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  1. Does anyone know what size screw that is for the mag button on the Shadow 2
  2. Thanks for the info but I use my trigger finger since I've been shooting and on all my guns so I'll just try to rotate it or get a standard mag release
  3. Cool thanks . I'm left-handed and I can't use an extended mag release or anything like that so I'm going to see if I can spend it out the way but if not I'm going to put a standard mag release on it
  4. I lost a screw is there somewhere I can get a replacement screw
  5. When the Shadow 2 does become production legal will you be able to pull the mag button off and still be legal?
  6. That will be my other option thank you
  7. Ok cool thanks
  8. When will grips come out for the Shadow 2? I want some Blue grips.
  9. Thanks I tested some today figured they were faster didn't feel a lot different. My MG run a 130 PF out of my cz
  10. Are blue bullets125 a lot faster then MG 124?
  11. It was definitely designed by somebody with little hands
  12. Thanks for the help
  13. Need help reassembly sear cage cz 75 p01 decocker. Cajun Gun Works had a tutorial but I can't find it. Thanks
  14. 130 pf
  15. Splits are .16. Yes with my cz sp-01 the second shot was 1/2 inch high I'm a little right. Grip is fine . That's why I'm thinking The Recoil spring is a little heavy