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  1. That's odd... Maybe DRM got carried over since app was installed. Amazon handles it all outside of our control, but I double checked that 1.4.7 has no DRM enabled on it.
  2. Unregister tablets and register them under a new amazon account/email with no CC on it.
  3. You can pay amazon to remove those and there is that
  4. App store downloads are not that representative. Live stats show that active Amazon devices is at about 25..27%, Samsung - 45..47%. What app version are you running?
  5. I'm pretty sure I removed DRM from PractiScore on Amazon appstore at least few months ago. If you still seeing this, you need to update app from the appstore.
  7. Settings / About / Device model (or somewhere around that)
  8. Likely that was a Tab A Lite. It also helps to disable all Google and Samsung apps and turn off Sync - helps with performance and saves battery too.
  9. Like this link?
  10. Nexus 7 was at near $200. The modern Nexus 7 incarnation would be ASUS MeMo Pad 7" but those are stuck with Android 4 and ASUS now only making tables with Intel CPUs - not ideal for the battery life and it lost NFC. The Kindles 7 and 8HD are $49.99 and $89.99. Both of them are often on sale, so even cheaper. The next favourite is Samsung Tab A (and previous models Tab 4 and Tab 3, NOT the Lite ones) - brighter screen and better battery now on sale at BestBuy and Amazon for under $120. See my notes on Android devices at
  11. I see. The way you said it sounded like PS issue on Nooks... Different router might solve issue, though usually you sync few times a day most, unless there is a range-wide wifi, so reconnect to wifi before sync is more like an annoyance (tap battery icon, turn wifi off and then on).
  12. Out of curiosity, were those syncing issues reported to ?
  13. Visibility in a bright sun light won't be as good as with Nooks, so it may vary for your local weather conditions. I wrote few notes on Android devices at You can use a shade and if can afford it - invest in a more hi-end devices, e.g. for $30 more - Kindle Fire HD has a brighter screen and bigger battery (so you could keep screen brightness cranked up).
  14. Amazon updated Kindle tablets to released on June 7, 2017 The new Fire 7 tablet from Amazon is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, with a 7-inch IPS display Amazon claims is noticeably improved with higher contrast and less battery drain. This new tablet promises up to 6 hours of battery, 8GB of onboard storage with microSD card support up to 256GB. Fire HD 8 bumps the screen resolution to 1280x800 and starts with 16GB of onboard storage. This version of the tablet also offers 12 hours of battery, and like the new 7-inch version comes in the standard black as well as Punch Red, Marine Blue and Canary Yellow. This upgraded experience will run you $80. There also an ongoing deal: buy any 3 all-new Fire tablets and save 20% using promo code FIRE3PACK
  15. What took them so long?