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  1. So the moral of the story is just to haul ass uprange and create an unsafe condition to the point where the RO is forced to call stop. Then there's no messing with asking for calibrations or having to arb.
  2. Power factor is simply a measure of momentum. Momentum is one of the primary factors of penetration distance. A JHP with a PF of 125 simply isn't going to penetrate as far as a JHP with a PF of 165+. What if we just made PF 160 across the board regardless of caliber?
  3. 7.6???? Wow. It only takes me 7.2gr at 1.169" with a 115 to make 170PF. Plenty of gas to work the comp. If it took me more than 7.5gr of WAC to make PF, I'd start looking at other powders.
  4. Oh yeah, duh. I was thinking of IPSC Production for some reason.
  5. Is that Production legal?
  6. Lol. Is it actual sales or do they just have to have 2000 "available" for sale?
  7. I'm not sure about exact numbers in the US but it sure seemed like it was on the list before many people had them. Hence the "unicorn" moniker. It wasn't as bad as the FN situation though.
  8. Apparently Troy goes back and forth on how the protocol works. Back in 2013 he said it was units worldwide in response to a certain FN gun getting on the list when only one guy had one.
  9. Me too. Apparently for some companies it's worldwide units and other's it's US.
  10. What's your point? I still haven't seen anything contrary to Troy's post in 2013 that it's anything other than units worldwide.
  11. You should email him back and tell him it's 2000 units worldwide.
  12. Depends on type of bullet and lot to lot variation. I've seen coated bullets' ogive vary more than .005" from lot to lot.
  13. Yup. Someone needs to send this form to CZ and tell them to quit slacking.
  14. Interesting. I don't see any mention of "units available in the US" anywhere on that form.
  15. The entire point of the plunk test is to determine whether a certain OAL with a certain bullet will chamber freely in your gun. Ideally, you want to do this at the BEGINNING of a reloading session with new bullets to determine the MAX OAL for that particular bullet and gun. Determine the max oal for whatever combo you are using. Then subtract at least .020" off the max OAL. You should never have to worry about that particular load not chambering in your gun.