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  1. DVC open 9mm here- second one actually- had another 8 years ago, I buy 9mm once fired and cleaned for 30,00/1k- and people at matches pick up brass with those nut pickers- looking for their 38s- then leave all the 9mm, 40 and 45 on the tables! So I also get some of that-
  2. Looking at all the search engine topics- LOOKING for some one that has a DVC open 9mm and is using Silhouette powder. And 124 JHP - Zero, MG. or PD bullets. I have some loaded at 7.3 and 7.5gr at 1.160-1.165 oal. These will chrono tomorrow. Just wondering if your loads are a little more powder- like 7.8 to 8.0gr. Thanks
  3. Yes- those loaders do hang up on every round loaded- just wont work- BUT- my two 170 new style mags hold 28 rounds with the Grams follower/spring and the TT base pads- AND both run fine- in 4 matches as of 6/24/17
  4. YES- I did a small info on them a few weeks ago- look under my profile and read that-
  5. Mine don't match- shoots fine
  6. I have two of the 2017 new style mags in 170mm. I changed out the spring/follower to grams and an TTI base pad- not I load to 29 rounds in both.
  7. I run 1 140 and a 170- both feed and function perfectly out of the package.
  8. In my BMX mag only. I was informed they won't fit in the sti mags.
  9. Yup they both work- the G4 i think it was called- just makes the gauge- one was very tight- MBX holds 29 also- But had these two for free- so I had to do something to them!
  10. With the addition of the TTI base pad- I know have 29 rounds in the new style STI 2017 mags-
  11. UPDATE- with the Grams 13 coil spring and the stock STI base plate- 28 rounds and it locks into the gun!! To bad the PO In Jax Fl cant deliver all my mail at once! Order was shipped in two priority boxes- both picked up and arrived in Jax PO at same time- springs shipped to my local PO- the TTi base pads have not been shipped to me? Not the first time- last week package went to Pensacola FL- sat there for two days!Then came to me- LOL
  12. STI stock recoil springs is 8ib I believe-
  13. Just ordered the Grams FKS-13 for the new tubes- this was the correct setup for tubes with out spacers-
  14. I already tried the MBX spring/follower. Won't fit. The follower will not go all the way up in the tube. It stops about 1 inch from the top.
  15. They where both replaced directly from STI. New gun had two of the old style mags and the followers came out the front of the tube when empty.