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  1. I'm super busy for the rest of this week getting ready to head out in the Westfalia on a (back road / state route) road trip to northern Michigan with Candis. The plan is to get there toward the end of The Pin Shoot, chill there for a few days, then cruise back to AZ at a slow state-route pace. I should be back at the house near the end of the third week of June. I will have a laptop with me though for emergencies.
  2. As a total unknown, Robbie won the nationals in 1983 (and I was second) - and if he didn't win every stage he won all but one. No one, especially John Shaw, was ready for the pain Robbie brought to the match (and I know that because John told me, he finished third).
  3. Yes that is a good one. This is my winner though:
  4. Thanks a lot guys!
  5. Definitely. And do not mix alcohol with anything, especially anything with sugar in it. And since you like tequila, have you ever tried Don Julio Anejo? It's money!
  6. The HUGEST THANK YOU EVER to all those that contributed to meet this quarters donation drive goal!
  7. The OG Bill Drill is shot at 7 yards. All A's in 2 seconds is goal. When you can do that consistently, then start move the target to 10 yards, and so on. Eventually my goal was to shoot all A's in 2 seconds at 15 yards, cold turkey. Or in other words, all A's in 2 seconds for the first 6 shots of the practice session. That's tough. Only did it once I think.
  8. When mentally rehearsing a stage I never thought in terms of time or speed. The goal was to visualize where each target was, where I would shoot each target, where to change mags, how to be positioned in each position, etc. However long it took me to see all that when visualizing was just the time it took me to see it. It would in no way influence the stage's actual shoot time.
  9. Please visit and welcome our new dealer in the Vendor's Tents, Phil Piazza (SRT8) of Reloading Innovations. I looked around his site a bit... They have a lot of interesting products to modify your favorite Dillon reloading press.
  10. I got this in email... I purchased a new witness gold custom in .38 Super. Well, naturally I want to reload this caliber for practice shooting. After I did my research and realized .355 and .356 diameter bullets are both used with no issue for this caliber. That's great.... except my factory barrel measures .353 after I slugged it... 3 times, to ensure accuracy. My question is, is this normal and/or safe to reload .355/.356 diameter bullets it? Obviously I'm worried about exceeding pressures from shooting a bullet that's .002/.003" larger than the diameter of the inside of my barrel. .353 Barrel diameter for .38 super which shoots .355" diameter bullets seems off to me.
  11. Agreed... that is almost always the case. Whenever we don't do what we wanted to do it's because we did not visualize it enough to make it what will happen.
  12. No matter what recoil spring is in the gun, it is the shooter that shoots the second shot low.
  13. Yes.
  14. Even in the dry AZ desert, I'd always return the powder back to its can when finished. If I didn't, at the start of the next session, the powder that was left in the measure would not weigh as consistently as it did during the previous session. After numerous times of observing that it became a rule to always empty the powder measure.
  15. I guess I am the only one that doesn't know what the Blake Drill is.