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  1. Albuquerque city shooting range, near Double Eagle airport 1st and 3rd Saturdays.n, xt is July 1 08:30 setup. www.rgpsc.com Online registration now open at https://practiscore.com/rio-grande-practical-shooters-july-2017/register
  2. Pikes Peak Cog Railway had O2 canisters for sale/rent at Manitou Springs station. Might find out who their supplier is.
  3. From the Practiscore registration page: Match fee is $175.00, Women $100, Juniors shoot free. No refunds after 10/01/17. Once you are approved please send in your payment (check or money order) within 14 days. If payment is not received within 14 days your spot will be given to the next competitor on the waiting list. Make checks payable to LGC 2017 and send to LGC 2017, Stephanie Martin 109 Prosperity Street Chauvin, LA 70344. Please text or call Stephanie Martin at 985-804-6999 or email cajunactionshooters@gmail.com with any questions. There will be no trading slots. You will receive an email once online squadding opens up.
  4. Just back from a test session. Backing the overtravel screw out (counterclockwise from muzzle) made it worse - single shot or light strike. Turned screw in to undo that adjustment, plus an additional fraction of a turn, cleared the problem for me.
  5. I believe so, the single shot is intermittent. Going to try overtravel adjustment suggested above.
  6. Just before the STI/Handgunner (2006-2007?) ceased operation they imposed a 1200fps speed limit on ammo due to frag issues. That's when I switched to 147g @ 1150fps instead of 124's to make major.
  7. Completely disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled lower. No adjustments made - functioned OK in dry fire.
  8. Hammer follow not the problem, it was at full cock.
  9. Have to manually cycle the slide, and it ejects a live round. Trigger not resetting? What else to look for? 38 Super 147gr Montana Gold, VV N350 making 1150 fps, 169pf. No luck with search for "single shot".
  10. Maximum of one level below highest classification.
  11. If submitted as Pending they go back about 30 days to match names to new member numbers, so if you decide to join USPSA shortly after shooting the classifier it will count.
  12. Any additional info? Not found in Albuquerque Journal listings.
  13. Yes. Must do so in order to walk stages.
  14. Or take the AP/Router to the stages.