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  1. This is more along the line of what I'm looking for. I already do quite a bit of preliminary "swimming" through the cleaned brass to separate out any .38 Super or odd .380 that might have snuck into the mix. Hopefully, this overall look for oddities can turn up the stepped brass also. If I can avoid having to strain/magnify a look at every case head, it would be a massive time saver for my middle aged eyes.
  2. Gotcha. Thats kind of what I was trying to avoid.
  3. Any secrets to how you folks check for stepped brass? I've seen it, but haven't paid it much attention.
  4. I'm shooting TG with PC'd bullets. Starting to show some buildup in my JP comp. I don't shoot as much as a lot of you so I don't have near that kind of buildup. Just trying to stay ahead if this.
  5. This is a concern. Wonder if a sonic cleaner and appropriate chemicals would take care of this?
  6. These are good tips, thank you. I've been working with the Glock mag version and in my case a little tweeking is needed.
  7. What diameter do those fired bullets measure?
  8. Wow, wonder if it's the specific brand of trigger causing the wear or the heavy movement of the blowback PCC system? Wonder if a billet lower would wear differerently?
  9. I had what seems to be a very similar problem with my JR carbine. Firing pin fouled in the bolt.