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  1. In my case it appears the issue was the bullets were loaded too short while using .357 lead. Seated at 1.170", they work perfectly. Slower powders like WSF help also! No polishing yet.
  2. I finally got out to try a few loads this weekend. Sticking the bullets out to 1.170 really helped the brass sticking and accuracy. WST and WSF both worked equally well. Thanks everyone. I may stick with 3.2gr of WST and 124RN for now. The 160gr RN really intrigue me. I use 200RN in my 38 special and they are crazy accurate and feed awesome!
  3. 7075AL or 17-4H900 SS.
  4. Thanks everyone. I need time to go out testing loads. We spend a lot of time chasing kids in sports...
  5. I think the pressure may be the culprit. My 147gr loads are seated to 1.095" and with WST it may be too fast of a powder. When I get a chance I will purchase TG and try the bullets out further. I was hoping to find a load which would work in my 986 & XDm 5.25. Neither seem to be nail drivers with the loads anyway. I do have WSF and SuperLight (yes I know they haven't made it for a while), but the closest place to buy power is 50 miles away... Thanks!
  6. I have been using WST. I use it for all my pistol loads without issues, except now...
  7. At the current time I'm using a mix of Winchester, Federal, and Remington with T-M moon clips. Any suggestions on brass?
  8. Maybe it is a problem with case bulge... I haven't loaded much 9mm. I have only loaded 38 super, 38 special/357, and 45acp in pistols. I have reloaded and shot more rounds than I want to admit! It may be that the revolver cylinder is too short for 147 truncated bullets or at least how I have them set out. My crimp is set at 0.378". Anyone have loads with WST powder in the 986 or 929 they are willing to share? Thank you for the ideas!
  9. I have a 986 and struggle finding loads which release from the cylinder easily. One thing I know for certain, is that .358 diameter bullets stick badly. Smaller diameter bullets are better, but not perfect. Is the solution to use undersized dies or use 0.356 bullets. Maybe that's my next step before trying anything else. I hoped to use the same diameter lead as I use in my 38 super, but that looks like it's not going to happen... After running the brass through the sizer it does fit into the cylinders.
  10. Great looking gun! Hope to be at the shoot but not sure how my shoulder will fair. Had shoulder surgery and haven't tried 45 loads since... good luck! Love that match!!!
  11. I received my 986 today! The timing is now excellent, and the work was done less than a month. S&W replaces the cylinder (whole thing) and installed a long hand. The cylinder locks up tight as a drum well before the hammer falls. Cheers!
  12. Thanks for the info JCOERS! I sent an email to S&W and there reply at this times was " We don't have a turn around time to quote. Since we will be heading into our holiday shutdown from 12/23-1/2 we will be a week or so behind in repairs " which is fine. No worries. Just need it to be right when it comes back. I bought the gun knowing it had timing issues, but loved the looks and idea behind it! Some plate matches I attend at local clubs allow 7 shots in a revolver, so this will be perfect! Although I didn't feel too handicapped with a 6 shot 686. Merry Christmas!
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm not really concerned about getting the revolver back soon. I don't plan on them working this Holiday season, I won't be! Just wondering about average time for repairs. Never sent in a gun for warranty before. I won't need the revolver till March. The only other time having repairs was my 686 which Cylinder & slide fixed at Second Chance, which was a long time ago!
  14. I just sent in my revolver to have the timing fixed and was wondering about how long typically repairs take. The guns timing has been off since day one, the star on the cylinder is full of burrs, and accuracy wasn't what I hoped. What bullets are you using in yours? I've tried 110, 115, 122, 125, and 147gr bullets so far ranging from .356-.358 diameter. Best groups were with the heavies. I only plan to shoot steel, and an occasional PPC club matches.
  15. I had a similar problem a year ago. Back then I tried shooting a .308 load neck sized and only fired in a Rmington 5R in a Savage FCP. The case was stuck and I tried everything to get it out, including a brass rod. I bent 2 solid brass rods! I ended up putting Kroil in the barrel for an hour and the case took very little pressure to remove after that.