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  1. I think it's kind of gun dependent. I know guys that get better groups with Long Colt length brass than Short Colt and another runs his brass right between them. Also plated bullets are a crap shoot in my experience and finicky to load properly. My 686 will shoot 147RN Extreme's (.357dia) somewhat okay but my 625 throws 230RN Extremes like a shotgun pattern at 20 yards no matter the load. I literally use all scoring zones and can't call my shots if my life depended on it. In general I've had far better luck with plain lead and coated lead (Bayou, ACME, etc.) than with anyone's plated bullets. If they only shot as clean as plated, though the coated are a drastic improvement over plain.
  2. Shhhhhh.....
  3. From when I was shooting revo. Fed SPP Starline 38 SColt Brass 3.3 grs E3 160 Bayou 1.155 132 PF (6" 686) FYI. Starline .38 Short Colt brass is identical to their .38 Special brass except for trim length and head stamp.
  4. I think it's an evil plot to stop us reloaders from having our fun. First it was small primer .45 brass, now this crap. I hate to see what's next...
  5. I also just picked up an M die in 9mm. Also running it in a 650 with the Dillon expander set to just barely give a bell, not enough to even consider. I run my M die in station 3 with a big caveat. I had to grind off the end of the expander plug a good long ways because there is no room for the expander in the case if there is powder in it. I'm pretty sure it would also tell you real quick if you missed a Ammoland or FM stepped case in your sorting because I think it would bottom out in it. The webs are considerably thicker on those and the expander plug looked to basically fill the case at depth, or very close to it. I just ground it until it's a few thousandths shorter than the Dillon in station 2, then re-ground a nice sized radius and polished it up with a cotton fob and jewelers rouge on a Dremel. Good to go now. They have a couple of different ones, I have the "AP" part numbered die. I'm wondering now if the other is longer and would work better in the 650. The "AP" die is just barely long enough to work but it will. It would be nice if they made the die body a bit longer. I'm a firm believer in M dies for lead bullets. I haven't shaved a single bullet in .45 since going to them. I didn't have to grind the .45 die either. Hmmm....
  6. What little I've used it, tells me what others have said. It's not a light target powder. It seems to excel when you hot rod it. It's scary accurate at a max load in .45 with 230 XTPs in a couple of my guns.
  7. There's another option for cable. DirectvNow is running a special for their new streaming service. 100+ Channels for $35 a month for as long as you keep this specific plan. If you change it or cancel it goes away forever. No contracts and you can add HBO and or Cinemax if you want. They won't say how long this is going to run but it's been going for awhile. Also I got a free AppleTV 4 box for pre-paying for 3 months service. I don't know if that's still going but probably. Will I keep it? Dunno, but $35 for the amount of content is a pretty smoking deal on it's own and they throw in an AppleTV4. Their app has some minor bugs but that will get worked out but it works fairly well. They only allow 2 streams on your account, but you can watch on ANY device unlike Sony Vue. Not for everyone, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  8. I'll 2nd what louu said. I run Exodus, Phoenix, and SALTS. I need to look into an updated build and get some more as my build is quite dated. I'd like to find the OAN network, but there is some live cable TV on there, I watch Fox News pretty regularly. Like louu said practically EVERYTHING is in there if you can dig it up. If you have Amazon Prime get on the FIRE platform, whether it be the stick or their box. I'd recommend their box. The stick works just fine but the box is much more responsive, the sticks are kind of irritating with the slowness of your inputs, but they do work pretty well.
  9. 172. It cleaned up around 160. I'm running the Hi-Tech coated bullets.
  10. I had this problem until I got up into the proper pressure range. I was very conservative and backed way off when I first started with it. Dirty barrel just like you mention. Then it just went away, it may be the cleanest powder I've ever loaded.
  11. The 340 has the best sight of the bunch. But honestly the LCR is a better gun if you can get past the ugly. Better more modern design and materials, smoother lighter trigger, and you can replace the front sight if you wish. I had 2 of them in .38SP. Don't know that it would be worth the extra weight to go 9mm or .357 so if .357 is what you want I'd go 340PD.
  12. Don't feel too bad. Geissele doesn't work either. JP Bolt here...
  13. My Geissele Rapid Fire Trigger (B-GRF) isn't exactly rapid fire. More like single shot. No resetty. QC10 lower with all JP stuff in the upper. I guess a JP trigger is called for.
  14. Good to hear on the Safariland pouches as I have 4 of them. Merry Christmas all!
  15. Do you guys get any different times with 30+ round mags? Got any numbers? I need to pick up some G17 mags, all I have are 33 rounders.