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  1. I have the Dueck offsets and also like the Diamondhead offset sights. I only use the offsets on one of my AR's (which had an MTAC which serves my purpose).
  2. I got my wife an 11-87 20ga and put the lifter from Dave's Metal works. Solves the pinched fingers.
  3. You're correct Kelly. I should have been clearer. At the time you do a background check, the number of guns info isn't sent to NICS (FBI site). The multiple gun form, after a proceed, always goes to the ATF.
  4. As an FFL, the multiple firearms form only applies to handguns and I have multiple customers who buy a couple at a time and it hasn't made any difference in delays. I haven't had anyone do 10 guns at a time, but the number of firearms isn't sent to NICS when I do a background check, only the type (handgun, longgun, and other such as a lower).
  5. It is. My family is from Oklahoma. It's the same badge in both photos.
  6. My favorite Colt made in 1898. One of Colt's first smokeless frame revolvers.
  7. I have a White Oak on my varmint AR and it's a tack driver.
  8. I collect Colt SAA's and have a fun collection of "gamblers guns". Small pocket pistols like the Colt 1908 and 1903, Remington 51, velo dogs, Mauser M-8, Savage 1907, and a bunch of S&W pocket pistols. The gambler guns are relatively inexpensive scaled against the SAA's.
  9. I'll have to look at the Levang. I put a Flaming Pig on my varmint AR because I was blowing the hat off my buddy shooting next to me with the corvette.
  10. Or lose the detent ball. Really fun to find in the shop vac.
  11. Wives are insidious about out shooting their mates. Expert: a man who's left his wife at home.
  12. I call them educated prostitutes (F--ing know it alls).
  13. I have a Lone Wolf slide for my Glock 34 and it required no fitting.
  14. +1 what Stuey said. I have 2 550's (one at work for when it gets slow) and one at home. The SDB would sometimes leave high primers as you need to forcefully seat them on the upstroke. PIA in my revolvers. Never had a high primer with my 550's plus I have multiple top ends so I can change calibers quickly. I also got a 1050 just for pistols (9, 40, and 45), but it takes tinkering and my friends tell me I shouldn't be allowed to use tools.
  15. The fingerless fishing gloves. Lightweight.