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  1. On the East Coast where land is at a premium -- there's a berm directly in front of the Safe Area/Table that can contain a bullet. Turn 45 degrees left or right, depending on which side of the bay the safety area is on though, and you're probably looking at competitors moving from bay to bay..... The fact that we use the entire 180 to engage targets isn't germane to the discussion at hand -- which is the deliberate inspection of and possible unloading of a firearm. There's no reason we can't wait a minute for the shooter on the bay to finish, and then arrange to do that in the location deemed safest......
  2. OK -- so do you guys leave every third bay open as a safety bay?
  3. I guess I think of it from the perspective of having to explain it in a courtroom -- Do I really want to answer question like this: Why didn't you have the competitor face directly downrange, thereby availing yourself of the safety of the back and side berms, and reducing the possibility of the competitor pointing the gun uprange? Why would you not want to take the safest course of action in a given situation?
  4. See that a lot on the range with major pf ammo going subminor? I don't even see that with the minor pf ammo I load -- but then I shoot a random 10% of each batch over the chrono, and reject the entire batch if a single round doesn't make my desired pf of 132. And I've left poppers standing that were center punched....
  5. When serving as an RM, that was generally my mindset for the staff. I also requested that they call for recalibration -- but that was generally speaking easy to get done during turnaround between squads. They'd call me first, and I'd generally be on the bay while they were finishing the adjustments. The actual calibration added maybe 30 seconds, for loading/shooting/unloading/resetting routine.... Not a big deal -- and then you know that you didn't set it too heavy.
  6. Call the RM every-time you adjust too, right? You're not going to convince me, that calibration is perfect when a competitor centerpunches a popper and it doesn't fall, but it falls to the RM's bullet minutes later.....
  7. I'd rather have fewer people downrange, not more. Scoring during the run doesn't save as much time as anyone thinks. Even at Nationals on the huge range at Barry -- where they typically had multiple ROs scoring their sector, they waited until the range was clear.
  8. Probably the only thing I'd do differently is assume the gun is loaded, and use an actual bay -- not a safe table. That may be a belt and suspenders difference, but around here safe tables usually face the side berm. I'd rather have the muzzle pointing directly downrange.....
  9. Favorite: 1.1.5 Options are good! More options are gooder...... :-) Least: The entire popper calibration procedure. Competitors get hosed......
  10. Two thoughts come to mind: Who, me? and: You ought to know -- you've encountered me enough in person!
  11. If I lived closer, I'd come shoot your matches -- even if you make me start inside the fault lines on every stage.... :-) I was playing Devil's advocate for the rest of audience.....
  12. And DNROI then briefs the Board, who have a certain time period to object/vote -- right? So, not only are the RMIs consulted, but the process is then vetted by the BOD.....
  13. Starting "outside" is a distraction from the shooting, right? I think that's as valid a challenge, as creating a start position "inside" that requires movement before being able to see targets..... Then again -- if I care about specificity, I tend to be very specific about where I want hands and feet to be at the start. The rest of the time, I'm as likely to specify a starting position anywhere inside or outside the FFZ, facing in the direction of shooters choice, with hands in any legal position, i.e. not touching gun/ancillary equipment.
  14. Or have the ROs call out the times for a score keeper...... You do have one RO per shooter, right?
  15. Which might have been fine, if he dumped a nine round mag on the ground somewhere between the start and where he fired the first shot.... Hey -- if there's enough time and distance, load the gun, and immediately reload -- especially if firing ten very early on without a reload is the best move....