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  1. I am watching and learning. Thanks for the replies. Checking out some options.
  2. I appreciate this..thanks for the replies.
  3. Old eyes. Tried a search.. not really getting the info I need. I see the big heavy IOR Val Trident 1.5 - 8 with a good BDC out there...looking at options out to 10x with a BDC for .223 55-77 gr stadia, preferably with thin stadia lines. Shooting out to 450...suggestions or threads welcomed. Running a Vortex HD Razor 1-6 now with good results, but I needs to see at 300+ better. I am aware of the pending release of the new strike Eagle...1-8. Thanx for looking.
  4. All other sports don't "reach out" to any group. This is , and has been an an all inclusive sport. Those who want to participate can, compete at their own volition. USPSA, as well as the other shooting sports welcome all. If a person wants to compete, come on...there is no race thing here or in any of the shooting sports I have competed in, or am aware of....a moot point if you ask me. If someone wants to compete...come on...Race, color, creed is not measured. Only ability.
  5. check out the offerings by Kuhl I find a lot at 6pm .com for discounts. fit is great. All kinds of offerings
  6. Let the mags sit loaded full for a few days and try again. Remember, the mpx needs,some gas to operate properly. If you are using handloads adjust powder/type as applicable. Heavy bullet and fast powder for a pistol app may not work so well for the mpx....
  7. This has been discussed...likely contact with HG at recoil depending on barrel profile...had same issue..ended up grinding inside of HG...
  8. LH operator...Sig mpx, so far no face or arm blasts or puffs with E3 powder running 125 gr and 135 gr bullets.
  9. Dawson makes reduced radius mainspring housing for small or reduced grips.
  10. Check out Atlas gun works on you tube re grips...
  11. SV is the way to go. Excellent machining and already contoured for most applications and back strap blends...
  12. I have run Mitchell RH mag releases in my 2011's and 1911 for over 10 years. I am a RT handed pistol operator. have small hands and I use my index finger to actuate same. I never have to take my thumb off of the thumb safety while reloading. I have used the Cylinder and Slide model also, but is is not as well constructed as the Mitchell. I have no experience with the SV, but based on my experience with their other products, I am sure it is top notch. BTW, my Mitchell works fine with both STI and old syle SV mags in my polymer STI grip on an STI frame Edge(.40) and works with both old and new style SV mags in my PT framed and PT grip(9mm) on another 2011 pistol. Minor fitting only needed on the PT grip. Hope this is good intell for someone.
  13. Sweet , good options. I'm in.
  14. Is the lifter spring new too..? Shell catch pin didn' twiggle loose, angle on lifter ok??