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  1. I have 2 ..
  2. He probably shot it in limited 10 believe that's what he did at area 6
  3. I was doing it by hand and you can tell it didn't bite like it does in the sp-01 barrels so I stopped.
  4. Businessend holsters has one ready carbon fiber double layer with red inside
  5. So do you need a special reamer or do you just have to add more pressure because I'm doing it by hand?
  6. I did the P-01 and you can feel it grip and feel it cutting. the shadow 2 you can't feel it cutting it just slides on a smooth. They are brand new reamers .only did one barrel
  7. I have a clymer 9mm rougher reamer and 9mm finisher but they doesn't bite like it did on my P-01 . Is the barrel coated differently so do I need a different reamer?
  8. Has anyone put CGW 10x bushing in there p-01?
  9. Here my new holster. It won't let me post the pictures file too big but go to Business End Holsters on Facebook and you'll see them.
  10. Does anyone know what size screw that is for the mag button on the Shadow 2
  11. Thanks for the info but I use my trigger finger since I've been shooting and on all my guns so I'll just try to rotate it or get a standard mag release
  12. Cool thanks . I'm left-handed and I can't use an extended mag release or anything like that so I'm going to see if I can spend it out the way but if not I'm going to put a standard mag release on it
  13. I lost a screw is there somewhere I can get a replacement screw
  14. When the Shadow 2 does become production legal will you be able to pull the mag button off and still be legal?
  15. That will be my other option thank you