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  1. I tried a single stage Timney- it only worked 50% of the time- went back to stock AR with JP yellow springs-
  2. The lower is Spikes AR15 standard lower.
  3. OK- just starting into PCC- using the Cotl/Brownell 32 round mags and a TF plus 10. Are mag wells allowed- cant find any info on that- If so what have you used and does it help if a reload is necessary? PS: using a Hann Block in an AR15 lower- Thanks
  4. Talked to them yesterday- 3/30/17 The 3,5lb trigger will not work 100% of the time in 9mm AR setup.
  5. Need a quick start point for PCC load- Bayou 135gr rn- N320 OAL about 1.125 Thanks
  6. Find someone with an OU 12ga in 28-30" barrels for me- as it says Browning or Beretta.

    A new club opened up to the public down here- Saltwater Gun Club- sporting clays, and skeet,

    plus an 800 meter R Range- and several pistol bays.

    10 years ago I sold my shotguns- had to be a member to shoot at St Augustine Gun Club.

    1. Lifeislarge


      I'll see what I can dig up.

  7. Dan thanks. haven't shot the Sig Max yet with it- will shoot a match and look at it during the match. I shot with you back in that day- J Dix, P, Feeley, R. Lambert, B, Herd and all the Harvard boys!
  8. Is it necessary to have the FLGR relieved/chamfered so it does not hit the link area/frame on 1911. I see some are from the factory and from custom gun builders.
  9. Zev makes them for those-
  10. T1 H1 Sig and now Black Spider- all working fine-
  11. Bayou Bullets 124 gr True Blue 4.6 gr- also used in my 1911 so its standardized-
  12. 10"" CMMG I can load out to 1.160- that's all I have loaded to. Built the PCC 5 years ago.
  13. I use CMC 3.5lb. and Timney 3.0lb.
  14. Don"t worry, be happy!
  15. all out door shooting- went with the SP- great pads- fast shipping