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  1. For most of the time I was competing I did a yoga routine regularly. I felt the "grounding in the present" aspect definitely carried over into my training and competing. As well as just living life.
  2. Thanks for the positive endorsements guys!
  3. In a shameless effort to increase sales, I added a Slide-Glide Forum to the Vendor's Tents. If you are unfamiliar with the Glide, more info here: On that page, also check the "motherload" of Slide-Glide info. If you can't find the answer to your question at those links, please start a New Topic in this forum and you will get the answer straight from the horse's mouth. Also note, if you want to do a "group buy," you do not have to be a dealer to get dealer pricing in my Slide-Glide Dealers Store:
  4. I created a Dealer Forum for the Madison Custom Glock Parts Kits: If you have any questions about the kits, post in the Dealer Forum and I will get the answer from John May.
  5. I recently added eleven premium Glock Upgrade Parts Kits, from John May of Madison Custom, to my online store. History and details on all the kits: If you have a question about any of the kits, please start a New Topic in this forum and I will get the answer from John May. Thank you, -Brian
  6. Now you can buy Slide-Glide and most of the books in my online store without leaving the Forums, in my new Forum Store: Note the "Store" tab to the right of the "Browse" tab, in the Forum's Navigation Menu. I will be adding more products from my online store to the Forum Store next week.
  7. +10. I loaded all my match ammo for the Long Range (rifle calibers) event at The Masters on a box-stock Dillon 550. IMO locking down any Dillon Toolhead is a solution for a problem that never existed.
  8. You have the opportunity to improve your ability to remain fully aware and alive to the present every moment of the day.
  9. I added Ben's three books to my store recently: All the material is well presented... And they have been selling well.
  10. Feedback on Larry and KrakenPop from Paul S. Good Morning Brian, I am reaching out to give some positive feedback from my experience with KrackenPop. I was refered to them buy your website when I was in the market for a Dillon 650. I purchased a 550 from your store back in 2011 and came back for more. I was sad to see you no longer carried the line as its always the best to find a good repeatable establishment to work with, especially considering the money for these machines. I now own a Super 1050 from Larry and love it of course. I did have a part missing from the 1050 and when I contacted Larry we talked by phone and he took care of me very well. I appreciate his business and will continue to use his online store in the future. I will also recommend both yours and his store to fellow shooting enthusiast. Thanks for your time. Best, Paul
  11. Lol'ing over here. Laughing is great - it kills the mind too.
  12. I just added a line of premium Glock parts from John May of Madison Custom to my online store: When I was a dealer for Wilson Combat, I worked exclusively with John May while he was their Production Manager for 10 years. If John is involved, I am on board.
  13. Thanks a lot for all the details guys!