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  1. I would send the whole thing back to Dillon for cleaning/tune up. It will come back like new. These guys work magic!
  2. I use the uniquetek unit on my 1050 with the arendondo drop slide. Very happy it.
  3. I took the rachet tab thing off of my 1050 and it has run much smoother since then. It might be worth your while to order a new primer slide that no longer uses the little rubber piece on the end.
  4. Creature of habit-have my loads dialed in for WSF. Have lots of n320 on standby. WSF just works great for the Zero 147 JHP's I prefer to load.
  5. i prefer WSF for loading 147's. Very Low smoke- WST and VVn320 have done equally well. I just prefer the recoil impulse of WSF
  6. I use 3.8 of WST and SNS 180 NLGFP. Mild and accurate
  7. Just installed a set of Dawson sights on my 35. Really like the sight picture.
  8. WSF is my preferred powder . I load this bullet to 1.10
  9. I use my single stage to deprime all of my .223 brass. it allows me time to inspect and sort each case prior to trimming. All processed brass is fed to the Dillon for final loading.
  10. I like my mag lula. I just hate when it hides from me. Get to the range and its in the other bag. Get to match and I left it at home loading all of the other mags... Swear this thing crawls under stuff and hides. May be there is reason the pink ones sell so well. Easier to see
  11. SNS are my my current favorite.
  12. IF you look in gunbroker right now there are two Glock 24's bargain priced. Not related to the seller in any way.
  13. if you leave everything else the same and substitute the precision delta 147 or the Zero 147 JHP-the groups will magically shrink
  14. I reload indoors and no longer worry about leaving powder in the measure. However in the past (and even now)if I had to remove a small amount of powder from the measure, I just dragged out the shop vac and vacuumed the powder out.
  15. Ramshot tac is my favorite powder for the .223. It meters perfectly on the Dillon. Somewhere between 23.7-24 grains is the sweet spot for the 69SMK. Using virgin Winchester brass and 24 grains is my favorite load. It works in several different rifles I have.