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  1. I've been using this for a long time.. its how to keep up with sandbaggers
  2. People are usually surprised when thier post count goes to Zero,,
  3. There was ONE in Spartainburg this past weekend with a 625,,
  4. You gona get in trouble for that statement!
  5. MBX

    Not mine,,but that's ok
  6. MBX

    I'm running in 9 major,,29 rounds in a 170 mag,has been 100% for over a year.. Running in factory Sti Trubor loaded to 1.165
  7. Where was Chris Tilley ?
  8. Would not sell mine for that,no where near it.. always shot 356,,never slugged it..
  9. Don't have model # but TK custom should be able to help you. the Top clip has small splits in it makes loading much easier. ( best. ) bottom clip is factory and works good.
  10. That is a performance center gun and should have MOON. Clips with it . Dont shoot it with out on clips..only 500 of these gun were made.. if you got the box with it they should have them in it
  11. I did not shoot the match,,but could not see one revolver shooter.. Why would they do that ?
  12. No ones ask,so I will. want to sell IT ?
  13. I've owned 4 and they all did..
  14. I run sti mags in my open gun,3 - 140 with grams 9 mm spring and follower,with the stainless steel spacer from shootersconection..They have been 100% for the past year,with ammo at 1.165.. all I used in my limited guns were Sti mags,all held 20 rounds in 40 S/w..