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  1. thank you
  2. I thought I seen that PCC was also coming to IDPA. Does anyone have any info, rules, ect about this. I would like to shoot it/
  3. Im over 1000 rounds now. I'll check spring and see which one it has. Thanks
  4. I knew that's what I was looking at. Been down that road before. Hope all works now for you
  5. I am having random hammer follow and failure to reset every 30-40 rounds with the 24C trying to figure out a solution or I will be bulling it out soon and going with the old reliable JP trigger.
  6. Glad to hear you are OK Top pic is wild, just seeing that and not hearing any back story it almost looks like another case in that chamber like you had a case head separation. Might want to double check. Keep us informed on what they say
  7. I have a 24C in mine right now. From time to time I am getting hammer follow thru when the rifle cycles. Rifle chambers and goes into battery but the trigger is not reset. This is causing me to have to rack the bolt losing a round. Any ideas to what can be causing this? Only happens once every 30-40 rounds but just cant reproduce it or find the fix
  8. For registration purposes PUMP c lass will be? Heavy? Also will the PCC match info for that same event be coming out soon and how will someone shoot in both?
  9. Can someone post up some pics of areas you are dremeling and filing. thanks
  10. Great stages and fun time like always. Thanks to All the staff for making our match fun and challenging as well as thanks to all the great sponsors for the support!
  11. Always a great match I cant wait to come and have some fun.
  12. Have seen to may issues with mis matched guns or guns pieced together trying to save a few bucks only to have more issues and problems. Id recommend buying a complete gun from a company and know that the thing will run and or have someone to go back to if it doesn't.
  13. I own a few Nordic guns and love them. They shoot great and they are accurate. You get what you pay for. You want a cheap gun buy a cheap gun. If you want quality then you need to spend more. I have shot the PCC and its reliable and accurate. Add in the new competition mag well they just released this week and its hands down a winner. Order is placed and I cant wait to get my hands on mine.
  14. As always my favorite match to start the year off. Thanks to the match staff and RO's for always making this match awesome!!!