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  1. Not needed at all with the SCS. In fact, aside from retaining the buffer spring when you disassemble the gun, you don't NEED a retainer plunger in a standard AR. If you hold the buffer in place and get the upper pinned on, it works just fine without it. It just makes disassembly a PITA.
  2. Are you in California? Hence the reason for the quick pins?
  3. *raises hand* To a point I guess. If I notice my dot wander off the target in the duration of breaking two shots, I will re-engage. Rifle length gas, LMOS carrier, adjustable gas, compensator, somewhat heavy barrel.... If my dot is on the target when the first shot breaks it is rarely off the target as the second shot breaks. I am pretty much shooting one sight picture, two shots, on hoser rifle paper. Vertical video example: Old, old video....
  4. Not exactly. They were dumping ammo as fast as they could. Not really a valid test on the way anyone actually shoots, even 3-gunners who are probably harder on barrels than anyone except guys at machine gun shoots turning money into noise. What would be really interesting is that same test done with a realistic firing schedule. Typical of 3-gun matches, say, 20-50 rounds down range in 10-60 seconds, then allowed to cool fully before doing it all over again. It proved that bi-metal jackets are harder on barrels, but how much of that was the excessive amount of heat that was generated.
  5. I would rather spend money on match fees and shoot matches than have an expensive rifle. I have gradually gravitated towards some racegun parts but I would not hesitate to compete with an off the shelf $500 rifle and a sighting system that held zero, especially at matches where rifle shots are 200 yards or less. Too many people are put off by the notion that they need fancy gear to compete, and they let that prevent them from the fun and the skill building that comes from competition. Give a top 10 competitor a stock AR, stock G17 and Benelli Nova with a decent loading port and they will probably give you a top 20 finish. A decent trigger is the first thing to upgrade in an AR and if it run reliably and the optic holds zero and you can see your targets, there is zero reason you cannot be competitive. More time is lost in a single fumbled shotgun load than all the rifle splits in an entire 3-gun match. Tell your buddy to get out there with you and have fun. Or he is just making excuses. Some people are afraid of competition and will seek all kinds of avenues to create excuses because they wrongly think they will be laughed at, or that there is something wrong with finding out that you aren't the best. It is a bit sobering when I tally up what I have in my 3-gun rigs, I tell my wife that it is cheaper than racing motorcycles or pulling tractors. :-P
  6. It's not replacing the Razor. An option with lighter weight and less cost than the Razor but better overall performance than the Strike Eagle. It looks like it will be an excellent scope but don't look for the Razor to be going away. IMHO the JM-1 reticle alone is worth a few shekels more than the MRAD or MOA reticles in a 1-6x scope. More lines and holding points gets quite cluttered quickly.
  7. I was surprised to see a Safariland GLS Pro-Fit for sale at my local Rural King. They generally have a fabulous selection of Uncle Mike's nylon holsters. The price was right and I was motivated to get back to something with retention for 3-gunning. My first match with it was actually a USPSA match and I was very pleased with how natural the retention release mechanism is. I have used Thumb Drive holsters with glocks in the past and to me it felt like they were detrimental to obtaining a good grip on the draw stroke. Not so with the GLS. The draw stroke to hit a proper high grip was exactly what was needed to activate the retention release mechanism. Since I first put the holster on my belt I have never once mucked a draw by failing to activate the release. A few short minutes with the dremel to gain clearance for my extended magazine release, and a bit off the rear of the release lever so that it would clear a 2011 grip, and I was in business. Added the shim for the 2011 trigger guard, and the simple adjustment mechanism to tighten the GLS to the bottom of the dust cover on the pistol left me with a snugly held holster with extremely positive retention. I think it will be just the ticket for 3-gun and even though I have a non retention holster on a hanger I don't think I would even bother swapping out the GLS for a pistol-only/USPSA match. It didn't hinder my draw in any way.
  8. I just got mine out of the safe to look. Currently in a room with somewhat dim lighting and looking at a night-time window. Mine shows red on the top part of the reticle at all the brightness settings that are currently too bright for what shooting conditions would be right now. The Razors illumination is so nuclear bright I don't think I have ever even used the 10 or 11 setting even shooting outside on brightly lit winter days with a bunch of snow cover. At matches in the daytime I typically wind up shooting it on 6 or 7, generally. I got out my Steiner T5Xi 1-5x and it also had illumination bleeding onto the top part of the reticle at the most intense brightness settings. I think it is normal to see reticle illumination bleeding like that if you turn them way up over what current conditions call for in regard to ideal brightness for the center dot.
  9. Found it:
  10. Years ago I saw a custom build that a guy had done with a gas operated 357 Sig AR-15. I can't remember a single thing about it other than that little tidbit. 9mm would be problematic to my way of thinking. Would be a neat project.
  11. Cmon man he said 'budget'. JohnnyD I would consider the Steiner P4Xi if I were you. Although that may be on the upper end of the cost spectrum of budget. The MTAC reticle was a deal breaker for me, with the huge dots. They may offer better reticles now. The MTAC glass is pretty good for the money. Just.... that reticle. Big round dots while trying to shoot 10 inch round plates.... who thought that was a good idea? Edit to add: Just checked out the Burris website. They do offer the MTAC with a decent reticle now.
  12. Broken gas key screw. Only one of them broke, rifle kept running. I discovered it when I took it apart to clean it. Never found the top half of that screw. Recently broke a firing pin retaining pin. In that case the rifle locked up tight. It wasn't due to extended use, rifle was nearly new. That particular pin was fragile. I have no idea if that particular part gets heat treatment or anything like that, but I had a bad one.
  13. I can't imagine touching off an 8 inch 223 inside my house....... Unless you are going to suppress it, I would probably err towards a 9mm. If you are planning to start shooting PCC, I would absolutely go 9mm.
  14. P-mags and Brownells aluminum mags. 20-30-40 rounder depending on stage round count, props, etc. I have a D60 and while it is too heavy for most situations, every once in a while it is just the thing for a big rifle stage that has say, a lot of long range and very little movement. Where you might be flirting with running out with a 40 round PMAG and a few misses. It is a royal pain in the ass to load those last 10 rounds though.