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  1. There's a roll pin at the front that it hinges on. It being so close to the tab that the follower pushes there's not allot of leverage
  2. About 50% the bolt catch spring is over powering the bho lever. Haven't had time to take it apart and trim the spring
  3. It's a psa forged
  4. The firing pin works off inertia the spring keeps the pin to the rear much like a 1911 without the spring it won't stick out enough for the hammer to hit with enough force to work
  5. Would you be willing to strip the black grip and sell it alone. If so how much? I live in Buhl and might be able to pick it up. 

  6. Easier to lighten the buffer
  7. Works in my spinta bolt
  8. Yes. The specs they have listed in the description are for the 1.5-8 not the 1-8
  9. Fiocchi 7/8 run 100% in mine accurate too No spring mods here
  10. Notice they're in Finland? Few of the top shooters at the last world shoot ran them.
  11. Are you crimping your ammo? If so triming makes a difference. If not .73 vs .78 doesn't matter to me
  12. Odin works is another option
  13. The long plug has a shoulder for the spring in the same place it would be on a five inch gun. Using the standard plug you essentially reduced the spring rate