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  1. Does S&W sponsor any prizes/plaques, maybe for the big matches ? For $20 a plaque, they could very easily sponsor say 10 or 20 matches a year. This would grow the sport/division and they could sell more revolvers too, eh ? I heard Ruger sends a whole bunch of swag to the Ruger rimfire matches, even 10/22s as prizes.
  2. I put an X-Frame Hogue grip on one of my N-Frames. It covers the back strap and is, what feels to me overall, thicker than a normal N-Frame Hogue. I like that grip. I wish Hogue made an X-Frame big butt grip.
  3. This is a good one stop shop. For the CMore, 90 degree mounts are available for Rugers too from several manufacturers, Taccom, Striplin Custom guns. Here's a good video that gives a lot of hints.
  4. Show us your latest setup.
  5. Look at this mount too. Post #12 has a good comparison of the mounts.
  6. I don't know enough about adjusting loads to maximize port performance but here's a video where Jerry talks about magnaporting his guns. Maybe you've already seen this.
  7. Here's what I stumbled upon too. Hammer Safety Inc.
  8. Looks like an improvised lock/block. In your third pic, with the piece flush with both sides of the hammer it would work in the frame, if slid out, the cut out portion seems like it would ride over the frame and prevent the hammer from moving. The divots on the bottom of the block, the spring you have on the side and the divot in the hammer where the cutout is, maybe would have been a ball detent to make it click. (just a guess, I did do a couple of google searches, didn't return anything related)
  9. To piggy back off GMan's post (hoping he doesn't mind), what is the weight difference between an alum body C-More and a poly one ?
  10. I apologize, its not the nodak, its the TechSights dove tail adaptor.
  11. I have a NoDak adapter for a Williams fiber optic front sight on one of my 10/22s, similar to this picture.
  12. Hi Kirby, Really appreciate your giving more info about that gun. Maybe I'm asking for too much here, but I wonder, if some spring/assist, can be built into the cylinder/crane opening/closing action that will "help" the large and heavy cylinder move when the hand nudges it during cycling/firing. Also, does anyone know for sure if the diameter of the XFrame cylinder is indeed bigger than an NFrame ?
  13. You could get a couple/few of the DS10 speed loaders : The 617 is an ammo hog
  14. If a group of us were interested and started a "group buy", get a gunsmith and tool shop lined up, collect enough money upfront for say a run of 100 conversions (cylinder assembly, barrel, hand, fitting and shipping) from our own N frames, it could happen, right ? I personally like the idea of an Xframe 10 shot 9mm but Xframes a fewer out there than Ns. PS: I apologize for thread drift.
  15. I stumbled upon these on Rich Wolfe's Facebook feed. One guy already has a question asking for details but no answer