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  1. I clean if I'm not going to shoot again within the next week to ten days and I've fired less than 150 rounds to that point. To then clean I use Hoppes #9 soaked into a couple patches one after the other. I then leave the rifle alone for the next half hour or more. Then patch again (dry) to check for cleanliness level. If necessary I repeat trying to not use brushes unless REALLY dirty. Once powder fouling is out I spray Gun Scrubber down the barrel. Let it dry. Then I use Sweets to get out the copper fouling. Only leave sweets in the barrel for maybe 10 minutes or so. Then patch it out checking for blue color. I may use more if still detecting blue coming out. Once its out I again spray gun scrubber down the barrel. The rifle gets put away "Cold, Clean, and Dry" which is the only true repeatable condition for cold bore shots.
  2. Had a Versamax come into the local shop....and go out the same day. Guy came in and without even asking just took one look at it and it was SOLD. They're ordering more but were told it might take a little while to get because they're so popular now. Floor has been stained and 2 coats of polyurethane is on and cured. Waiting on cabinet delivery on Tuesday. Install begins after Christmas. Then its new gun shopping for me!
  3. For a deer rifle? Throw a 3X-10X Leopold with Badger rings and mount on it and use it as is. Little more? Get it bedded by a good competent gunsmith. Little more? Possibly consider a custom barrel by Hart, Mike Rock, Krieger, etc...If you ask a dozen guys what barrel to use you'll likely get a dozen answers but you can't go wrong with one of those. Little more? Scope? A week ago I'd of said Nightforce NXS model 3.5X-15X if you want to just go a little crazy. Seriously crazy? A week ago I'd of said US Optics or Schmidt and Bender. But two days ago I find out that Steiner is coming out with a new one for long range 5X-25X 56mm objective. Model is T5xi Big honking piece of glass but its going (IMHO) to take the scope market by storm. Price point is right around $2200-$2300 MSRP. I know it sounds like a lot of $ but consider that the market share they're competing against is Schmidt and Bender and US Optics whose comparable models is around $3500-$4000msrp Has a lifetime warranty that IS transferable. The glass is made in Germany. Everything else is done at a factory in the US (I believe its in Colorado). I'm liking what I'm hearing about this scope so far. My local shop has 3 on order and it hasn't even been officially unveiled at SHOT yet.
  4. Wife spent HOURS shopping the other day with a major retailer online and had a metric crap ton of stuff in her virtual cart. She hits "Check Out" and the screen changes and tells her theres nothing in her shopping cart. You could've heard her rant two states over and she'll be saying a LOT of Hail Marys and Our Fathers for some of those words.
  5. Stephen Hunter is the man! ....but he did not write Flight of The Intruder. You're thinking of Steven Coonts....who is another great writer with his Jake Grafton character books. As for Hunter...The Bob Lee Swagger character is a great one. Start with "Point Of Impact" and go on from there.
  6. No sweat jroback. I am the avid reader in my family and on a rainy day theres nothing better than a warm fire, a quiet room, and a good book.
  7. Now reading "Deshi" by John Donohue (Conner Burke Martial Arts series) I think most of the guys and gals here would enjoy them not just for their entertainment value but for the concepts in them that relate to shooting. I'm on the second book in the series and really enjoying them so far.
  8. Sarge, Not to "knock" Wounded Warrior but when you research charities about the amount of $ that actually goes towards the main focus of the charity and how much goes to "administrative fees" (Secretaries , clerks, administrative personnel, etc..) W.W.P. has one of the HIGHEST admin costs. I forget the exact figure but if my memory serves me correctly it was something like .85 cents of every dollar goes to admin fees. I'm sure they have done some good work but its not a "true" charity in that there are people running it that get their primary income from working for W.W.P. I know guys involved in the American Snipers Org and they have a total 100% volunteer organization. There are NO administrative fees and 100% of the $ donated goes towards helping the guys directly involved in the GWOT. IMHO theres no comparison. The CEO is paid over $311,000 a year. How you can call it a "charity" when you're making a six figure salary from being one of the admins of it is beyond me.
