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  1. I guess it depends on what you consider "cheaper". Initially I was using an $89 Primary Arms micro dot. It ran just fine on my PCC for about 2K rounds. Prior to that it was used on an AR15. Only reason I stopped using it on my PCC was because I like the more open sight picture of a C-More.
  2. 132 PF out of my 16" PCC is about 115 PF out of a 5" pistol.
  3. To add to the non-SBR conversation is the option of getting a <16" barrel and having a shroud permanently attached to equal legal length. Springer Precision and Taccom are doing this work, and the advantage I see is reducing weight especially at the muzzle. I haven't shot or handled an AR9 with a shroud, but I have shot a MPX that was converted from a pistol (8" bbl) to a 16" carbine via SP shroud and a real stock. The shroud reduced a bunch of weight and made the gun balance better which was good for transitions. Bonus was the ports in the shroud made the gun loud enough for a shot timer to pick it up from normal RO distance, as opposed to crowding the shooter on the last shot.
  4. I went the AR9 route, putting one together from a smorgasbord of manufacturers parts. It's just like assembling an AR, but it took some trial and error to find the right combination of load, buffer weight, and buffer spring to minimize dot movement during recoil of the blowback system. I like it and will continue to shoot it, but then the other day I shot my friend's MPX. It's true, those MPXs recoil much lighter than the blowback AR9s and doing double taps at 10 yds don't require much effort to get <1" pairs. I think I fell in lust, especially when you factor in cool-kid parts such as Springer Precision's barrel shroud, Lancer carbon handguard, Magpul Yugo stock, and Bottom Feeder magwell. One of those is probably 2x's what I have into my AR9 build, but damn. I need one.
  5. Safariland 774's, Group 3, work really well for Colt SMG mags.
  6. Not because of the Shadow 2, but I've been thinking about selling my CZC SP-01 Shadow with adjustable rear sight. I shot Prod for a little bit, but came to the realization that I preferred SS for low-cap and PCC or Limited for hi-cap divisions. Guess I could start a WTS thread of my own...
  7. I have a QC-10 lower for Colt mags. Its bueno.
  8. N320 for matches, ETR7 for practice.
  9. In that case I think the standard response is JP. But you may need to get in line as there seems to be a bit of a wait list.
  10. I think the first question is: Buy or Build? Second question is: What mag?
  11. I tried to "do it all" with a .40 2011 for a couple years. I shot major with it for USPSA, minor for 3-gun and IDPA. Came away from that experience with the feeling that if I am going to shoot minor I am better off doing it with a 9mm. Some people like .40 minor for how soft it is (it is), but I'm not one of them. .40 is a great caliber for SS if you are also shooting Limited.
  12. I have 1911's in both calibers (well, also have .45, who doesn't?). It comes down to if you like the lighter recoil, minor PF, and 10 rnds in the 9mm vs. the snappier recoil of the .40 and playing in the 8-rnd major PF game. In 2016 I shot SS-minor almost exclusively and finished about where I did in 2015 at Level 1-3 matches shooting major. At A1 this year I brought both guns and decided on minor/major after seeing the stages on the ground. FWIW, my 9mm and .40 were built by a local gunsmith for about the price of a STI Trojan.
  13. I second or third the advice to go with an aluminum MSH/magwell. There's a lot of weight savings to be had there. I've got one of S&As aluminum magwell/MSH and its held up just fine over the years.
  14. Thx for the heads up, Euxx. Already seen it with a couple iPad 1's that we are retiring this year b/c we can only go up to iOS 5-something. Bummer on iPad 2s but if I can get 3 years out of them I'll probably be fine with that. But that also depends on how long PS will be supported on iOS 9, right? I was planning on buying a few more iPads this year, maybe I'll start looking at used iPad 3's. Good tip.
  15. IPad as the master device for sure. But I'm also partial to using iPads for each squad. We started out with Nook NSTs for the squads, which was fine for the first few years. Easy to read even in sunlight, seemed durable given the amount of use (we also do weekly SC matches 5-6 months/year), and synced just fine with the iPad master. But Nooks don't seem to like the cold and really don't like dust or wet. So last year I started buying used/refurbished gen 2 iPads as replacements for the Nooks. Seems better with all the benefits of the Nooks and less of the short-comings, tho we had to tell people to put the iPads to sleep between shooters or we start running low of go-juice by the end of a 7-8 stage match. We did have one iPad screen break when somebody tossed it into the squad bucket from across the bay, but replaced the glass in-house by one of our more IT-oriented shooters for less than $20 + his time.