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  1. Sorry guys... Not, meaning no, on shooting Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Flyer! JP Enterprises has signed on as the LE/MIL sponsor! HospitalityFlyer1.pdf
  3. Yes, camping at the range.
  4. Hotels: The Historic Plains Hotel (307) 638-3311 Little America (307) 775-8400 The Radisson (307) 638-4466 TownePlace Suites (307) 634-0400 Fairfield Inn and Suites (307) 634-0401 Mention your shooting the Magpul Governor's Match for the discount.
  5. To fly in to Cheyenne, WY would be the easiest, Denver is 1.5 hrs away and a straight shot to get to Cheyenne. There are 3 match Hotels, I will lock down the names and locations. From the range, you can be in downtown Cheyenne in 10 minutes. Jimmy
  6. Yes, PT will be in order of finish, each class will have their own PT.
  7. Yes, shoot Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the shooters meeting is not mandatory and I will take sigh in early Friday morning. 8stages is what is slated for now, there may be some added, but not for sure as of yet. There will be plenty of things to do at the range, the Governor's office assures me there this. There will be side shoots, as well as the "Wyoming 100", unfortunately you have to be a Wyoming resident to qualify, but try your hand at it and see where you would place. Again, this is an event to promote shooting sports within the state if Wyoming, The Governor himself as well s the State is backing this in a massive way. There will be plenty of shade, food, and beverages for everyone. Magpul is the "title" sponsor for this event, and I would anticipate the prize table to be well over 100k. There will be a flyer of sorts out soon, and I will post it here. Jimmy
  8. Yes, bi pods are fair game here. For this match it is not needed IMO. Berms will are 50-75 yards long ( traditional square range), with 2 long range courses to 400ish, if a precision rifle is employed ammo and gun will be provided. PuG will be probably be bonus points for time off. Jimmy
  9. The Magpul Governor's Match is shaping up nicely. There will be a flyer/poster out soon, as well as information on hotels and food 10 minutes from the range. Also, there is a 20K guided elk hunt being offered to the winner as well if he/she so chooses it. And can be donated to the charity of their choosing. Hope some of you can make this match. Jimmy
  10. 4 April 2017, Resurgence Tactical 3-gun, cancelled for various reasons. Thank you to all that attended in 2016. Jimmy
  11. I met with Governor Mead for some time at SHOT, he is super excited for this match, and although the underlying mission is to promote shooting sports within the state, he hopes this match puts them on the map in a big way. Magpul is the title sponsor, while all other Wyoming state firearms industry folks are already involved and sponsoring this match. And Point Blank is the official LE sponsor. Thunder Beast Arms is the first GOLD sponsor, as well as Hi-viz, Sharps Rifle Company, Huskemaw Optics and many, many others. This should be a great one. Machinegun Tours will be there to destroy something as usual, and there will be a few pick up MG's, Monster Energy will keep you geeked out and ready to shoot! Alma, is correct, there will be at least 2 stages out to 300-400 yards, the rest are all close in inside 100 yards. There will be various Wyoming implements/assets onsite, from fish and game trucks to ARNG vehicles and WY State Patrol interceptors. No secrets here guys, walk-throughs are encouraged. Staff will shoot through and for score 2 days prior, them it's main match GO time! I will not confirm but there is rumor of a few Wyoming hunts on the prize table. Hope to see everyone there. Jimmy
  12. As of now, probably after the first for the year. Online registration will be @ It would e great to see you guys again. And this year there will be a "TOP TYRO" award...ask Eric! J
  13. 2017 MAGPUL WYOMING GOVERNOR'S MATCH August 3-6 2017 Competition Dynamics has been working directly with the Governor's Office in Cheyenne, Wyoming to promote shooting sports in the state of Wyoming. The format will be a 2-Gun match (carbine/pistol), with some side matches in there as well. 8 stages (NOT SOF TYPE) but theme based regardless, and WALK THROUGHS are encouraged here! Tentatively, right now we will be working with ARNG ,and various other LE agencies to place props and such on the range, so this should be an excellent match for the State of Wyoming. With MAGPUL as the title sponsor I would expect some great product from them on the prize table as well. Plus EVERY company in the firearms industry in Wyoming will be there as well, and the sponsors are looking great right now. The state is behind this, as well as the Wyoming Game and Fish, and there was mention of various Hunts being given away on the prize table! Be in Wyoming August 2017! Jimmy CD