  9. Definitely looking at that option HARD Flash. The kitchen is moving along slowly. The flooring guys are great. Install is now done and they're going to be starting to sand on Monday. The cabinet guy kind of screwed us. Supposedly the order was already in with a tentative date of delivery of Dec 7-10. We find out the guy had a death in his family and I guess with everything going on never ordered them. Now we're looking at a tentative date of delivery of Dec 20. No way it will be done for Christmas. Sink has to get installed, counter guys have to come measure and do their magic....looks like Johnny will be shopping for the versamax in the POST Christmas sale time.
  10. I wonder what the next person on line said when they pulled up to the now broken window.....
  11. I hate that when I arrive at a gathering or party I get introduced to people I don't know as "This is John The Cop" or "This is John...he's a cop." No one else gets introduced by their profession. I hate the people who would have great resentment towards me if I tried to tell them how they should do their job whether it be brain surgeon or plumber but they have absolutely no problem coming up to me at a party or gathering and telling me how to do the cop job. I hate that they judge every situation on the idiot box without complete information. and I'm really effing tired of listening to the stories about the mean cop who pulled them over. I have a hard enough time running my life and being responsible for the crap I actually do. I'm totally not interested in trying to run another cop's life and second guess him/her. I Really hate the ass swipe who came up to me...all 5 feet tall and bad ass and felt it necessary to inform me and anyone else within hearing that I was "not a professional" because I didn't have to get a college degree to get the cop job so how did I justify my salary. Sick and fargin tired of the talking heads judging my profession with a sliver of information...and if that ass wipe Geraldo makes one more comment about how the cops should draw tasers during a struggle for a firearm....... I need a vacation.
  12. Alternative uses? Can it be used as a sex aid? Inquiring minds want to know. Just looking to increase your market share.
  13. The floor is going in now. The flooring guys found the subfloor by the side door is rotted probably due to a defective install of the door resulting in water getting under the sill to the plywood underneath. Not a major problem but one that has to be dealt with. My wife went on Marble.com and found one of their yards is only a 45 minute drive away so we went there. Lots of stuff on display. We're getting Quartzite . We wanted marble but after being warned away by multiple people we decided on the quartzite because it closely resembles marble but is much harder and less likely to stain. Cabinets are coming in early December, sink and faucets are already here (Shaw sink, Perrin and Rohl faucet) Plumbing was re routed by my brother and I and we're going to be redoing some outlets and high hat and pendant lighting. I told her to pick out what she wants 'cos this is the kitchen we're going to live with till we're gone....and Daddy needs a new shotgun!
  14. Hey everyone! There is a place on Eastern Long Island called Survivability Services International on 112 Maple Lane Bridgehampton NY and they have a large quantity of .22 long rifle ammunition. They have Remington Value Pack 525 rounds of Golden Bullet plated hollow point ammunition for $53 a box or $636 for a case of 12 boxes (6300 rounds) They currently have over 40 cases of it. When I asked one of the founders how they got that much .22 ammo he said "I don't know...lucky I guess." They currently have NO restriction on how much anyone can buy at one time. I think they also have a web page too. Phone number is 631-204-8110 I snatched some up and told my friends about it. Good luck!
  15. 38 Superman I'd say also that the previously commented on 200 thousandths is extreme jump for your loads. Maybe a replacing the barrel is in order. You can take to to a bunch of people who can do it right. Got a buddy who purchased one of those chassis systems and he's happy with it. I like the Mcmillan stocks. Thats why Baskin and Robbins has all those flavors. I'd stay with the .308. Theres a metric butt ton of ammo available for it and as previously noted if you're doing your calculations correctly you can hang with the others just fine. Maybe throw a Hart barrel on her...McMillan stock...Badger Ord rings and 20MOA base....