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  1. Would you shoot it as a provisional Division?
  2. Use a spring loaded punch to place a couple diples in each rail of the mainspring housing then re-fit. This should move a small amount of metal around . Should tighten right up and is easily tuned with a file later if needed.
  3. I started shooting in NY last year. A bunch of Leo's there,. All 10 +1. Since I chose to run my 8 round 929 Revo there I'm a deuce low on capacity but really not much of a disadvantage if I chose to compare my scores to production or L10 shooters ( shooting minor the biggest disadvantage to the L10 guys but I try to get by at least a couple of them 😊). I find compared to running open or limited in Vermont it makes you break the stages down in a different way.... By the way, the range, matches, and competitors are of the same great quality regardless of the states restrictions!!!
  4. After trying a couple of different grips I settled on smooth Big Butt with the finger groves. I have large hands with long fingers and they felt the most comfortable for me and my hand finds the right position every time. The rubber grips and checkered wood grips stuck to the hand too much when transitioning for a re-load.. I'm new to the Revo game last year but it's what works for me... Oh,. And yes, they are heavy......
  5. Yup,. Ugly. Until it gets cut off!!i
  6. It is correct, nothing missing......
  7. Unfortunately missed the sale and now in a position ( gift certs ) to finally ordere an 6moa and mount.. Any idea when you will re-stock?? still showing Out of stock
  8. I'll agree that the MBX followers don't have the refined look you might be used to but they work, well... Not much different than in the MBX mags I run in my 9mm open STI and I think the way they are made actually helps with feeding. I have had 0, yes, 0 feed issues in the 2 -170, 2 -155 and 2 -140 mags I have run since spring.. I had to do no tuning at all, ran right out of the package. I suspect the Caspian offering will be the same..... Yes,. Cheaper would be nice but you gotta pay to play!!!
  9. Welcome to another Vermonter !!!
  10. This thread is another indication of how polarizing this division can be. Being that is a provisional division, I think it is an opportunity for those that are shooting this division at clubs that are being open enough to try to accomadate them, to be the best ambassadors they can be!!! If that means a little extra care in muzzle direction regardless of the rules interpretation, then take the extra time to insure the other competitors are made comfortable. It does nothing but help strengthen the case to keep the division. It is tough for some clubs to accept this division for a bunch of reasons ( not holstered, not a handgun, difficult stage design, pulling competitors from other divisions, etc, etc,etc). So,. As a competitor in this provisional division,. Prove them wrong!!! Show everyone that you are conscientious, safe, non confrontational and there to enjoy and promote the sport / division. i shoot in the same club as Patrick Scott as well as other PCC entrants and I can tell you he was very involved in the discussion to support this division in our club as well as welcome others in to join. Our monthly matches as well as the Vemonster regional match we had this summer had Patrick and others showing that stages can be designed that challenge all divisions, accommodate The PCC shooters and gave the opportunity to show this is a safe division. I have now shot 3 matches with PCC shooters mixed in our squads and at no time was safety a question from any of them.. The other competitors and the R.O.'s have become much more comfortable with this division than we were at the start of the season. And yes, I was originally not a supporter of a Carbine in a "pistol sport". Whether the rules are clear or not, make the other club members comfortable with how you handle the tool you choose to use. It will help in making a provisional division a permanent one.... Rant Off....
  11. Note that there are a pair of new STI DVC's in the classifieds right now at a very good price that would still leave you with enough $$ room to fit the grip you want....
  12. I have a CK Limited gun and a Blackdog open gun. Both are well built but seeing some of the stuff Adam at Atlas Gumworks is turning out I'd place them at the top of the list. It will be at or above the top of your $$ range though..