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    IPSC - B Open with a 9mm major TruBor; and C Limited with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm minor.
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  1. What's better about the 125 gr Sig JHP? What is the price?
  2. I'm sure someone on BE will send you a private message ....
  3. MBX

    WOW !!! That would be nice - realistic?
  4. Looked pretty good for a first (or 2nd) effort ... Don't shoot to slide lock - that costs you time. What's the gun ? One FTF isn't the end of the world, but if it continues, you can pick up some time each match by correcting that (ammo, mags, springs, etc).
  5. Don't mean to hijack your posting, but what is your assessment of the difference in the Razor and the Kahles? (Thinking of buying one soon).
  6. For me, IDPA and USPSA just don't match up ... I had to choose one or the other - I chose USPSA. BUT, good luck ...
  7. I may be wrong, but I think you're talking about a red dot, not a laser. I'm trying to imply that if the sun is out, but the target is in the shade, I can pick up my laser sight .... BUT, if the sun is out and shining directly onto the target, the sun washes out the laser "dot".
  8. RO's must LOVE you ....
  9. Welcome aboard Shooting at Central Florida? Frostproof? Volusia?
  10. And OLD GUYS, like me. Been here 10 years, still learning ...
  11. Welcome aboard, Mat Nice to have a real life trainer in the group ... If you just started reloading, and just bought a brand new pistol, I'd suggest you get in as much live fire practice as you can prior to your match in two weeks. Reloading .40 Major is a bit tricky - best to use heavy bullets and fast powders, which is great, UNLESS you get bullet setback - if you do, you can end up with a Kaboom. Carefully read everything here that you can about .40 Major. Whatja reloading on? BTW, good luck at your first match (pls read another posting here on what to do at your first match).
  12. Who is Pat Sweeney ?
  13. Either your Vortex is a LOT brighter than my laser - or the sun was out but the targets were in the shade. If bright sunshine is shining directly onto the target, my dot fades badly, but if the targets are shaded, I can still see the dot.
  14. It's NOT the primers ... It has to be the GUN - you took the trigger apart and cleaned it and put it back together Wrong ...
  15. I may have misunderstood, but if you need 5.2 seconds per stage, divided by 35 different elements, my calculator shows that as 0.15 seconds/element, not .07 seconds ... ??? What did I do wrong? But, interesting - IFF you can pick up 0.15 seconds per element (a 1.00 draw instead of a 1.15 second draw) you can become KING... Thanks for the incentive to get a Little Better.