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  1. It was that great statesman and world-class communicator (Bruce Willis) who once said, "Welcome to the party, pal!!" Welcome to the reloading party!
  2. When I load at home for a match I use the gun for a checker. I also have "match" clips. I don't use them for practice. Went through some of the same; misfires, etc, till I started to straighten them on a regular basis. (Practice clips, after the occasional misfire) Good to go now!
  3. And when you do (inevitably) begin to reload, it's nice to know you have a huge supply of well cared for once fired brass... Buckets full!!
  4. DUDE!! You have a chicken coop? How cool is that??!! Glad you found the magic...
  5. watch video on the pros shooting "outer limits" in S.C. How many get into the 2nd box on 1 foot and fire the 3 shots to stop plate before they fall out of the box? A lot. I think the proper weight balance seems to be "keep your nose over your toes". Put your feet where they are comfortable and balanced. Grip the juice out of the gun. Sight, trigger press, follow through. Repeat as necessary. Have fun! PS Hate to tell you but you will miss a bunch of shots for every one you hit. Keep at it. It gets easier, but, never more fun.
  6. I got lots of ammo bro, but mine only shoot 7! Even try to squeeze off #8, but it still don't work...
  7. +1!! Maybe you better sell me one of those 627s for $100? I will be willing to pay shipping......
  8. Wow. 19 posts. If you look at the pros shooting even they have changed their shooting positions (stance, grip, elbows, thumbs, etc) over the years. (no, not all, but most). There is even a Japanese guy that shoots with radically bent elbows. Whatever works and feels good. JM has been shooting for something like 45 years. His elbows look okay. Locked elbows might exacerbate the recoil. Might not. I think your grip, forearms, body position, shoulders etc has more to do with recoil control. Watch some pros shoot and notice the times they are completely out of their stance, yet hit what they shoot at. (Sc/outer limits especially) Look how often their grip is faulty (poor draw, weak hand, etc) yet they still hit. Lately the thumbs have gotten a lot of notice, And the front finger hooking the trigger guard. Some shoot one way. Some another. Shoot how you feel good. Have fun! You're not out there to beat me. You're out there to have fun and beat you. IMHO That's all I get for $.02
  9. I have found that mine start to do that after I have shot them in practice awhile and (the point being) they are a tiny bit bent. They bend from loading/unloading, dropping on the ground, etc. If I straighten them a little they go back to dropping fine. If I don't and they bend further, I start to see an occasional misfire. Might be carbon buildup and bent moons combined. Sounds like some little thing. Hope you find it soon. Good shooting...
  10. Maybe it depends on the type of match? I have to wonder. S&W sponsors the PSA Shootout here in Pa. They set up displays, etc. This year they had a bunch of new guns for people to try. In open revo the match had 79 shooters. In stock revo they had 59. Lots of us Sr shooters. Of course, S&W pro shooters were at the top...
  11. Yep. Got a 686 plus in early '17. Perfect. Sent to Boss Hoss for a trigger job (expected that) and it came back 5.5 lbs - perfect. Shot a match the other day and had my best finish ever. Perfect! BTW. Sent a 586 back to S&W in November. Over 200k through that gun. Worn out bushing inside. Also had cylinder end shake issues. New bushing, set back the barrel, replaced a couple worn out parts.They fixed and returned it in 3 weeks for $148.00. Left and came back with all the aftermarket parts intact and the original (Thanks Boss Hoss!) 6lb trigger. Won't hear any complaints from me...
  12. Dumb question: Is it fully charged? They can act funny when they get low...
  13. I have the Shotmaxx 1 and the CED 7000. The 7000 is about 10 yrs old. It has been under water (don't ask...) 3 times (if I remember correctly) and just keeps going! It does it all for my purposes. I par time for dry fire, live fire at our local matches and delay beep for my live fire. I like that it will remember 10 (I think) strings. The Shotmaxx is nice, especially when practicing alone. Handy. Gotta keep it charged tho or it starts acting weird. (no beep, won't record shots, etc) I have to wear it on my right wrist or it won't record all the shots. (I'm right handed) Makes it kind of awkward to use, but, I get bye. It won't remember any but your last string. Gotta write it all down if you want to remember. I know it will sync but it won't with my flip phone! Doing it all again, I would buy a 2nd 7000 just to have a spare...
  14. Seems like all of the discussion, arguing, looking up rules, etc might take one out of their "zone" a lot more quickly than not getting a loaded sight picture? I don't even care for the RO doing the little things like "hands a little higher" or "you can't step on the shooting box" etc. Let them shoot... And maybe the few and far between "poor" ROs can be brought up to speed? Most are great. But a bad one at a match can sure screw up weeks and weeks of work to get there.
  15. I shoot 5 or 6 days. Only 100 - 200 rounds per. I usually let the neighbors have a day of rest on Sunday. Mostly the revo but rimfire also. I don't dry fire enough though...