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  1. Can you explain what Dynamic steel and scramble are?
  2. Thank you so much! This will be my first match as MD.
  3. Anybody know how Berrys steel matches scored there match when they had both steel challenge stages and pro am stages?
  4. How often do you find yourself needing 20 round magazines? Is it worth all the trouble and expenses? Thinking about trying the standard 18 rounds my stock sti mags.
  5. I had a moment of weakness and bought a STI Edge. See what all the fuss is about. If I like it I might have to change my name.
  6. Cool. Thanks.
  7. Anybody know what the thread size for a magazine release button on a STI edge? Dawson has two listed 4-40 and 5-50.
  8. Rick McDowell, Competition specialties in Osceola does great work.
  9. Are all CZ mags interchangeable? If I buy a CZ Tatical Sport what do I need to do to the magazines to make them limited ready?
  10. K. Thanks
  11. If I read the rules correctly in the rule book. My CZ is not allowed in ESP because the dust cover is longer than 3 1/4 inches past the slide stop lever. It has a full length dust cover. Am I correct?
  12. A write up of the Production Nationals is here : The point of the article is that the type of gun used by the top competitors is essentially irrelevant. YES!!!
  13. How many more rounds and how much more dry fire have you done win the Glock over the Kimber? 5 times as many, 10, 20?The weight, grip, trigger etc. are all different and in a sport where 10ths of seconds make the difference the unfamiliarity will add up in the draw, transistions, splits etc. Any change takes time to get use to. So, the gun doesn't matter it's what you gey used to?
  14. empirically speaking, I would say that probably the current level of development of open Glocks is not sufficient to be competitive with S_I variants. That makes sense to me, because the popular open guns are pretty much designed from the ground up, instead of being retrofitted onto a normal carry gun chassis, and the S_I guns have been developing and progressing for several years. No. It was said "the gun doesn't matter"
  15. Takeing it one step further, then would you say there is difference between an open Glock and a open Sti? If the gun doesn't matter.