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  1. I shoot a lot of 231 and it doesn't flash nearly as much as some others. We do quite a bit of night shooting, BTW. I believe that I read that the Accurate powders are flash suppressed, but, that may be only the A9. Worth checking into.
  2. I shoot lots of Bayou 135s. I load to 1.100 cause that's the chamber on my 6" gun. My other guns shoot them fine. I load Win 231 to 1010fps average in my main pistol. BTW the same powder charge works fine with 125gr bullets as well. I don't get too concerned with PF. Only shoot plates and SC. Sounds to me like your charge isn't enough to seal the cases in the chamber as well.
  3. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes in the last 2 yrs. Astigmatism in left eye was corrected with regular lens. Right eye I opted out of the $2K extra for the lens which fixes the astigmatism and had the regular on installed. Still have it to a lesser degree. Right eye came out 20/20, left is 20/60ish. No more fuzzy dot. Might be something to look into? YMMV
  4. Mine use the bracket on the plate. 2x4 steel tube with a piece on top and a 1x2 channel for the bracket. Works well. Bracket is a 3/8 x 1 1/2 flat steel welded on and bent over.
  5. If you can get up around Annville / Palmyra at the end of April, come check out the PSA Shootout! Worth a day to come see the fun. Check it out online, and maybe see you there...
  6. Greetings from the N.E. corner of Pa! Where do you shoot?
  7. Just curiosity but, without a timer how do you determine .11 splits or do the math or anything? Just wondering...
  8. Here in Pa the most used (according to various game commission WCOs) deer killing cartridges is the .22LR (gasp). Regular deer seasons excepted. Police carried .32s on duty for years, as well as military personnel. Then it was the 38 Special. All worked - till something better came along. The 45 is too much for many. The 10mm was a joke. The 41 mag? Hey! 20% more power than the 357 mag and 20% less recoil than the 44! Too much. The 357 Sig? Can't handle it. The 40 S&W. Can qualify in the 1st attempt. And now we are back to the 9mm. Hi cap of course. And carbines in the shotgun rack... If you want "stopping power" you would all be carrying a 357 mag (best 1 shot stop rate of any duty cartridge, but, alas, it's a revolver!), a 44 special (heavy loads) a 44 mag or a 10mm. Maybe a 500 S&W? or - the aforementioned 30-30 BFR. Good call RJH On the rare occasions I carry, it's a lightweight 38 special derringer or a .22 semi auto. I have lots of carry guns. Just don't feel the need...
  9. I use standard 5" springs in my 6" 9mm. I get 3 spring sets from Brownells ( 3 weights) and test, test, test!
  10. American Handgunner ran an article (Sept/Oct 2013) by an LEO / firearms instructor who did a test of the above calibers, as well as the .22, 25acp, 32, 380 and 357 mag. He used data from 2000 shootings, over a ten year period, all either military or domestic, but all were conflict shootings. (not self inflicted, etc) He listed (among other things) 1 shot stops (all in percentages), average number of shots to stop, and percent who didn't stop. Included are reasons guns stop. Very informative. Go online and read it... The clear winner? The .357 Mag.
  11. I hope nobody hacks these results...
  12. I have read that some of the "experts" in the penetration/expansion fields like the penetration/wound channel effects of the sharp shouldered Keith style bullet. It gives FMJ type penetration and a good, sharp, open wound channel, kind of similar to a truncated cone type of bullet. There was an article in American Handgunner awhile back concerning penetration from snubbies up through rifle velocities, in both 38 and 44 calibers. Sorry, I don't remember the issues. I shot lots of hard cast 160 gr Keith 38s and 44s at "special" velocities for several years and got great penetration in water jugs and wet newspapers... Or, you can hollowpoint them and they will fragment at magnum velocities.
  13. I also use lasers on my house gun and a couple carry guns. I use a laser training cartridge. I wonder how one is to call shots if one doesn't look at the target? On my open gun, in conjunction with the laser cartridge, I sight on my dryfire target and the momentary laser strike confirms my hits. Seems to be a line of thought here that lasers cause "target focus" and that it's a bad thing. But, the target is where my dot is, so that tends to be where my focus is anyway... My .02 FWIW. YMMV
  14. How many dogs do they kill in this one? I hate it when the dog dies!
  15. I shoot them the same way - except I shoot 1,2,3,4,S on Smoke and Hope. Does that mean I'm amish too?