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  1. You said carried,,like what do you carry now..?
  2. Where's Merlin ?
  3. I think he's reading the Wrong rules book !
  4. I miss that guy!
  5. I made a call to MBX and got the same answer.
  6. Who's teaching who ?
  7. Jack,, I didn't know a hit man could get out !
  8. What happened to Matt ? He quit shooting,, ?
  9. $2000.00 gun,,$150 holster,$50.00 belt $120.00 mag pouches,$100.00 ammo,, $50.00 gas for car,$20.00 match fee.. you got to be good
  10. Why would you join a forum just to sell stuff ..,put it on gunbroker you need no post...
  11. Dam
  12. E-Bay
  13. I don't know of anything that would make me do that..certainly not money I mean relocate to Dubai,,
  14. You know when you show up on match day and realize it was last week !
  15. I'd like to see updated picture !