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  1. welcome from north east FL
  2. I have it also !!!! im realtively new to gaming. I realize if if there are known patterns and movements, like you mentioned, I will physically and mentally practice these moves. And it helps with the brain farts!!!! another thing I do is set timer to ran don delay and do random things on the beep. Not just gun stuff or shooting related. Beep;. Slap steering wheel. Beep clap twice. My point is to train the muscle memory and neuro pathways to respond to the beep. Then respond to the beep with correct series of actions
  3. dave @ cajun said so..... that is good enough for me to try to tune to that standard.... but re reading see link item #3 i'm satisfied the way may my muzzle returns to target...
  4. i like blue bullets also i recently tried Tougher-N-Nails Targets and Bullets, he is a forum sponsor! his bullets come in a bit less expensive!!!! i'm now using a non grooved 130gr 9mm that is shooting very well im on my second thousand about to make a med flat rate box purchase.... fast shipping and great customer service he is faster to respond on via face book
  5. +1 with 1 o clock upper ports helps the rest has do with form i haven't quite got that down yet tuning buffer system will help overall but i believe that acts more on a different plane if you look at thr movement of the reciprocating mass i run and adjustable gas key (on bolt) and tac com buffer system which is the lightest (last i heard) i found the changes in recoil response made with buffer system, were apparent, but minimal compared to shooting form and muzzle brake.
  6. The reason I question is that most ( the few I know) including me went with lighter weight stocks ( and build in general) for for a 3G style rifle. Less mass swinging and stopping.... i I like the luth butt stock but not for 3G build,.. IMHO im also seing a trend towards raised dots for a more head upright shooting position .....changing the check weld ..... im tall ish not 6 4. and am running a fixed Fixed rifle length stock.... Every body and shooting styles are different...
  7. i have yet to see a great performing brake that doesn't piss off the neighbors, and blow your own hair back..... tac com buffer system is ultimately the lowest reciprocating mass... i have mine paired with rubber city gas key..... why the luth stock? .... 2 pounds (ish)
  8. Yep same guy.,,
  9. A better picture might help what is bullet diameter....measured ? what is case length ... Measured? im assuming reloads functioned prior to powder funnel change? how much are you belling case? dillon dies all stations? something definitely is wrong....
  10. What would be signs of frame pounding?
  11. Do you clean primer bearing plate, bottom of primer bar, with scotch pad, any contact points with primer bar. When disassembled if both of these are not clean or de blurred/slightly polished.... You can get a stutter That will throw a primer i have this.
  12. he got back to me and said he found a loose primer while cleaning the 650.. he thinks this was the problem.... thanks all
  13. i'm a huge proponent for strong grip, and even train regularly for stronger grip.... i'm pretty sure my grip strength is well above average Dave @ cajun gun works says tune for 6-8 feet which is what i was trying to do. has anyone else tested /tuned with different weight recoil springs? what were your results? i'm not knocking following the internet trend for 11# spring it's what i usually run
  14. When was th last time you took apart primer assembly and cleaned especially bearing surfaces? have you seen the bearing plate upgrade?
  15. havent chronoed latest load/bullet yet. im on the low end of book load. i was shooting on grass but i had a spotter and they all were hitting 10-12 feet. i was just experimenting with the different springs i have. trying to tune to the directions, and to figure out what is going on technically, i thought i would see different results with the different springs my grip and form is so much improved so that i cant or see any difference on the follow up shots with any of the springs i would have to use timer over a large sample size to get any real data.