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  1. I believe the requirement for affiliation is to run at least 3 classifiers per year. As long as you have 3 in a year, you're good.
  2. I'm still leaning more towards primers.
  3. My interpretation of 2.2.2 involves "obstacles to be surmounted by competitors." The key word in this is "surmounted." I wouldn't consider shooting over a single barrel as surmounting. I would consider "surmount" to mean climbing on top of or over. With that being said, I've never seen a single barrel included in a COF that required a competitor to climb on top of or over it. Furthermore, mentions the descending side of the obstacle which lends credence to my interpretation.
  4. Because a tall person's single stride equalling 5 of mine evens the score on low ports.
  5. Post some pics of the ones that wouldn't go off.
  6. What is your primer depth? Especially on the ones you have that wouldn't go bang.
  7. OP-have you done a trigger job on your xdm? If so, it's possible you don't have enough overtravel and the striker safety is catching the striker. If it's stock, it's more than likely your primers aren't deep enough.
  8. They aren't too deep. Based on what you stated about the storage conditions of your powder and primers, it's safe to say they are fine. You can easily measure primer depth using calipers. Calipers can measure three different dimensions. OD, ID, and depth. OD and ID are pretty self explanatory. A lot of people don't know you can measure depth. Look at the picture below. See the metal "strip" that starts extending as you open the calipers opposite of the LCD screen? Put that part on the primer and push down gently. The reading on the LCD is your primer depth. Unless your primers are .020" or deeper, they aren't too deep. .005"-.011" seemed to be the sweet spot on a couple of very lightly sprung CZ's I used to run with Federal primers. When I used Winchester, I'd try crushing them in there even more but it was difficult getting them much more than .013" and even then it was only on headstamps with deeper pockets.
  9. Maybe seat deeper? Im loading 115's to 1.135".
  10. Correct. 69" to be exact. (6ft - 3"=69") Before this amendment, the rule was that all walls go from the ground to height constructed unless otherwise specified. Now the default is from ground to infinity on anything at least 69" unless otherwise specified.
  11. I misread that at first. So you're talking about a single barrel at the end of a bunch of double stacked barrels. That's a good question. IMO, even if the barrel is part of a "wall" of double stacked barrels, that portion of the "wall" is not 6' so I would say shooting over it is legal. Just my opinion though. is amended to read: Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing, all such barriers, walls, vision barriers, snow fence barriers and other constructs will be considered to go from the ground to infinity, provided said barrier is at least 6 feet
  12. Cha-Lee is seriously the Extractor Whisperer....
  13. Don't forget your tape measure.
  14. I'm guessing they chose 6' as most walls average 6'? I've never actually measured our walls but I would guess they are close to 6. I agree that 5' would probably have been a better number. No one would put in a 5' vision barrier meant to be shot over in a match as there are many competitors that simply wouldn't be physically able to shoot over it. I think NROI had to specify some height, though, as we wouldn't want a single barrel or other type of vision barrier for a lay down target to go to infinity. And we wouldn't want to list these types of vision barriers as going to height constructed in every WSB. To me it seems like they are killing two birds with one stone on the 6' requirement. It seems like it is meant to make all of the walls that most clubs use default to infinity. If they didn't specify a height, we would all have to specify all of the barriers we only wanted to go to height constructed in the WSB which would just create more brain damage than before.
  15. Awesome. Do you know a ballpark figure for how much this costs?