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  1. Ordered a steel guide rod and 14 lb spring tonight from Scott at Springer. The tungsten rods are still a month away.
  2. Thinking of giving the Enos Slide Glide a try. What's the best for the X5, the medium or heavy?
  3. Anyone know when the TTI basepads are coming out for the P320?
  4. Picked mine up this evening, man is the lock up really tight. Myself and 3 other shooters all experienced various types of malfunctions. I also noticed the spent casings sorta dribble out the side of the pistol instead being ejected with any real force. Sights seem to be off as we all grouped 2-3 inches left from center bullseye. Digital trigger pull scale showed an average of 4lbs with 10 pulls. Hopefully I can get more rounds through it before steel challenge this weekend.
  5. Has anyone checked to see if the X5 will fit in the Comp-Tac fullsize P320 holster?
  6. Magsz, what aftermarket recoil spring and weight do you recommend?
  7. Can't you just put a standard barrel in it and be legal?
  8. Anyone hear any news on these?
  9. Any updates on availability?
  10. Any of you guys going to swap the factory recoil spring to a lighter spring?
  11. If I want to remove the X5 magwell, what magazine will I need to fit flush with the frame instead of the extended magazines that are included?
  12. Do you guys think the regular P320 grip tape will fit the new X5 frame well?
  13. Installed a set today on a Gen 3 G34 and they're 1 1/2" high at 7 yards, 2 1/2" high at 10, and 3 1/2" high at 15 yards.
  14. Has anyone here tried or use the Agency Arms flat trigger? Looking for reviews before I look at purchasing one.