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  1. Favorite- 1.1.5 Freestyle Least Favorite- 10.2.1 A competitor who fires shots while any part of their body is touching the ground or while stepping on an object beyond a Shooting Box or a Fault Line, or who gains support or stability through contact with an object which is wholly beyond and not attached to a Shooting Box or Fault Line, will receive one procedural penalty for each occurrence. However, if the competitor has gained a significant advantage on any target(s) while faulting, the competitor may instead be assessed one procedural penalty for each shot fired at the subject target(s) while faulting.
  2. My son and I watched it. Way over hyped. It was entertaining but I can't say much else about it.
  3. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Agreed. You are probably talking to Bobby but I have also talked to Matt very late at night as well when I had gun problems. Both are top notch!
  5. Many top builders use STI frames and slides as a base for a build. Then custom fit aftermarket parts that are of much higher quality than STI. But now that patents on 2011 frames etc have expired some builders are making their own base parts to much tighter tolerances than STI ever did. If you mic a CK frame or even a PT frame you will find them much tighter tolerances than STI. STI's are mass produced guns. They generally work and I even know of a few people running bone stock STI's that have never had a lick of trouble. But I also know a bunch of people who buy them and have cracked slides. Yes indeed, any gun can and will most likely break at some point. Even SV's break but their owners are not likely to discuss it publicly after spending that kind of money! LOL
  6. Best gunsmith I know in SW Ohio lives 10 minutes from me. Mr Ben Hoffman can do it all from repairs to milling to complete race gun builds. PM me for his phone number.
  7. STI slide so......
  8. Like I said earlier if you're not shooting you're not faulting. Being outside the shooting area and faulting are two entirely different things.
  9. Eckla tires are more than twice the size of the DAA
  10. If the gun was in a bag and landed upside down I'm thinking the Cmore or mount etc is damaged, not the gun. The optic is the most fragile part of the gun and I feel everything else would be fine if bagged. I suppose the grip could crack if it's plastic. all kinds of things happen when a grip is loose or cracked.
  11. semi local shooter to me from Southern Ohio area. Young, fast, fresh GM credentials and loads of talent!
  12. Holy smokes! Cody Baker took Open. That young man is destined for superstardom!!
  13. Bobby is probably on the way home from Nationals too.
  14. I generally start getting little indicators when my recoil spring is getting weak. Spread out over 2-3 matches. I have never heard of a recoil spring just throwing its hands up in surrender and quitting like yours!
  15. The MSH was actually full of rust and rust dust. Had a pile of dust to show me. The strut would get bound up. The spring was almost a solid mass of rust. I have no idea how it happened as the gun had never been wet in my possession. I admit it made me want to ditch the steel grip even more. I was worried hot cold conditions ? may have moisture condensing in there? Anyway I changed to plastic grip just like my other gun. CK are fine guns. Not sure what the recent problems are due to but my situation was some kind of fluke. Runs good now.