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  1. After then it picks up again.
  2. Tapatalk made a correction to a file in their app. Is it working correctly now?
  3. Shooting with one eye... If you can see the upcoming target, peripherally, while you are shooting the current target, there is no transaction speed to be gained by having both eyes open.
  4. I enjoyed both seasons although I was not sure what was happening about 40% of the time. For the second season, it really helped to watch the writer's summary for each episode.
  5. I sent another ticket on it. If any member other than tkheard is seeing the same problem reported in the OP, please post here.
  6. True, usually, but I don't think so in this case. My man, Rhett, is the man: Hello Brian, You're very welcome, I have been doing some testing with your site, and it's increased in performance by about 50%, so hopefully you see this on the site when using it as well. Thank you again. Regards, Rhett Support and Cloud Manager Invision Power Services, Inc. (It was a PHP 7 upgrade.)
  7. IP made some changes that they said should improve performance. Let me know...
  8. This was poorly worded. What I should have said... Tapatalk told me to install the latest version of their plug in, which I did. Which was supposed to fix the problem. So it has not?
  9. I added my Digital Scale and Digital Calipers (that I sold to my Dillon Precision customers for many years) to the Forum's Store.
  10. I spent several years learning to shoot with both eyes open. But in the end I didn't feel I shot any better that way. So I went back to the tape. One eye, as long as it is always open while you are shooting, is all you need.
  11. Just now saw this. Very sad news indeed. Rod and his wife Cheryl are in that select group of people - the finest on the planet. I first met Rod and Cheryl at a match in AZ in the early 80's. They invited me to an upcoming match in NM. I was dirt poor in those days, and said I could not afford even the cheapest hotel room. No problem, even though I had just met them, they invited me to stay with them at their house. So me and my late friend, Jerry Bock (who wasn't a competition shooter), went to NM, shot the match and stayed with Rod and Cheryl. It was a fantastic time and trip all around. Thank you.
  12. That is a real nice modification. But, RL 550C, just sounds weird.
  13. The Japanese word "Zen," in English means "meditation." And according to Tsokni Rinpoche: "Meditation is simply paying attention to what happens."