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  1. Great job.
  2. Is quoting the rules a threat or a taunt? "50 posts are very easy to get if, if you get the forum's intention, which is the discussion of the shooting sports. Start a range diary, jump in on some of the discussions about 3GN, give your thoughts on builds, your loads, etc. " This seems to be a request to participate and suggestions on how to be a sharing member. It doesn't sound like a taunt or a threat. Can you PM me or another moderator with your insights? I would appreciate the opportunity to review any threats and taunts made to the members by a moderator. Thanks.
  3. I think you know the answer to your own question. Members question why a non participating member is here. Knowledge is free and anyone can take it. It's just a shame that when a member has shooting knowledge and experience to offer, we lose the opportunity to benefit from it. The member has a priority to use the Classifieds more than the Forum. I for one, feel somehow cheated that I can't share his/her knowledge. You know that Brian set up these Forums with the Prime directive to share and participate. With that in mind, the rules are...In addition to the minimum post-count criteria, you are not welcome to post in the Classifieds Forum until you are considered, by the Moderator Group using their subjective criteria, an active participant in the Forums in general. THAT is the problem.
  4. Thanks. The top is from I uses a 3.5" 5/16 bolt with washer to attach it to the nipple.
  5. Awww... You're just sayin that cause it's true.
  6. Made some new tool head stands. They are higher and easier to use. I like the black steel, brass and aluminum look.
  7. If you haven't shaken up the jug yet you can cut a hole in the bottom and save most of the powder. I did this before with w-231 and H110. I let the powder pour out the bottom and stopped when I was 2/3 through. I dumped the rest. YMMV
  8. Looking forward to the book. 7 second stage? I'm still working on a 7 second reload.
  9. Any 12 volt AC adapter. I used it with a splitter..
  10. Back up camera and monitor. I don't have to move it each time I change tool heads.
  11. It's now time to start making your nominations for the June 2017 award. Show that special member how much you appreciate them. The list is growing of some pretty special members who've received the MOM award since it started. Who will be the next member to wear the colors? Get those nominations in early before you forget. This is the way we thank our members for all they do to make this Forum the best on the web.
  12. Maximis, If you're in my area I'll be more than happy to share.
  13. Wow. I just got my confirmation for 10,000. Sorry guys.
  14. SPP in stock now. There's also free shipping with the code" FREIGHT" . Not sure if that applys to primers.
  15. Coffee pornography.