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  1. Sweet. also, I believe all the manufacturers offer a bulk discount.
  2. My guess would be they're trying to save some pennies. Whatever changes they're makIng probably don't have any effect on the shotgun loads the powder is for. They aren't even considering the effects on 9mm loadings. At least thats my guess.
  3. I'm still shooting other bullets alteady loaded up. I hope to get back tot Jesse this weekend and load some. My cause gauge is a hundo. The ones that are failing are bad. They won't plunk in my G34 barrel. It's not an OAL thing it's the base of the bullet and the case bulging. Like I said, I've been shooting plated so my crimp was very minimal. I want to say around .378". The xtremes actually seem to be pretty dang consistent as far as I've seen. I've always pulled out a few form each box and measured them with calipers. They've always been .356". Though, that's using a caliper. I also have some PD 124 hp coming. I'll load up a few on the same press and see if I get the same problem. I know those will be different profile and will be seated different but they'll be .355".
  4. Thanks folks. I'll try some of these.
  5. I used the alcohol strips and then some extras. Didn't use a brush. I'll look into theb3m saftey walk.
  6. Yes. I followed the instructions. How hard would you say your gripping the gun? I'm applying a lot of pressure with my support hand.
  7. I put some talon grips on my G34's. Followed the instructions. 5 minutes of dry fire and the support hand side is moving forward on both of my guns. So, I cut that side off about half way. I guess my focus on gripping harder is paying off. I've googled and see that this is common. I'm wondering if anyone had come up with a hack for this? Super glue? I'm gonna try some skate board tape starting on the back strap and wrap it around to the left side. That way my right hand will hold that down and my left hand won't be able to slide it forward. If I can't get something to work I'll end up stippling or silicon carbide the grip. I want to be able to shoot in SSP so even though stippling/SC is production legal, it'll kick me into ESP. I might just have to deal with that. Anyone come up with another solution ?
  8. I didn't this and got an really good trigger. Then, because I'm the type that always wonders "what if", I wanted to try a custom trigger and knew I'd always be questioning if I was missing out. I live near Charlie Vannek so I called him up and met up with him and tired one of his classic triggers. I bought it. I like it and can feel a difference between mine and his. However, neither trigger will have any affect on the outcome of a match. If a trigger cost you a match win, wait...... it won't. Never mind. If you're good enough to win, the trigger isn't gonna matter because you've already checked the box labeled trigger control. You'll still have to keep with it but you've gotten past that point. Now, saying all that. While at his place, I got to dry fire all his glocks and the triggers in his open/limited guns where beyond belief. You couldn't (at least I couldn't) imagine a glock trigger could be that good! So, to the OP, I'd love to feel the trigger your talking about.
  9. Acme has a discount code for the forum. Enos10. Not sure if that makes the cheaper than blues but it'll help if you want to order some of those.
  10. Beat you to it. Just ordered 200 at lunch. Gonna try some with Prima V, TG, 320
  11. Google any of the Glock team and from the pics that come up it looks like they're shooting KKM barrels. I may try one of these s3f barrels since it seems they shoot 147's well.
  12. Been busy. I'm trying to do too much at once. Im really trying to work up a USPSA load. I belive my crimp is around .379". I have not had had the Coke bottle effect with .356" xtremes. Only with .356" coated and these .355" Zeros. The Zeros seem worse. I was shooting xtreme but thier price increase made me want to look at other options. I'm not against going to coated but I remembered how I had this problem with coated before. Ive never loaded jacketed. While it's a price thing with plated, it's not a price thing. I just don't want to pay jacketed prices for plated. My other problem is I'm chasing that mythical (probably nonexistent) magical load. Out of the mythical (definitely nonexistent) magical gun. I'm currently working on switching to my G34 from my CZ Shadow. I know, I know.....! Why?! I just want to kick butt with the G34. Anywyas, I like to tinker. Which is really counterproductive in the USPSA world.
  13. I've noticed (or at least I think I have) that some powders seem to be more accurate than others. Seems lately that in the attempt to chase that magic load, there's been some testing by a few of us here in the 9mm sub section. In the attempt to replace that nasty, hot burning TG, a lot of us have tried other powders. The latest wonder powder seemed to be Prima V. Anyways, I've noticed it doesn't seem to be as accurate as TG. I'm seeing Ransom Rest test from forum member Darrell that seem to agree with my opinion. Also seems like others here feel TG is more accurate than Prima V as well as N320. Just wondering why would one powder be more accurate with everything else for that load being the same?
  14. Thanks for the info. N320 doesn't seem to really be as accurate as the other two. I noticed that when I shot it. TG has the best group but BA 9.5 looks to have the better average?
  15. And they also say that their semi fit shoild drop in 7 out of 10 guns. I've tried mine in 3 different glocks and it's not even close. They said it'd take 10 weeks to fit. So, probably gonna sell this "semi" fit barrel. Also, the dang chamber on this barrel is shorter than all my CZ barrels. And thats saying something. So, unless you want to be without your gun for 10 weeks, you're gonna have to go with something else. Unless you feel comfortable fitting it yourself. Which I don't.