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  1. I have been using federal small pistol mag primers for over 20 years in 38 special for my 2.7-3.0g target loads of red dot, bullseye, wst, etc. This is because I was also loading 357 mag loads and did not want to bother with 2 different primers. My Python did not always set off other brands of primers when shooting double action, the reason I went to Federal primers in the first place. Back in the early days of the internet. Some people say to drop back a couple or a few tenths of a grain of powder with a mag primer. I wouldn't know, I never use regular primers for .38.
  2. I've been shooting Bullseye matches with a 38 Python for over 20 years. I don't own a chrono and have no idea how fast my bullets go.
  3. I'm looking at a 1911 with a full length top pic rail for a red-dot, and it does not have the original sights. Does anyone know of sights that will attach to the rail (rear adjustable, Bomar style)?
  4. Fwiw I've had the 38 sp. sizing die do that on my SDB, which is very forgiving of tight belling and tipped bullets. I don't like losing the brass but if they still fit in the gun i shoot them during warm-up
  5. I bought my square deal b around 1993. I don't think it's really ever not had powder in it. I guess I'm lazy.
  6. I found solo 1000. Kerping it to myself [emoji41]
  7. I had to get organized after picking up a 550. I had 2 SDBs on a kitchen drawer base cabinet. This is a combination wine cellar/loading den. I find myself with less wine and more ammo and supplies.