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  1. Both of you -- stop posting at each other.
  2. I don't know about that Kevin -- that match has been a soldout success every year since the late 90s. I haven't been to one in about 13 years -- but I shot the match each year between 2001-2004. The organizers were top-notch, the officiating rivaled any Level 2 USPSA match I attended, stages were interesting, as was the facility itself, and for the most part the folks attending had more in common with USPSA competitors than separated them from us. For that matter, some of them were USPSA competitors as well -- I was for the last three iterations. For that matter, a number of the top names in our sport have shot and won the match. The match T-shirts -- really nice heavyweight mock turtle neck long-sleeved shirts -- from those years are also still holding up, as are the memories. Now, it's possible that not many members of this forum care about the match -- but that's not the same thing as "nobody really cares about the match."
  3. To put it in perspective -- it's been locked down like that for about 15 years now. The chances of us changing that are very small......
  4. Not gonna happen. Early on, we had a member leave the forum, back in the days, where you could edit your posts indefinitely. That member edited and deleted the content of all of his posts. That made a mess of a lot of threads, some of which he had started. The changes you seek to make, can be made in additional posts within the thread, or if you have another item, could potentially fit into a new thread.
  5. SIX

    Walton Goggins can act a little. If he filmed himself reading the phonebook, I might be tempted to watch.....
  6. I'd think about it too......
  7. That's nice, and I would guess that most CROs and RMs would at least consider what Troy had to say in an email -- but the email opinion of DNROI isn't binding on any range official....
  8. First scenario -- did the shooter continue to engsge through the port in the wall, or did the shooter engage through a new opening he had created by leaning on the wall?
  9. My goal is to get to 100% at every match I'm involved with. Running a club match for five years, and being involved in the running of another, we got there a lot of the time, and we got close for a lot of the matches where we didn't make it..... There are a handful of stages that I remember, that were ~ 50-60%, even considering the limited Level 1 match exemptions -- we tried really hard to call those fairly and consistently, and to learn from the problems, so we could avoid repeating that particular mistake.....
  10. Sure -- I somehow doubt that case would be taken on contingency, so he'd take it to the bank, transferring your money to his account.....
  11. It could also just mean that you faulted on two different stages, one where SA was a factor, and one where it wasn't.....
  12. Mirroring George -- I hate to disagree with you too -- but that's not on my radar...... For Majors I don't think it's hard. Level 1 -- that's a whole 'nother story, but it could be solved by writing penalties into the stage description/calling the RM, if needed. I'm probably most concerned about consistency there.....
  13. Gary, when you say your concern is consistency -- do you mean consistently calling the fault on a particular stage, for every competitor? I'm on board with that -- and think it's crucial to define this prior to the start of the match. Or are you concerned about calling it consistently across all stages of a match -- so if stage 1 has per shot fired for a toe over the line, because the targets are 15' away, then stage 2 which has competitors running to a position from which they engage targets at 25 yards away would need to call a toe over the exact same way?
  14. I get that it would be "easier." That however seems to contravene the sport's nature -- I appreciate USPSA because it's hard, and I believe that we can develop range officials who can equitably decide where the crossover points are from one procedural to one per shot..... I think that's worth doing -- in part because such decision making ability will likely bleed over into other areas, like stage design, WSB writing, planning, and making challenging calls.
  15. 7-10 to reset between shooters? if you need more than four, either the competitors are really bad at efficiently resetting, or the stages are badly thought out.....