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  1. If submitted as Pending they go back about 30 days to match names to new member numbers, so if you decide to join USPSA shortly after shooting the classifier it will count.
  2. Any additional info? Not found in Albuquerque Journal listings.
  3. Yes. Must do so in order to walk stages.
  4. Or take the AP/Router to the stages.
  5. If you haven't' already done so: support@Practiscore.com for fastest response. I didn't find it either, was under 'View Results' in 1.682.
  6. I zero for slugs at 50y. Except for short distance, if the dot is near the target, birdshot will hit. Hold slightly above target for close, just like you would with a rifle's mechanical offset.
  7. ABQ is 3.5 hours out. Limited flights to Santa Fe via American thru Dallas or Phoenix (2.5 hrs). Next closest is Colorado Springs.
  8. Evening of December 12. Has anyone heard a confirmation?
  9. Friend, mentor, and a first class gentleman.
  10. That's what the "Extra Penalty" entry was for when Multigun uses Hit Factor scoring. One for every non-Alpha hit from a minor gun.
  11. From Monty Python: "And now, for something completely different..." influences my stage planning. Sometimes reality bends to fit that plan.
  12. 20-30 shooters is typical. 10/1 will also begin setup for our 12th annual High Desert Classic, with staff shooting Thursday and Friday, everyone else Saturday-Sunday. That match is sold out with a long waiting list.
  13. Welcome to the forums. Rio Grande Practical Shooters host matches on the first and third Saturdays at the City range near Double Eagle II airport on the west mesa. Check out www.rgpsc.com or Facebook. Next match is October 1, first timers shoot for free. Register at: https://practiscore.com/rio-grande-practical-shooters-september-2016-clone/register