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  1. I recently started getting lots of .14. Which is a break through for me I recently added short reset to trigger. Cz spo1 what really helped was shooting (burning ) through some ammo and NOT using timer..... It was able to remove tension Also try ignoring target. Shoot at blank paper. And work on raw speed.
  2. Do you mean point of impact? .... I'm high on pattern board does cheek pad raise or lower POI? havent gone to long range yet to test slugs
  3. Pictures please
  4. What grit and what,did you use for "glue" ?
  5. What thickness do you use? 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 inch ? i get a little cheek slap, but nothing offensive When cheek weld/ form is off I can tell I've shot about 300 rounds so far out of stoeger m3k. is pad really necessary?
  6. I'm new recently added +8 to m3k Shot idpa match on sat..... Any training is good training but...,, it was first time at that range. It was very good training to see how different match director tests different and new skills , first time shooting swingers, flipper, twister, low port movement, odd # shots on target, 4 inch plate, many stages with backwards movement while shooing . after match friend / member @ host range put some steel out finally was able to load 12+1, mag dump for function!!! simple shoot While moving drill with shot gun. ( much harder than carbine and pistol)
  7. Funny this came up today i left the range today dehydrated.. i had had plenty of water with me. But only drank one small bottle during match the excitement and adrenaline easily masks thirst, hunger, fatigue, mental fatigue. once match ended, and the rush and adrenaline let off I felt surprisingly exhausted if you get to point where you are very thirsty.... It's most likely to late, to make recovery by end of match. you will be playing catch up, not to mention decreased mental acuity. sure I grab a g2 every now and again. what makes more sense is to drink water, dilute fruit juice and eat your electrolytes naturally, Also helps keep blood sugar at even keel apple, orange, banana , celery,, carrots, nuts and cheese, think REAL food, Of the convenience products I like Lara bars. ( which I will remember to bring next time) i've decided I'm setting phone to remind me to snack and hydrate throughout match day.
  8. i'm a cz fan ...... a huge one But.... i'm going to echo the above gun does not make the shooter i would stroke my match gun as much as possible to stay witih in production if that is what you want. this should satisfy man's innate need to to weak and tinker. also after this point there is no reason that glock will be holding you back. i have a stroked CZ i get beat by glocks all the time...... its not the gun its the guy behind it buy a dillon 550 or 650 powder, brass primers etc etc and shoot more, lots more do more dry fire drills do more movement drills shoot more matches shoot with other "friends" get some training shoot your friends CZ's as much as possible why czc...... peer pressure? what about cajun and automatic accuracy? give this a few months of solid training then revisit the question
  9. Been working on raw trigger speed. My avg was .22 split recently got .20 relatively consistent my personal best ( fastest split) was .16 maybe a 2 or 3 times in last few thousand rounds found myself more than occasionally short stroking trigger, in quest for faster splits Added the last 2 parts to cz sp01 tactical to complete pro package. 14m lifter and t2 disconnector a'la Cajun....... Reach reduction and short reset today I hit .14 split a couple of times. Out about 100 rounds today only few outside of A zone @ 5 yards so so my human limit as posted earier is improving !!! the mechanical/ shorter reset helped..... But I also think just relaxing and working raw trigger speed without timer has helped. It is good to see some progress. Now to get that .14 consistient or better ( along with other goats)
  10. north florida my car said 90F after driving for a bit!!!!!!!! but we did have a touch of frost last week
  11. +1 for 1:00
  12. welcome from 2 hours north
  13. same rounds different gun....... it took me a while to figure it out but had some (bought) reloads that were jamming in a friends new gun but ran in mine.. long story short... finally measured some of rounds not yet chambered in his rifle... turns out reloads were off by avg .0018 when dropped in case gauge... unless you have really good eyes or ran a straight edge over loaded case gauge, i missed these b sight alone .... i found out by using stand comparator on a loaded case gauge turned out ammo not passing case gauge.... it appears that the first slam rifle either resized ammo or chamber in my gun is looser.... before you send it back take a real close look at reloaded cartridges before you chamber in rifle with stand comparator if you can get hands on one. check sized trim legnth and if loaded cartridge is proud in case gauge. You may need to dual down sizing die..... if i didnt get any data from stand comparator. i was going to buy jp gauge like big ed suggested
  14. if your brass and loaded cartridges meet specifications what is curious is that it used to run great for "2 matches" but now having error..... sounds like mechanical failure/error maybe the problem is the rifle/mag? head space? blem in chamber? bad extractor? other bolt/bcg error?
  15. What's the difference between a chick pea and a garbanzo bean? i've never had a garbanzo bean on me.........