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  1. 180 gr Blue Bullet, 4.4 gr 320, 1.125" OAL. Chrono'ed at the Florida Open at 170.8 PF.
  2. Look on the Cajun gunworks web site under technical support. Great explanation on springs and how to pick them. They are load specific. I'm using a 13 lb main spring. My 180 gr Blue Bullets over 4.4 gr of 320 eject out about 7 feet. I use a 15 lb hammer spring. I tried a 13 lb but had light strikes. This is in my Tactical Sport.
  3. Just got my CGW adjustable sear and hammer kit for my Tactical Sport. Anyone know of a few good you tube videos for install and adjustments?
  4. Locktite is anaerobic and will not properly set up in the presence of any petroleum product's presence. When we used it on nuclear submarines, both surfaces had to be thoroughly cleaned prior to it's application.
  5. WSB calls for NRA D1 targets not AP1's. So I guess no black X ring.
  6. The 2016 IRC stages are posted on the Universal Shooting Academy's web site.
  7. Does anyone make a *thumb rest [generic]* similar to the Nitro Fin for a Tactical Sport. I really don't want to drill the frame if I don't have to.
  8. A NROI RO may run your classifier stages . This usually is done for ICORE members that don't have access to an ICORE club nearby. Look under the classification tab on the ICORE website to find this.
  9. I had this problem with one mag for my TS. Turned out that there was a small burr in the mag's indent hole that the mag catch would hang up on. Used a jewler's file to remove the burr and all is good. Does it happen with different mags or just one?
  10. So true!
  11. Starting today, there is a new area on the ICORE web site under the Tools and Info tab. It will be used to address rule clarifications that do not require a rule change. Any member can request a clarification by sending it to the Rule Director's email.
  12. I load Bayou 200gr bullets with 3.9 gr of E3, Federal SPP, mixed brass, 1.190" OAL. Makes 171PF in my 5" STI Edge
  13. I shot this match and there were a few stages that the WSB said start anywhere/anyhow. That's the story with the hand positions.
  14. In case anyone's interested, two nearby hotels (Lake Wales) are the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton. There's a mall across the street with dining, movie theater, and shopping. Both are within 20 minutes driving time to the range. USPSA Handgun National RO's were billeted at the Holiday Inn Express and I can confirm it is a good place to stay. BTW I'm not affiated with either one. There is also a Green Gables down the road with a great steak house on site. Older, but still a clean place.
  15. The updated rule book has been posted on the ICORE web site under the tools and info tab. It is effective today. Happy New Year!