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  1. Match is filling up and there are only 12 spots left for the Saturday squads and 10 spots available to shoot with staff on Friday. Walther Arms has decided to donate a gun to the match as well so we are up to 6 Guns to give away to the shooters plus a lot of great prizes to give away via random draw!
  2. only need a hammer spring, trim the factory plunger spring, recoil spring of your choice, grips (if you so choose - because some people like the wood ones), guide rod, firing pin and a good polish job. No reason to replace the safeties, sear or FPB. Front sight of either black or fiber is a choice. You don't need a new hammer or a bolo. All of the things you listed are a choice of how you want your guns set up and more $ with little return to performance. The Shadow 2 is a great feeling gun and a few spring changes and boom, lit!
  3. Sig Sauer has joined on as a sponsor and is providing a Full Size P320 for the match! ****Important info**** No match refunds after August 1st. If you require a refund before August 1st, you will be given a refund of $100 (-3%) for processing from our Stripe account.
  4. What ^ he said! The match is coming along nicely and we are adding more value to the prize table as we go along!
  5. I need to upgrade from our nook simple touch devices so this looks like a great deal. I guess there are lot of people using the kindles now and everything works well?
  6. It was very tempting!
  7. Are in stock, $1299? If I were only shooting production this year...
  8. USPSA needs a central location, not in the obscure northwest, that's big enough to hold these types of matches. Only if there were a range in that area....
  9. Guess I wasn't too far off with my earlier assessment.
  10. I run a 9# regular spring in mine, runs great.
  11. L-10 Champion!
  12. No don't read into it wrong, I wasn't saying it's wrong or blaming Ken for trying it. Although just sitting around for 20 - 30 minutes plus per stage, for 20 stages, sounds mind-numbingly obscene to me. And on top of that there's just so many people whining and crying about having to reset or not reset, work or not work blah blah blah. I'm just trying to figure out how I can afford to go, especially since this is the last nationals that's going to be there and I've never been to Utah so...
  13. Not resetting stages and just sitting around sounds boring as hell...What else are we gonna do, play leap frog, checkers? The laziness of people amaze me...rephrase that, people in general amaze me.
  14. Why so? I've never been so I don't know anything about SG.
  15. What's the best travel route, fly into st george or vegas?