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    IPSC - B Open with a 9mm major TruBor; and C Limited with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm minor.
    My posting is only my opinion - based on 64 years of shooting. Other people may, wisely, disagree.
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  1. I agree, completely. Or, most 2-stage triggers are really 3-stage triggers ....
  2. YUP
  3. Very mature response ...
  4. I think they switched from USPSA courses to IDPA - It's Wolf Range just south of Hartford. (I haven't been there in 8 years, or more). It was a blast. Seems to me a little more "realistic" than laying out a COF on paper, and have everyone "walk thru" .... that will NEVER happen in any real life incident.
  5. I HATE having to "run in whatever manner I choose" BACKWARDS (up range)
  6. I shoot it all, except IDPA - that one just didn't work for me. I even shoot Multi-Gun, with just a TruBor OPEN 9mm Major
  7. Welcome aboard, Jeremy Great idea to start out in Production with the P226. You can have a LOT of FUN with that. If you want to start shooting OPEN next week, just buy a 9mm Major TruBor and you're all set to go.
  8. I've owned two TruBors for past ten years, and never had a problem, but it's reassuring that they will cover it if I ever do
  9. High overhead ...
  10. Current lasers will do that, unless the sun is out .....
  11. Shooting plans are more difficult for people with 6-11 shots in their gun ... One way to make it simpler, is to switch to a 20+ shot gun (Open or Ltd). You don't have to worry about "where do I make the 2-5 reloads" ....
  12. I would think that a better scope would give you more bang for your buck ...
  13. Yes, with whopping 10 round .38 super mags.
  14. Dillon won't ship to Ontario?
  15. Some of them are very friendly and helpful - a side benefit of shooting a Level II match.