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  1. Dumb question: Is it fully charged? They can act funny when they get low...
  2. I have the Shotmaxx 1 and the CED 7000. The 7000 is about 10 yrs old. It has been under water (don't ask...) 3 times (if I remember correctly) and just keeps going! It does it all for my purposes. I par time for dry fire, live fire at our local matches and delay beep for my live fire. I like that it will remember 10 (I think) strings. The Shotmaxx is nice, especially when practicing alone. Handy. Gotta keep it charged tho or it starts acting weird. (no beep, won't record shots, etc) I have to wear it on my right wrist or it won't record all the shots. (I'm right handed) Makes it kind of awkward to use, but, I get bye. It won't remember any but your last string. Gotta write it all down if you want to remember. I know it will sync but it won't with my flip phone! Doing it all again, I would buy a 2nd 7000 just to have a spare...
  3. Seems like all of the discussion, arguing, looking up rules, etc might take one out of their "zone" a lot more quickly than not getting a loaded sight picture? I don't even care for the RO doing the little things like "hands a little higher" or "you can't step on the shooting box" etc. Let them shoot... And maybe the few and far between "poor" ROs can be brought up to speed? Most are great. But a bad one at a match can sure screw up weeks and weeks of work to get there.
  4. I shoot 5 or 6 days. Only 100 - 200 rounds per. I usually let the neighbors have a day of rest on Sunday. Mostly the revo but rimfire also. I don't dry fire enough though...
  5. Yours are similar to mine, except my caps have a channel welded on one side to accept an upside down U welded to the plates. Slips into the "c" on the cap. (Flat piece bent into the shape of the U.) The top of the cap has a flat piece to set on the 2X4. Less steel per target/cap. Frames are steel tubing in the same shape as yours.
  6. I bought it 3 years ago (new) for $240 with 9mm die set. Said as soon as it F's up enough to really piss me off, I'd drop it like turd from a tall camel A turd from a tall camel. I did not see that coming...
  7. just curiosity, but, why not an L frame?
  8. Jacketed are slower (same charge wt.) plated are faster, cheaper (getting to be similar in cost nowadays), same accuracy once the load is worked up. (Steel challenge and falling steel. Don't need 2" @ 50, but, they will shoot 4 -5 " @ 50) Coated are cheaper, better velocity easy to load (after load workup and die adjustment) and clean shooting. Bought tons of Bayou. Great bullets. Now, a friend who shoots with me is making coated bullets. I get the family discount. $50/1000! Guess what I shoot? BTW. He makes my special color... Pink!
  9. In our area we have what is called "half/minus". It is tiny stone mixed with stone dust. Probably similar to crushed limestone with fines. Very smooth when is settles. Hard, but not like concrete. Not slippery when wet and brass is easy. Use it on my range. Very happy with it. Also, don't have to mow it or use roundup on it every month like grass! Have been to matches where they put tarps down for brass recovery. Not very handy, IMO. BTW my range is flat from the "shooting house" to the 50 yd berm, but drops about a foot from side to side ( about 25 yd) for drainage. Nice.
  10. My son shot a steel match (local) when he was 6. If I remember correctly, he came in 6th out of around 15. He shot a dot from 6 till 12 (Browning Buckmark) and at that age I had him start a 9mm with a dot. At about 14 or 15 he went to open sights. He can shoot anything now and I have a hard time beating him in man-on-man. Great way to spend time together. Go for it! PS Your son looks like K.C. a little. Hope he ends up being that good!
  11. The past can't be changed. Your decision to forget it and move on is essential to future performance. The old saying goes something like, "If you think you can't, you can't." To dwell on even 1 bad shot, and spend the rest of the match (or training session or whatever) beating yourself up for it is the best way to insure loss of concentration, deviation from your plan, loss of smooth thought, broken concentration, etc in the near future. The far future also, if that is your mindset. From what I have learned about this subject, one should prepare the conscious mind in training (mechanics, technique, etc.) as well as the subconscious mind. I have read that one should spend 60% or more practicing in the subconscious mind. Put it this way. If you practice in the conscious mind 100%, how will your subconscious mind take control at a match? Same in anything we do, whether it be piano, martial arts, golf, shooting, etc. We must prepare the mind to "let go" of the (slower) conscious thought to allow our training to manifest itself for top performance. Have you ever done something physical and when it was completed to perfection, thought, "man, that was perfect! I don't remember how I did it. It came from inside somewhere. Wish I could do that on demand!" Or something similar. That's the subconscious taking over through training and repetition, when we learn how to let it go. Forget the (bad) past. Remember the things that move your mind into where you want it to be. Things done right. Perfect shots. Perfect runs. Perfect transitions. Always looking forward. Another old saying goes, "No man, looking backward, can plow a straight furrow" Makes sense... IMHO
  12. I shoot a lot of 231 and it doesn't flash nearly as much as some others. We do quite a bit of night shooting, BTW. I believe that I read that the Accurate powders are flash suppressed, but, that may be only the A9. Worth checking into.
  13. I shoot lots of Bayou 135s. I load to 1.100 cause that's the chamber on my 6" gun. My other guns shoot them fine. I load Win 231 to 1010fps average in my main pistol. BTW the same powder charge works fine with 125gr bullets as well. I don't get too concerned with PF. Only shoot plates and SC. Sounds to me like your charge isn't enough to seal the cases in the chamber as well.
  14. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes in the last 2 yrs. Astigmatism in left eye was corrected with regular lens. Right eye I opted out of the $2K extra for the lens which fixes the astigmatism and had the regular on installed. Still have it to a lesser degree. Right eye came out 20/20, left is 20/60ish. No more fuzzy dot. Might be something to look into? YMMV
  15. Mine use the bracket on the plate. 2x4 steel tube with a piece on top and a 1x2 channel for the bracket. Works well. Bracket is a 3/8 x 1 1/2 flat steel welded on and bent over.