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  1. People leave guns on safe tables to poop fairly often. Rarely does anybody mess with other shooters stuff.
  2. Last time I brought this up the FW's over at doodie about burst a blood vessel. lol There are ways to know a shooter handled the gun or belt in a portable pottie.
  3. It hasn't just been said. Match Level: I II III Nationals 1. Must follow current USPSA rules M M M M 2. Competitors must be USPSA members(Section 6.4) R M M M
  4. Yeah, ran into this last year. Amazing how many people thought it was legal
  5. You don't feel prepared? I have been so busy with the prep I have only shot two matches since last year. lol Heading to the match range tomorrow and have to chrono and load more ammo today.
  6. That's the one! Thank you kindly
  7. Anybody have a copy of a backup scoresheet for using practiscore? Looking for the one pager with all stages on it for shooter to initial.
  8. A veritable flurry of activity right now.
  9. Glad I wasn't taking a drink just then!
  10. Yep kind of like shooting long range steel. Faster to aim and take a little more time than to try to jam them in as fast as you can.
  11. I think you mean lighten up Francis.
  12. Umbrella, poncho, shower cap for gun, plenty of dry hand towels, large garbage bag to cover range bag, extra socks