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  1. No need.
  2. How? If you are one of the tens of thousands of shooters/RO's that were not cc'ed on that email or do not live on these forums, you have no idea what Troy said.
  3. What an abomination!!
  4. +10! I am not one to recommend showing up and shoot without knowing what to expect.
  5. I guess I need to see a maxxtech. Not sure I have loaded any of those but all the other stepped brands go through my dies just fine. But I do use LEE and EGW Udies though.
  6. How did it lock up your 650? I load it on mine with no problem.
  7. Standing on fault lines is too universally accepted in the sport to be considered gaming. And eye level is eye level when standing erect.
  8. Yep. I carried pre cut pieces, lighter, clippers, glue etc in my tool kit when I shot Production.
  9. And of course after his flurry of activity to get to 50 he has not posted since. lol Who didn't see that coming?
  10. Rick told me he is getting out of it? I think he has retired. When I asked him about sponsorship he said he no longer sells them. But to the OP, heck yeah they are worth every penny. If you have any questions or issues there are several videos on YouTube for adjusting, setting up, troubleshooting etc.
  11. TG was very hard on my FO rods when they seemed to last forever with 320. It really burned hot and seemed to make the rod brittle. BUT, best way to keep them from breaking is to put a small drop of super glue under the middle of the rod to cut down on vibration. That was SOP for me to keep them from breaking.
  12. My Stag is 100%
  13. Now that's funny!
  14. Sounds like you are close to MRPC! lol I'm a member there as well as a past USPSA match Director and board member. The club has changed a lot and there are probably better options for you. Clinton county farmers club is near Wilmington and is a great club. They shoot 3gun, IDPA, USPSA(pending), shotgun games, etc. It sounds like you are not set on a particular game? We are mostly USPSA Oriented on this forum and SW Ohio shoots more USPSA than anything. I am also the USPSA Section Coordinator for Southern Ohio and will be more than happy to get you any info you may want on the sport. You can go to and use the club finding feature to find info on all local clubs. Generally you will find you can shoot a USPSA match every weekend somewhere in the area.
  15. If I were to run a 38 as opposed to 9MAJOR, powder cost would be the least of my worries.