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  1. Must have read this thread about 6 times before I had the courage for a friend/gunsmith to proceed. My friend has the tools/skills. Not me. I see where the grip panel sticks in/out a bit but a file should take care of that.
  2. tag....wow
  3. Wife has spoken and demanded a new TV. I have a 65" but want to go 75".....Which one without going overboard on the price? Costco? Best Buy? Then which one? CNET didn't have much in the way of reviews. Any 75" TV watchers here? THANKS
  4. 12.5 ISMI in my Trojan .40
  5. The height of the iron sights seem fine with me.
  6. Just got a Sig MPX-Carbine. I have an older Aimpoint M (?) that I wanted to put on the carbine. Which mount best fits this carbine/sight combination? thanks
  7. good info! thanks
  8. I was at a match yesterday when I had a stuck fired case (Tanfo S2). One swipe of a bore snake and all was well afterwards. Another shooter mentioned moly build up in his guns (Glocks) and he brushes the bore after every match. He claims the moly can "bake" in and cause a difficult build up to remove. 1) I know he was talking about the bore and I'm talking about the chamber, but I was wondering if the moly "creeps" into the chamber area? 2) What does moly build up look like in the chamber/bore if any? 3) Solvent and brushing good enough to clean? thanks
  9. I field strip, spray Liquid Wrench, and lay it on newspapers. A movie later I scrub, spray with brake cleaner and lube with ATF fluid and grease. I clean every 2k rounds or so. I used an ultra sonic cleaner a few times and it works well.
  10. Had about two light hits at a local match (12 lb spring) last month (WW small pistol primers). Dropped in the 15.5 lb spring last week. The double action was heavier, but seemed smoother. The single action became heavier, but more crisp. I'll get my friend's Lyman trigger pull gauge later this week and see the results. Today I had no light hits and the gun ran fine with the same batch of ammo. Once the buzzer goes off I can't tell a lot difference in the triggers (12 vs 15.5 springs). The heavier spring brings more peace of mind to me anyways. I'm staying with the 15.5 spring....well for the time being!
  11. I started to count rounds fired, but too many rounds were fired. I thought I saw an extended mag pad too so that threw me way off. Very entertaining to watch.
  12. tag
  13. tag