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  1. That is hilarical!
  2. The Entry fee covers the 5 pin main event, food for the entire week and camping on the premises (if desired). Competitors are first required to shoot the main event. After that, they can compete in the optional events for an additional fee of $50 for 3 tables. There is no schedule of events. Shooting will take place roughly from 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM daily. Competitors can shoot any main event or optional event during this time. The awards ceremony will take place on Friday the 16th at approximately 7:00 PM. Matt Davis President, CEO
  3. At this time I am planning on driving the van there. Just for fun though. I no longer have any blasters that would be useful at that match, reloading equipment, etc.
  4. "upon returning and trying to log in it said that username was not registered," On the above, IP asked me to ask you: Hello Brian, We would need some more info on this, what was his original account in this case? ?
  5. I opened a ticket with IP on this.
  6. Holy crap - that thing looks like the shit! I'm sure you have a bomb-ass tripod to support it all.
  7. I had a Powder Measure for each powder charge.
  8. During the learning curve, I scavenged info from any available means... Read golf and tennis books (no practical shooting books at that time), books on rifle shooting, anything that had any sort of mental discipline info... And milked the crap out of any shooter on the range that was better than I was, or that was better at maybe just one specific skill set than I was. Then took everything useful from that, and added it to never-ending dry fire and range time routines.
  9. Nice, and smooth.
  10. I'm excited to announce... You heard it here first... "After an 18-year hiatus, I’m excited to bring the Pin Shoot back to life, marking Pin Shoot #25,” said Richard Davis. See the attachment for complete details. PinShootRelease.pdf It's happening.
  11. The goal (of shooting well) is to know that the bullet is going to hit the target before it gets to the target. Depending on the target's difficulty level, I'd choose one of two visual techniques to accomplish that. For close targets that didn't require sight alignment / confirmation - the goal was to KNOW that the gun was pointed at the target until it fired. For most targets - where seeing prefect sight alignment was not any slower than not seeing anything at all - the goal was to KNOW that the sights were aligned on the target until the gun fired. For either of those two visual techniques, I never cared - or wasted any attention - on what was happening with the trigger. For both of those visual techniques, "how I made the gun fire" was the same.... Called it "looking the shot off," which was accomplished with a visual-feeling. Visually (the visual part) and powerfully (the feeling part) holding the gun or the sights pointed at the target until the gun fired - was I all I cared about (put all my attention). Try this sometime... Set up a difficult target (like an 8" plate at 20 / 25 yards). Don't even draw... Align the sights on the target and look powerfully at the front sight - like you've never looked at it before - until the gun fires. (At no time did you ever give any attention to the trigger.)
  12. I watched it the other day... It was okay. But what I really enjoyed... In the credits, for weapons consultant, was listed Thell Reed. Link at the bottom for him for you youngsters.
  13. There it is.