 55 fMJ shoot much better than some others.
  7. The shooter had to really really really stretch to take the shot from where he did. While I'm not sure it was intentional or not, there was not really "a good shot" from that position or anything close to it. I appreciate the call.
  8. How do you stake down a barrel on top of another barrel? - understand range equipment failure and reshoot would be the best call.
  9. if your bolt is sticking to the rear: - The first place to always check are the magazines, ammunition and lubrication. If your magazines are gummed up or the ammo is a little dirty, the bolt can have a hard time stripping a round out of the magazine. - Provided the all else is good, you really need to take a look at the malfunction in action to determine where the bolt is in relation to the ammunition. If the bolt is almost all the way back and it's "stuck" about 1/4-1/2" forward from the base of the case it's likely your system needs a little more energy to return the bolt all the way to the rear of the magazine IOT pick up a fresh round of ammo. Again, improper lube, under power ammo or bad magazines can contribute to this. Provided those are OK, open up your gas block a little more and see if that fixes the problem.
  10. You need to identify if the bolt is locking back as in the bolt catch is engaging OR the bolt is flailing to strip a round out of the magazine and is stuck back. If you pull the magazine out and the bolt goes home, your bolt is stuck back. If you remove the magazine and the bolt remains locked to the rear, your bolt is locking back.
  11. It could have helped if you included what the problem was first. Yes, if your having pierced primers, blow primers, or primer flow etc issues then yes Firing pin hole could be an issue. An oversized firing pin will not help with this particular issue. This is is also why ppc and some other caliber rifles have "small firing pins". You are able to run a little hotter with less of a chance of pierced primers.
  12. There is no reason to get a SB die unless you have an undersized body portion of the chamber. Some company standard dies are smaller than other company's SB dies. A bushing FL die will not size as far down on the case neck as a standard FL die will.
  13. He shot the prop over, a plastic barrel with a shotgun. One was stacked on the other. Now a target was exposed that otherwise was not.
  14. What issues are you having? I highly doubt that the firing pin hole cause them; if the firing pin hole was too big you could get primer flow issues but it's highly unlikely. Was as the first bolt perhaps from a "bargain-bin" supplier or gun show special? You do pay for quality, out spec parts are less likely at some of the "better" companies. Many outfits are simply rebranding someone else's stuff so it can be hard to tell. If the rifle now runs with the "new" bolt you have fixed your problem. Some firing pin holes have a little more radius then others.
  15. At a recent 3G match a shooter shoots over the top of two stacked plastic barrels. Barrel was 5-8 ft away. Shooter now, from same position shoots clay that is now visible. I don't think it was intentional What penalty is there for shooting over a prop? - no, procedural??? Can the shooter engage now visible clay? - no shooter can't modify cof; procedural for shooting prop. No credit for a hit on clay from same position. Shooter accidentally shoots over prop, now moves to another position and engages clay where it would have been visible at the new, 2nd position? - Procedural for shooting over prop, shot at clay from 2nd position ok. Could a shooter shoot over a prop and then engage a now visible target intentionally? - I would not think so and that would be unsportsmanlike conduct; match DQ. Comments?