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  1. This Hate rant has turned into a discussion, which is beyond the bounds of the rules for the Hate Forum. Thus, it must be closed.Please review the Hate Forum Rules:[note: this is a generic response]
  2. And that is why BritinUSA is a M.O.M.
  3. FWIW you raise the ram with a case in all stations. You then slowly turn the BF die down just until you hear the bullet drop.
  4. We're heading into the end of April and it's time to make your nominations for the Member of the Month award. Show that special member how much you appreciate his/her posting and help. The members are voted on by Brian and the Moderators ( sounds like a rock band ). Who will wear the MOM colors this month? Like the Supreme Court nominations, this is for a lifetime position.
  5. Welcome to the vendor tent. Best of luck with the hoppers. Nice to see a long time member setting up shop.
  6. Whatever it is you are talking about sounds kinky. Watch your language or I'll close the thread.
  7. 3.1 seems very light for that PF. What OAL?
  8. This^^^. I always have the same problem with CBC brass. Crap. If I load the exact same bullet (MG147gr) with starline or other headstamp brass,I have no problems. My loads with CBC look exactly like yours and don't case gauge. Thin walled brass gets pushed down by the bullet and bulges. Pic on the top is CBC. Pic on the bottom is Starline. Same loading run. All CBC looked like this.
  9. Thanks for asking.
  10. Good looking young man. Have him give me a call in 18 years. I have the time. I'll just be here cleaning my gun.
  11. . I used PVC pipe and a 5/16 8" bolt. Works great. Tested 4 springs and they all came out on the money. I put the ruler on the side to allow me to see the binding size. For the springs I used that is 1.65" You just pull til you see the edge of the spring hit 1.65 and read the scale.
  12. After considering several great members, the March 2017 MOM award is awarded to BritinUsa. He has been a member since 2003. His contributions to the Forums and to the sport are quite remarkable. He is always ready to provide help and answers. For these reasons and many more, BritinUsa is an excellent choice for the MOM award. Please join Brian and the Moderators in congratulating Paul.