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  1. Magsz, what aftermarket recoil spring and weight do you recommend?
  2. Can't you just put a standard barrel in it and be legal?
  3. Anyone hear any news on these?
  4. Any updates on availability?
  5. Any of you guys going to swap the factory recoil spring to a lighter spring?
  6. If I want to remove the X5 magwell, what magazine will I need to fit flush with the frame instead of the extended magazines that are included?
  7. Do you guys think the regular P320 grip tape will fit the new X5 frame well?
  8. Installed a set today on a Gen 3 G34 and they're 1 1/2" high at 7 yards, 2 1/2" high at 10, and 3 1/2" high at 15 yards.
  9. Has anyone here tried or use the Agency Arms flat trigger? Looking for reviews before I look at purchasing one.
  10. Did you get the sights yet? How do you like them?
  11. Anyone know why Vanek stopped making his Super trigger kit?
  12. Thanks dude!
  13. Thinking about having a Bomar rear sight milled and burried into my Glock 34. Anyone here have this done before? Pros vs Cons? Will this make my 34 illegal for SSP Division for IDPA?
  14. I wish they had a more durable finish other than parkerizing
  15. Recoil magazine online released an article on Robert Vogels new Glock sights. Just checking here first to see if anyone has them or has tried them before I decide to purchase a set.