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  1. Merlin, check out these pics. These were MG 147's, no cannelure...I can load a lead round nose to the same length, roll crimp the crap out of it (it has a crimp groove), and all it does is buldge the case mouth slightly. Drop the MG's in the case, and voila! Wrinkled/ crinkled case...same OAL, same seat depth, bullet heads are exactly the same OAL, and the MG's are .355, where as the LRN are .358...all due to putting too much roll crimp on them.
  2. Merlin, I am using a seat/crimp die in station 3 of my 550. I was having the same issue. I backed the crimp off to a very light roll crimp, and it totally went away. My crinkled rounds look identical to yours. What made me say that about the crimp groove is, I was frustrated, so instead of a lead round, I tried to load some MG 147's I had...and with the lead rounds with the crimp groove, it bulged the brass a tiny bit at the case mouth...enough so they wouldn't slide in the chamber smooth...but with the MG's, it crinkled the case exactly as yours. Backed the crimp off, and everything was good.
  3. Had this happen the other day to me...overcrimping because there is no crimp groove
  4. Enough. If anyone has anything constructive to add to this thread, please pm a moderator and ask it to be re-opened. Posting GuidelinesAttitudePlease be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful.No bickering. Regardless of the subject matter.Antagonistic, offensive, or quarrelsome tones are not acceptable.No trolling. No alternate accounts. Certain posters in this thread violated several of the above guidelines.
  5. We all like a good discussion, but don't let this get personal. And, this is WAY off base for what the OP asked.
  6. True. Cheating would come in if they altered the gun to weigh more than the stated weight ( I omitted the addition of the 2oz as it was a given).
  7. Cheating would come in if they altered the mag to add more than the stated weight of the gun and mag. I'm not saying that having the mag weigh more is cheating, I'm saying having the entire package of gun and mag weigh more is cheating.
  8. And you would be cheating, not gaming...unsportsmanlike you want to give it a go at your next match and tell us how it works out for you? Edit to add: By giving it a go at your next match, I meant loading the extra rounds and shooting them to see if the RO noticed or not.
  9. Unfortunately, you would be incorrect. At chrono, you weigh your gun with an empty mag inserted. You are allowed 2 oz over the listed weight. If they added weight to the mag, they would be bumped to open, since they do not meet the division requirements. As for hoping the RO didn't notice, that's why there are usually 2 RO's that run a stage. Even if both RO's failed to notice that you fired more than 11 rounds, I'm quite sure the gallery watching you shoot your stage would notice.
  10. This was to stop people from loading up their mags to make their gun heavier, to manage recoil better, I would bet.
  11. That also explains some of the other weird parts in that box..
  12. That's why it's posted in this forum.
  13. I'm correct more than this one time Jack....yer just stubborn.
  14. Can't be. 38 special wobbles in the cutouts, and almost pulls completely through on the cutout stamped as 1. I found it while looking for the 38/357 shell plate, which I have....this one is way different. Notice the size difference in the cutouts numbered 1 and all the others.
  15. Shoot a PM to Pat...He's in Canada and an active shooter (and reloader, I think).