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  1. Considering that WWB 115 grain FMJ's are about a 135 PF, it should run them no problem.
  2. European and Asian settlers were here 8,000 years ago, Jack...
  3. This. I remember as a kid, getting my first BB gun, and Dad teaching me how to shoot. He didn't tell me to put it to my right shoulder, use my right eye, or really anything else. He told me how to pull the trigger, and told me to shoot however I could shoot it the most accurately...which happened to be on my left shoulder using my left eye, even though I am right handed.
  4. You are wrong, Jack. Parts of my family have been in Florida since the mid 1800's. I have lived in Florida my entire life, and within 70 miles of where I was born.
  5. Post a pic of the primer?
  6. First, what were the DQ's for?
  7. That also could be the case of "It's what I have to shoot and I don't want to spend the money on a gun that shoots major"...Seeing lots of 3 gunners using their 9mm in Limited.
  8. If you have the pull weight dropped to 1.5lbs, I suggest several trips to the range to get used to it before shooting it in a match.
  9. We do not close threads for this type of reason. Also, please do not change the thread title. These threads stay open for all to see. GrumpyOne
  10. You don't have to rack the slide everytime. Small powder charge, wet/damp powder, all may make thr bullet travel part way down the barrel, enough for another round to chamber...and may work the slide enough to chamber another bullet.
  11. I would assume that the brass that the factory uses is new, and they don't need to resize it smaller to get it back into shape. Remember, metal stretches, so to get to the right size, we have to undersize it some because it will spring back some. This is just a guess though.
  12. Yep. Absolutely normal. And how they should look. The coke bottle effect keeps you from getting setback when the nose of the bullet hits the feed ramp. As a general rule, for crimp, what you want is the bullet diameter, plus the case wall thickness x two. So, if the case wall is .010, then you would have .400 + .010 + .010, so you would end up with .420 at the case mouth after the "crimp".
  13. Almost all reloading presses have a learning curve. The Hornady is a fine machine...if it wasn't, they would no longer be selling them. I have never loaded on the LNL, but even the Dillon's have just seems easier to work some of those quirks out on the Dillon.
  14. I have seen a very similar situation happen twice. Both times were from squibs, with a second round fired after them (by the same guy, 1 week apart, on different Caspian 45's). On the first one, it bulged the barrel while the slide was back, and the slide wouldn't go forward. One the second one, it bulged the barrel behind the bushing, and the slide wouldn't open. On the first, he ended up cutting the barrel off behind the bulge so the slide would close. One the second one, I have no he never came back to the range.
  15. I don't know about IDPA, but mine fits the USPSA box with the factory 19 round mags