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  1. Hey Joe - could you share any particulars about the simplified Open blaster with me? PM me if need be, I might could be interested if this Carry Optic pistol thing doesn't work out for me. Thanks! Rich
  2. Somebody got a great pistol! Congrats Joe, I'm certain the new owner will absolutely love it!
  3. Thanks JAFO - I never even thought about that! I've done it dozens of times with 1911's - I'll give it a go tomorrow.
  4. Yessir, I believe it is NATO brass and should be a tad thicker near the base - I'm going to weigh the bulged case versus a Win case to see what the difference is. The bulge is perfect around the entire circumference of the case just above the extractor groove - in fact, it looks just like a belted magnum rifle case.
  5. Well, I just tossed the first one chalking it up to bad brass. After it happened the second time I did save that piece and it's WCC-07. After shooting again today I'm pretty certain it was the brass. I pulled three .12's, two .13's, and two .14's and no bulging at all. The ammo was all loaded in one lot in one loading session with various headstamped brass. Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it!
  6. Had two cases bulge severely - and blow the primer - yesterday during practice (finally!) with my 320. Targets were 5 to 18 yard partials with the 5 yard target being a full one. All cases were once fired, load was 3.8grs E3, 125 Precision coated bullet, CCI SP primer @ 132 PF. First time through my split on the 5 yard target was .12 and as I was picking up brass I noticed the case was really bulged with no primer and chalked it up to a bad piece of brass and tossed it. Second time through my split was .14 on that target and another bulged primer-less case resulted although not as severe as the first one. I then shot only that target with splits in the .15 - .16 range and cases were normal. I'm using a steel Springer guide rod with 13lb spring. Would I be correct in assuming that it's possible the pistol is firing slightly out of battery? Anyone else experience this? Thanks!
  7. Can't wait Joe! I love the simple elegance of your builds - perfect!
  8. Knocked another one out of the park Joe!!!! Very nice!
  9. Excellent idea! I think we'll incorporate your time and scoring methods at our next match - oughtta save us a lot of time. And, you're right, it's just a local match!
  10. Oh my! Ask and you shall receive -- quickly! Thanks!
  11. Tell me more about this doodie of which you speak.
  12. Dunno for sure - we still use whistles and a stop watch, stop plates, paper & pencil to score, and, when necessary we break out the ballistic pendulum to discern major from minor. Ain't that the way most folks do it at their matches? Oh sure, they prolly use all that fancy-schmancy electronic gizmos at the Nationals, but hell, that's only once a year right?
  13. If our match falls on an even numbered day we enforce only the odd numbered rules; if the match falls on an odd numbered day we enforce only the even numbered rules. That way folks know what to expect when they show up for the match.
  14. Too true! I had two complete 320's on hand when I worked over one of mine and it took a lot of trial & error to get it where I wanted it. So it can be done with stock parts but ya gotta work at it a bit!
  15. Open division is optional as well.