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  1. LF training today. Goal 1. Call shots, see sights lift and come back 2. Work on transitions Drills Draw fire two @ 7 Average time 1.25 w/ all A's @ 15 Average time 1.75 1A/1C Bill drill @ 7 yds. Average 1.9 w/all A's. @ 10 yds. Average 2.1 w/ 1 C. El Prez @ 10 yds. Average 5.5 sec with 10 pts down. Things I noticed. 1. need to work on draw. I can draw sub second @ 7 but that doesn't require much technique, just speed. At 12 yds and past I need to work on techinique. 2. I need to work on transitions. I noticed my transitions on the el prez were mid to high .30's. Would like to see them at .25. 3. I also noticed that when I try to physically move as fast I can to get a fast time on something, I end up doing worse. That's actually not surprising but when I make myself go slower (which is hard for me to do) I end up doing it at the same time on the timer and I have a better score. For instance when I try to rail and go as fast as I can on a 7 yd Bill drill, I can do a 1.85 sec but will have a couple of C's. If I make myself relax and slow down I get about the same time, maybe a little slower and I get all A's.
  2. Nope! Been there! Elbow doesn't hurt no more! I do a couple reps of whatever drill I'm doing that session. Then take a few minutes break.
  3. DF last two days for 30 min AM and 30 MIN PM. Worked on from Dry fire reloaded 1. Split drills w/micro drils 2. Targets at distance 3. Shooting while Moving 4. Pulling trigger fast drill Did all freestyle, SH, WH. Also, this morning I made up a loaded table start drill. Started sitting two steps away from gun. Made it where I had two pick up the gun and take a step back to see targets. Last two days my grip has been where it needs to be! Not sure why but I've consciously noticed that "man, I'm gripping hard"! Last two days have been really good practice sessions. Things I want to practice every session no matter what else I work on. 1. Pulling trigger fast (by the end of the start beep). I'm gonna do this at simulated 30 yd target. 2. Far targets, 30 yd and further (simulated) See that front sight!
  4. Hello all! I've been reading the range diaries of others for a while now and decided to start one of my own. Quick introduction. I started shooting IDPA about this time last year. Initially got classified as a SS (missed EX by 1 pt). Shot my first Tier 2 match and won the division so that got me a bump to EX. The next classifier I shot a MA score in SSP. Then I shot my first USPSA match towards the end of '16. Went and shot a classifier match and just barely squeezed out a M classification (85.1%). I've shot 4 IDPA sanctioned matches (won SSP Div Champ 2). I just shot my first LV2 USPSA (AR Sectional) last weekend and man was it fun! I didn't perform as good as I wanted. I'm still green when it comes to USPSA. My stage planning sucks! I shot 89% of the points. I didn't have any M or NS. Just shot really slow. Our fellow forum member Hwansik Kim smoked everyone in Production! I shot 74% of him. His pts was around 91% but he shot the 10 stage match 47 sec faster! I can shoot accurately. I feel like I can move from point A to point B fairly fast (for a fat boy). Notice I didn't say efficiently! I really think the low hanging fruit for me is moving in and out, shooting in and out, target transitions. I'm going to start videoing myself but I know I'm running into positions full steam. Probably don't have the gun up and ready beforehand. I'm also running into position then standing up. Things like that. Shooting points while moving efficiently is what I'm trying to focus on going forward. Anyways, I look forward to learning and improving! Please feel free to provide any critiques and advice!
  5. I go back and forth on this. I want to help because it's a pain to set up, break down, and manage matches. Even locals. I know I don't want to do it. So, I want to help out instead of being that guy who just shows up and shoots. But,.... I really just want to be that guy who just shows up and shoots! I don't think it's good for your performance but you could do as rowdy was saying and shoot first every stage. That may not be as good as sitting back and stage planning/rehearsing but it will help you get used to shooting with minimal rehearsal. That's good for big matches when you do go first. You'll be used to doing it.
  6. Interested as well
  7. I got to use a G17 with cool fire yesterday. I was surprised by the recoil. I really felt it was pretty close to firing lice ammo.
  8. Federal champion 115 gr makes a out 132 pf of of my G34. It's cheap and decent ammo. Just an fyi.
  9. I want a Tanfo! Squirrel....
  10. I'm gonna 1. Get serious about DF practice and include "walk thrus" in my dry fire. 2. I'm selling my last CZ so I don't have anymore temptation. Gonna stick with Glock for the rest of the year. Thats gonna help. 3. Gonna try going 1,2,3 each stage to allow for me to focus on stage planning and then help run squad. 4. Gonna increase live fire practice and shoot 2 USPSA and 1 IDPA per month. At least for this year.
  11. I've actually thought about doing that. It gets you used to shooting with minimal walk thru like Rowdy was saying. I may end up doing this. I don't want to be the guy whondoesnt want to help out the local club. It takes a lot to put on even small locals.
  12. Very good points. Others have made good points too.
  13. I don't think they're hurting. I realized a couple things after starting this thread. 1. Due to a couple of personnel/family emergencies that seemed to dump on me in about a 3 day period, I've been stressed out and haven't practiced like I should have been. So, that's not helping. 2. I've been switching guns WAY TOO MUCH lately! I've literally switched from CZ to Glock back to CZ back to glock in the last 2 months. And almost went back to Tanfo in the last week too. That's just dumb on my part. 3. I need to quit RO'ing! Which probably will piss some people off. I understand why but I'm not showing up to go bang and chew the fat. I'm there to execute and I really need to be going thru the stage in my head as much as possible until it's my turn to shoot. That may mean I don't shoot at my club as much but instead shoot at other clubs? How do you tell people that you don't want to help? That you only want to show up and shoot. (I help break down).
  14. Quick background. I've shot about 10 or so monthly matches. I'm a M in Production but I think I'm more of an A class. I didn't grand bag, I just stepped up and shot a couple of classifers pretty well and got an initial M classification (85.1%). My current average is right at 80%. I usually end up 1st in Production at my local club and 1st or 2nd at another club I shoot at. I can shoot very well but I like to go fast. Ususally too fast! I currently struggle with finding the right speed. Really it's my "auto pilot" kicks in at hyper speed. When I get it wrong and go pretty much 100%, the disaster factor is higher. I realize this is not uncommon. In my mind, I need to work on stage exacution the most. Since I go too fast, I usually screw up on executing my stage plan. Miss a planned mag change on the move and then have to do a standing reload. I realize these mistakes as soon as I make them so I guess that's good. Anyways, my question is, how much match shooting is enough? I can pretty much shoot a match every weekend and actually shoot 6+ matches per month if I shoot local IDPA matches too. I'm realizing that matches aren't practice. They're a test. So, I'm currently thinking of only shooting 1 USPSA match (maybe 1 IDPA also) and practicing skills and drills with live fire on the weekends I'm currently shooting locals. I'm gonna also get more disciplined with the dry fire and do it 5-6 days a week. I believe that a good 2-3 hrs of live fire practice is more benifical for skill building than shooting a 5-6 stage local. I'm guessing most will agree. But is 1 local enough? I'm sure I'm not alone in that I want to shoot every match I can but I'm thinking thats not the best plan. Thoughts......