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  1. https://practiscore.com/mtsc-3g-6-4-2017/register
  2. Middle Tennessee Shooters Club will be hosting its monthly 3 gun match on Sunday June 4th. It will feature 5 fun stages with an approximate round count of 150 rifle, 100 pistol, 100 shotgun. No slugs needed this month. Preregistration will be on Practiscore. Match sign in will be at the range from 11:00 to noon and we will get started shortly thereafter. Match fee is $25 for non members and $20 for members. I can be reached with any questions at sumocrp@aol.com
  3. I suggest using the burris speed bead mount. It puts the dot close to your eye.
  4. I'dbe interested in the spacer.
  5. Limited and irons should be one division. I haven't seen a club with a division for just iron sighted rifles in a long time. Most everyone has 1x dots and irons in the same division now.
  6. As far as 3GN rules go, you should be fine with a flashlight on your gun but the laser would be a no go.
  7. 17 over the 19. 34 would be better.
  8. I run a 3 moa dot. I use the side dot on everything closer than 50 yards, after that I start using my scope.
  9. Alright, every few years then. I'm not trying to disparage the fine job done by the folks who have been putting on multigun nationals the last few years, Im just suggesting that USPSA owes it to the members to move it from time to time in order to make it more available to all its members.
  10. It's a USPSA National Championship, part of a NATIONAL organization. You dont see any of the handgun nationals stay at the same venue year after year. It should move every year.
  11. Fail on continuing to have it on the western half of the country. Its been there long enough. Bring it east of the Mississippi River.
  12. I dont think I would allow it at my match. I may reconsider if there were some sort of lock like you're describing but even then, if a shooter wants to shoot limited/factory, they should buy a 1x optic like everyone else.
  13. Middle TN Shooters Club will be hosting its monthly 3gun match on Sunday October 2nd. Round count will be approximately 100 rifle, 100 pistol, 100 shotgun birdshot, and one slug. Sign up on practiscore will be posted or you can sign up the day of the match. Registration from 11:00 to noon and shooting starts shortly thereafter .
  14. Middle TN Shooters Club will be hosting its monthly 3gun match on Sunday August 7th. It will feature 5 fun and challenging stages. Stage 1. 13 shotgun and 26 pistol Stage 2. 14 shotgun and 28 rifle Stage 3. 12 shotgun, 24 rifle, 18 pistol Stage 4. 18 pistol, 32 rifle Stage 5. 20 rifle, 11 shotgun 2 slug, 1 buckshot Match total 50 shotgun, 70 pistol, 104 rifle, 2 slugs and 1 buckshot The round count could go up a few during set up so bring extra. Longest rifle shot is 200 yards. No slings necessary. Registration will be available on practiscore or day of the match between 11:00 and noon. We will start shooting shortly thereafter. Match fee is $25 for non-members and $20 for members. Range Address: MTSC 1862 Sixteenth Model Rd Manchester, TN 37355 Take the right fork at the Gun Shop Office
  15. He was talking about the size of the sight itself. The reticle is the same size as an eotech but the sight itself is the size of a fastfire.